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The Michigan Eighth

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Headqüartkrs 8tii Mich. Rkg't., } 8 tea nier Honduras, off Wilminton Itland, Ga., April 18. ) I-icut. VT, L. II. Burger, Act. As,'t A.lj't Gen. Sra - I h;ive the honor to report for the information (.f tbe General commanding, that, in complianee with Special Orders, No. 41, I erobarked with seven companius of the Eightfa Michigan Regiment as an escort to Lieut. J. II. "Wilson, Topographioal Engineer, on a reconnoisauDcü of' Wilmington Island. Two compnnios wero landed at Scrivins' plantación, uoder command of Captain Pratt, with orders frotn Lieut. W;luon to skirt Turuur's Greek. The other five oorrpr.nie were lacded at Gibson's plantstion. Two of those cor.ipanies ware ordered to skirt Turner's Creek. A tbird was to take the road to the riht toward the Ferry at Canan's Bluff, to proteet tha boaths party up Oakland ■ eek. üwinrj to the graai] n amber oí fcoats and the diitance fröm the Btouhier, , , was agrojund, som e delaj occurred in the diseinbarkation. I ilirectud Lieut. Col. G;-ave8 to follow with tha second oompanyto tskirt Turner's ( by misdireotion took tho road to l!e right towards öanan's Blufi, an landing wiih the remainirig o I reieivod informatinn frorii him that iheonetny rere in force at Flatwood's pluntatlon and to the lelt ül the rond. This made the reconnn in e with boatd unsiii',' I I ordered the c mpaniea to ainst an attack ai uur landing, and sent out itrong piukets on both roads. I believa tho advanced oompany to the right, ñatead of along Turner's Creék, si-.vcd rtiy eommand, as it sooner enableil ma to post the men to advantagu hik! Ute h poeition frooa which the enemy'e approauh could be observtfd ïb i netny appearod to be the Georgia Thir teonth, bout 800 Birong, artned with Enfield riñan. As they appiosched ubout4 P. M., wiih a btrong body vi skiiTiiishfia in the etirt of the wood bulo w tha .road, the companies to the righ! and left oí the road, in aueordance with niy instrue'.ioris, opened fiie. I ifnmediatel v scuind.'d tha charge tor an ad vanee uf the compañías in ihe rear of the h'rst line; the firnt line inwunderstartding t ho sinül fl] baek to the next uoinpnoy. A eonBtant and effactuul lire vva. icept up on both sides fröm the cover of Irom and bt;shes. Lieuteuant Wilson, who had returned with the boatVs party, her proved of great service to m, oud twk a party, at my ix'!juet, to the lufr. I ordvrwd u co;tpuny to tbü rigbt to iiank the eneiny lioih operations werc s: o Cössful, and in a few moments the enoiny retreated in cotlfusion loavini; it-v eral dead on the field, followd by our men with loud cbeers It being non about Hunset, I reoidletl our troop, and givhig to Lieute"ant Wilon vim comrpand ol' pick-ts atatumed ticuard agaiost surpriso, fitririiid the compitniea into Hoe as origianlly poeted, pent the dead and wounded in bosta to the utr.p, and graduully, and very (j'.iellv, under cover of night, withdrawing the men, senr, thetm ou board ati fust as our !in:ited trannports would allow. At the last trip ol' the boat I embarktd, uu eompaoied by L'entenant Wilson, I.ieutenant Colonel Graves and the remaindef of the eommand at about 10 o'elock P. M , and immedia'elv browght on board the tvo coinpnnies left at Scrivin's piantation. Afier the enemv retreated we were unmolextud. Il is dueto the ofBceifl and men of the com mand to eay that genendlv they beha?ed wiih oool and intrepid touratre. Adjutant Pratt feil dead near my pide, gallantly-fighting, mukt in hanl, mid yheeiingon the men. Our ioss, [ ret ti) Hay, waf comparativeij large - 10 killed and 35 wounded out ut n coinmand of 300 men. .Airiona the wnunded was acting Lieiit. Badger, of Company O, who'was in oharge of thé ad vaneed piokel, and exhibiied unduun ted courage. He, with one f his tnen, was made r'sener. lioth esc: p.'d, and vvero brought in wlien tho oneiny rotreated. The captain of the Honda ras is deserving of g1 -ea' credit for his kind attention to the wounded. and ha aöorded us everj' faciHly ior the comfort oí officers and men in his powefi I respoctlully refer you to Lieut. VVilson's report, vvhich contniofl Kino facta net embraced in this report, imonËT others, in rulation to tho men detiiütíd in chiirge of the ËeM-pieco on board ship, wbu wero vigihint and attentive, Herewith I Iransmit a list of etttualties. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


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