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4-4 - - I I r ■ f SS ' o P 4 . 1 j I II fe : 1 I & 11 s I Kí J tf OQ á H ? H Íh f..,gM.ll L -1! Ir, _H_ Si 5élë SAMBUCI WINE, PTTRE, AXD FOUR ÏEARS OI.D, Of Choice Opor'o ruit5 FOK PHYSICIáKt" UE, FOR [T.MALI'S.WEAKI.Y i'KüSilXS ft INVALID3 " tí -' . 7?-'" Every family, ai thi . ould use tLe ■ : CI W1NL, Celebra tei u Europe for Ü qufllitlef íi ;i genlle Btftmani . ''u-, ic, iSuittíc and 8u di rific, bigkl.T ( ■!' emed by emicent physiciacs, used Ín i ■ ■ ■ indbjr soma ui tlu ftrst families of Europe and America. AS A TOXIC, It hastio equal. caustnr bd apfètite aó9 building Up of the flyatttiü being entijniy puw wiue oí' a uiosi valuablo ftuit. AS A DIUFU.TIC, It Iropartfla healtliy aoJiïD to Glandsand '; ati'í orínary Organs, vory Leueñcial !o Dropfly, Guut,and Rlieumutic affectioDS, SPEEtt'S WINE ís not ;i mixture ormanufactured aHiele, but is puro. Erom the juice of the Portugal ■ambucus, cultivated íd Xew Jtdrcy .recommoncd by f nemisfs and Pliysicians I rop(it' s tiupt rit j' i" Jinv 0ÜB91 'm: ín ase, und il. excellent arfïele for al! :■- dobiliía i' . rid it4: ;u, tmpro?inj e tí te, and bese ' ■; ■ I rfiildre. A [.ADÍES WINE, Beeausa it will oot intoxícate as other wine, as ii contaínfl no mixture of aptrii . atiö ís aáinired foritarich, peculiar flavor, and nutritive properíics, impa rtlng a healthy tone to the áip stie orgar.s, aud a blooming, soft ancl healtli)' kin and complexion. WK KKFEH TO A few wrll kfiown gentlemen and physiciana, v;ho hnve 1ru- Cbe Vim-;-- Con. WinSeldScott U.S. A. Ör.Wilion.Ilthst., N. Y. Gov. Marjan, N. Y, State Dr. Ward, Newait, N. J, Dr.J.R. êliiUon,Nr. YA'ity. fr. lioufffeerty, (í I). Parker, N. Y. City. Dr. Parfsh, JPMlftdelphía Dra. Darcjr and Nichu'l, Ncwarlí, X. 3 And many othera too bosteroaa to pnbliah. ne genuine anlesa signaturé of "AI.F1ÏKI BPKtR, ['aataic, N. J.," is óver %he oorit of each bottie. J8MAKE ÜXE TBIAL OF THIS WÏXE, For Pule by Slaynard, StLbElua & WTlson, Ana Arbor. A. SPEER, Ficprietor. VINKYARD, Pa.s aic, New Jersey. OFFICE, 308 Broadway.N. V. JOHNI-AFOV, Paiis, S34m6 Agent for Fraoce and tisroiftsy. o. :o Xjs i ís ss Is now Koeiring a largo aofl di selected assoriment of Giccks? Watches, á JE WE LR Y, Silvar and Platee! Wave, TABLE AND POCKET C3 -OLJ TBT" MC- 303 EOB. "5ST PAZOKS asd SHEAR3, C3-OI-.3D PENS3 Musical Instruments, Siringa Books for Instruments, SHÜET MIJSIO, COMQS, ainl a grcat rarletj of -s-A-Kj-irss xsTOTioisrs, &a. Ha yf puld cata" particular attentiou ío ]is largo si ock of o GoU, Silaer, Síecl, and Piale-I, with PERISCOPE GLASS, a superior article. Alsó Huntitagtoñ & Pïatt'a celebr CALENDAÈ CLOCK! suitable ic.y Cílkoa, Countin, ■■ ■ I, and reqüï' ' of the time move: . Qf I.cap _ c;r. I, we f rom Npw York and the manufat i times. Pe ■- ■ fficult watcht with glasaes oan be acoomodateU, as ihy B(OQk ti tasge &nt3 oumplft. P. S. Particular attention to tn of all kindi of ñne Wl ches, soeh as Making and Sefcting new Jewels, Piniuns, Stajfs, and Cylindert. A!so CLOCIfS, Sc LTE-WrEX,iR,5r npftt]; repaired and Varranted, at Ula iW itanVftft bde oí' llain Street. C, BLISS. Ann 4ibor, Nuv. 15, 1861. B98tf Cissolution of Copartrorship. ííotiec is hpri'liy i;ivon tüat the copartnership x( t. lie un4?r'íigned uinler llio name oí Beaket fe Abo!, is disolred. All persons udetitsd to saiil oopartnerriiip, will pisase cali at once and udjuat the a:una bj' cash ot note. 1IIRAM J. BEKES, SYLVESTER ABBfc DUd, Mtiiu: lití 18tB, 6844, The Latest Special Dispatch ] 'Po the eitizens of Ann Arbor aud