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The Capture Of New Orleans

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Tlio f-illowing corrcípondencc appcared ! in iliu Iliehmond Eiiqiürnr ut' the iidth uit. Commodore FrVagut'a lettc-r it V.i.i l.f seci), ÍS -:; Ud il Cl L"6tll uit.. (-:;:■ urday,) previous 10 whL-h. lunrover, ("apt. Bailej', sècond in commánd, luid sent to require tiio uiicoaditiouul I der of the ■■■ l'v ■.■ '■ ■ , HB m id, I Sik: (ípou my befare yeur city, [ h..a the lioaor lo bt-íid tu your luuor (Vptui i ïï-.ili-y, U. S. N . - ■ .'l in counniind pi the ezpedition, to üetnand ofy u tbc suri-ondur oí' New Otltfaus to me as I resintative of the Uuiied Suih-, Captain Biiiioy reported tito rebuu cl au iitcrview wiili jourself and tho military authorities. li must occur tQ your Lonor that U is ot witliin tl.i; proviuea of a naval officet to jiggume I duf i es ( f r military commandant. I caiue hore to reduce ïïew Orlcana to obeilienco to the lawri of, ftud to vindícate the of. of tho Government of tae United States. 'J'lu; r.iglvts of per sous and property shall 'uo becured. I llierefu're demand of yoa, as its representativë, tho unqualified surreader of the city, and that the cuiblem of the ! sovereignty of tho Uoited States be lmisted over the City Hall, Miut, and 1 I Custom Hou Se by merldian this day, and i al! flags and oiher emblema of sover. other than that of the United States bo removed from all tlie public buildings by that hour. I párticularly request t!.::t you shall exercise your authority to quell disturbances, restore ordor, and tall upon all the good people of New Orleaus to return at once to their voeatïons, aud t particularly deinaud thut uo person shali be molested iu perbod or property, for oxpressing sentünents of loyalty to n:ir Government. I shull speedily and severely puuish any person or persuns who siiall coaimit Buch outragcü as wera witnessed yesterdjay, by armed men liring upon helpless women and ehildren for giving expression to tbeir plea&itr at witmemng the "oldflay." ■tfull}', D. li FARR(iCf, Flaj-Officer U'cstcro (.uil .-Kailrun. THK P.EPLY. (i:n-K. i'nv OP N"hv OnlEANe } Ur Hall, Aprl Si, 1S6-2. J ; Fhtff-Offieer 1. &. Earragut, O. S. llagSlf'p Ja ' fjord : Fie: - In pureuanee of a resolution, , which we thought proper to tuko out of regard for the livca öf thé woraeu ':md I ehildren, who still crowd the metropolis, General Lovell bas caouated ii with lii.s fröope and restored back to me the idministration of ;h govenüüent ar.fl the eustody ot' ifs honor. I have, in o ; witii the city falhers, eoosidcred the de! nrmd yon made of me yesterday of an uncondilioiiül surreudcr of tliÍ3 city, coupled with a requisttion to lioiwt the tia; of the United States on the public edifioea and liaul down the ilag that still floats upon the breeze from tho domfl of this half. It becoines my doty to transtuit to you an auswer which ih; amversal sentiment ot' my constituents no less than the prompting of my owu beurt dictates on this sad and solemn occasion. 'J'ho DÏty is without the moane of defenso, niid is Ottorly destitute of the force and mai terial that might enablo it to resist an overpowering annuniiüit displaved in siirht of it. I am uo military man, aml possess uo nuthority beyond that of execoting the municipal laws cf tho city of New Or leanB, tlicrefore it would bepresumptnous in me to attempt to lead an anny to the field, i' I had ono at command and I i know still less how to surrender au undo fendcd place, held as this is, at the inerey of your gunboats and mortars To Burrender such a place wcre au idle and unmeaning eeremony. The city is yours by the power of brutal forcé, and not by my choice or the consent of its iuhabitants It is for you to determino what will be the fate that awaits it. As to hoisting any flag not of our own adoptiou and allegiance, let me say to you (hut tho man lives not in oar midst whosc heart and hand would not be paralyzed at the more thought of such an act ; nor could I find, in my entire constituency, so desperate and wretched a renegado as would daré to profane with bis hands tho sacred cm blem of our aspiration?. Sir, you have manifested sentiraents which would beeome one engaged in a better cause than that to which you. have devotcd yoor sword. I doubt not that theyepriog iroin n noblo though deluded nnturo, and I know how tp npprectate the etnotions wliicb inspired tbem. You hiivo a gtillant pooplu to adminístrate during your occupancy of this cilv - a people sensitive to al] that can in the least atleet their dignity and selfrespect. Pray, air, do not l.iil to rogard their susceptibiluies. The obligiitions which I shall assrjtne in tbeir mimo iball bo religi'ous!y corbplied with. Ydu may trust their honor, tho' you might not oount on their subniission to unmerited wronf;. Ín conclusión, I beg you to nnder. stand that the peop!e of New Orleans, while ana ble to reeist your forcé, do not allovv thcmselves to be nsiiltod bv the interi'erence of smh as havo rendered themsclvos obnoxious and eonlemptible by their dastardly desertíon of our cause in the mighty struyle n whicli wu cru engagéd, or such as tnight remind them too forcibly that they ave the conqnorVd, and you the eonqiierois. Punce and order may be preservad without regort to measures wliich I ciiuld not at this momuut prevent. Your ocoupyiog the city does not transfer allegiance froni the Government of their ehoi'je to one vvhioh ! they have delibératela repudiated, butl they yield the obèdTenoe whiofa the! conqueior is entitlod to estort írom the conquered. Reapectfully,


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