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Stephen Girard And His College

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The .-toni old man who laft ihe n o na to found and endovv a College in Pfailadeiphia, uto which llio libio v:is De ver to bo arrted, and f rom which minister? of the Gospel wereavw to beexeluded, is iikelv to have dis BÏngularires distnrbed, although Le has beeil dead so many yeara. In a suit brougfat aguinnt the city of Philadelphia, ly thu tieirs of Mr. Girard, Judpre Higgins, of Pbjtede-lphia, lias rendered a döoision, which, it - thought, will iuvaüdtih) the vrill of Stephen G'rard, estubühing Girard College. In eift'flt, the decisión n[ the Cnurt declares that t!ie testament of ?iir G-irard, in ome of' ita festursn was an " aíífíressivo trast,'1 acrninst publio polii y and law, and tberefqPB vnid ; and tliüt in the eye of thu luw he died intestate, and hifl estáte', ( n tlifc duy of hn death, v.'8ted in hi. heirs. The action was an ejectment tor twent v-one tracts of lanrf in the M:ihnning Coal Field, now in the ooueso ai developineni. Tho twenly-one tracts oontatn about 8,500 acre, principally coal land, and are worth "a mint oi moiiey." 7S If a young inoohanio, or farmnr, or clcrk, marriea a iionr girl who has rot heen taught the rudimento of' eooki;ig, ' washing, honing, niondiüg cl thes, or durniiig itookings, hut ,vho ia ni expprt at playina the piano, workin on cititüs, ar npinnlna streef yarn, ya muy bo oímost certüin that that y 'uu r w upio wil! not he apt t-n nmke rhoir for"i'e, liul I ten ti) oiio will live and die ia povei-ty.


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