Viciuity ! ! INTENSE EXCITEMENT! lundreds waiehing the progrem of Daily Avenís ! ! The Federa} Army again Yictorious!. The Union must and shall be Prcserved !" " Tkere was a man in our tov:n, He was so wondrous wise," Hut with all liis wisdom, ho was not ao wise as that "other man," who whcn Ue wanted to buy the The cheape&t and best O L O T H I N C! in this marlcet always Jumpedinio G 'O I TE E MAN' tí HEAD QÜARTEES! For t liere ho know hc alwnys got hU monoy's worth. Seeing is bolieviiig and yju that wisli to see corno ia and believe. Those tlmt can't ysee can fkel, and us %ve nhvays mfike oup cu.ilomci's feel good over good bargaim, they are espcoially nivitod to our unxious Mat, that they too may realize how "good it is for theni to be with us," and how mnch pleaöui'e can be obtained in the enjoymmt oí SPLENDÏD BARGAINö ! ' me all ye Ihftt are weary and heavy la Je"" - with Roncs and w wil] do our best to e you- giving you in return the Jinesl kind of Goods ai the lowest Jiyures . Grwit Lnttlcs are hourly taking place in tho Clothing line - wbole regiments of Oassirneres. "tsliriL's, Ac, are being slaughtpred by Gen, Sohdbeiii - to fit the greut rush of recruitt that ars pouring in from every diroction, all anxious to have their nauids eurolled for a NE AT AND TASTY SUIT ! - ïucli as eau ouly be had at the IleadQuarfers of Guiterman cê Co. One of the firm. Mr. M Guiïeema, having just retorced from Europe with a hu-ge assortment of Clotha, Cassimeres. and a uice lot of fiue Veetinga, also a few pieees of fine Beaver for OTereoati wtófh we will make up to order in the 1 ttftst stylo, We fi.fl confident that we can satií-fy ull. STUJOEISTTS I We are happy to greot you aga:n ï tv our City.after pending y our yaoatipn with tho " dear old folks" at home. Be assured wc wíbIi you a pleaaant tirm, nnd ehall glad to rneit you at the 0!J Head-Quaiters, IVo. .5. ET Our former customcrs, -n-efecl assured. will eall on us ugain ïo you vhocon,e us strangers we Icoulil aj q few word a , we wiali you to culi and look at our fine Coatí, Piints, and Veáts we e-in do betUr by you thitn any other h .use in the City, and it' 'm u eall and csainine our goeds, and try thcir fits, you will putehase nowhere else. DON'T FAII TO o-3lxjXj jn? C3r. xx. q DU. HÖüFLA N D'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL, For the speerly cura of Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Croup, Jloarseness, Bronchitis, Pneumonía, Diseascs oj Úit lioioels, arisingfrom Cold, Incipient Cott eumpton,audfor the relief and Jf at allpossihie) cure of Batiente Ín advunced stages of ths latier dinjjte, rpHEBftliíam ic Cordial is eRtirely a Yeget&bt produc1 tioi), comb:ning the heallng uropertiefl ol the l;ilsam, witU the invifirfiting qualitics of a Cordial, prob combina t on su well adapttd te the parjosei ín tended, iliat ihere are but few caí i e whïcli will not, at au early penod, .succumb to its heoling au! life giving properties, For ages, has t!ie tpealiTiont of u!ri:onai-j disenses occupied tUö greater portiöfl of the attentíon oí tíie scientific of the ipedical wnfld, but notie araulred more cniinencLMn hi.s tvoaUm-nt (of thejte djsRtefi, than the celebratBd l'i-u.-sian. J'f. Huullantl, the orignatot oí tlie Li;ilsaiiiic Cordial. ESslIfe was deretedto the p tioa of remedies that voald staud anriraltod. How wetl he has Baceesded, tho American peopte are ahle to judgei and we posltivsly asert, that uo prepw tii;ii hare ever been placed before thein, bave conferí e tl thesame ainount of benefits oa Buffering humanitj, or have elicitt-d so mauy commendatioiis rom all clárir.s of societv, as the remedies ot" Dr. Hooiand, prej e Dv. C. M.Ja(kBOBCp,, of Pfailadelphia, Tha Cordial la desígned for a c! of dlseaces more ge u e ral and more fatal thau auy other to whieh the people of this country aic subject-- -tli os e spünging from a "slight ctïd." That eminent authorily, l'r. Ht'Ujsavs: ltl will notsay that Colas are to our inhabLtantfl what the Piasrue nnd Yellow J''i.cer are to those ui other couutries; but I can aver conödcntly thut thev in diseaee of greaterJcoinpUcitT and mortalïty thowlatter." Enlirely Vegetable. 2fb AlooJwlic Preparatim. DR. IIOOFLAND'S CELERRATKD aSRMAN BITTERS red by DR. M. JACKSON & CO., Phíladelphla, Pa. Will effoctually cure J.IVKK COMl'l.AlXT, DYSPpPSJA, JAl'Ki -; i ' rpus Debillty, IíBesesofthí Kidaejs, aud all diseasea ansing iiom a disorderod Liver or Stopjach. Sucb as Coiistipation, Inward Pilos. Fulness or Blood to vbe il LC,Acditj of the Stomach, NauRe%, Hpapt hurfij IMdjpiBt for food, Fulnesa or weihl n tha Ëtomach,bour Eructation? , Sinking or fiattering ;it pf the Stomaeh, SwimmlDg of thfl tjead , liurried apd Difflcult BmaÜUxtg Flutterlng at tlie ueait, CUoking . Fit, L ■l■ and Ihill l',:iii Lnthe Hea i ' ■ - ■ ■■ ■ pirati ■, V'4of iiu'.-kiii and Éyes, l'ain in the i It', Bypli, Chi t, Limbs, feo, Suddeo Fio bes of B sat, Burnragiu tinga of e il, and gi ■ pressioca pf Spmit, and will poaitivety revei t VKLi.or KKvrn, iiü.i.iois FE7ïR(&o. Pyopriei or in ca ention qf the public to tb is prepapation. d' ■ resling of the i conftdettceln ita virtuea aad adaotatioa to the d for whidi it is reoomra Itisnonew and nntried article, "but ono tliat has stofld the test of a twlvé years'tria ! ' fore the Imerdd its reputatlon and satfi are anrlvalled by ;i'iy Bimila c prepi I ot. The testimony i ti its tavorgiven bj the most prominont and well-knowa Phyaïoians and Individuáis in all partsof tha c i ful perunal of the Atetanae, pub: rmaUy-by the , and to bo büó gratis of anyofthelr Ageos, oannót bat satlsfy tl ■ 1 I rtally d98TTlSg 1 ;- celfbniy it basobluiued. Rcal the Eviciimfo from J. Newton i.r. ■■■■., v. ), Editor of the Enaj ' Althon i ed to favcr or reoommfend Patent Medicim ol their logrebeneftt he beJleVea . siLople p repara tion, Va the hope that h ootay thus cftiitribute to the bvneflt of 0 tb tb. [dathUthe njore roadily in regard to "iloofland's Germán Bitter," prepared b ' ckson, ot ihis . leed agajnst 1 1 ' v au alcohol' I ■ ■ triaker, Èq.,forTbewmo7al of this prejudice by , ■ ing from great and long eontinued [inning oí the , i,. eui i dent relief, and restoratïon tua ckjiTeeóJ bodily and mei :b I bad 001 ftll betoi ■ a nd b I a tmi I ■'■ of regaüiing. [ thereforethank Godandmy fj directingmeto the use of them . J.NKWTOX BKOWH lUid what the eminent Glan Manafaofenrer, JOHX II. WU1 UX, Bajl of Lhc B.U.SAMIO COKDTAL. Db. C.M. jAOfcaoJï- ] ;.■:!: Having for a ■ iied with the tri aos of thy Pa!r ::i Couha, Coida, [nèamcatipn of tb ..!■. I tbus fn ely bear tesfripony to lts epicacy raí yeam 1 hai e oei er been o il hout i family I noö pleaaure to spale that 1 have ueed il withentire Buceesa a tin1 treatjnení oí Bowel Cuniíiíaints. Thy friend ki JOHN M. WHTTALL, Pifth Ho. 7, 1863, Raí ■■■■ 4th. Phïla. Thesen Hc Jebyall rMctoiiie Drusr:-■ s ind deah r ■ in mi ■■ tTnited States, Brjt ilí: l'r.u'ih.Ts, u-ui dludies, a1 f5 cent per boitla - Be aureandgi I í G. M. all others are counUrfi'tt. Principal Officp and Uaufa itory,41S Ar i Btregl ; ' ' , l''t. s '": ] Chicago Book Trade. Tht i' laca to .Buy School Ëeoh. WIIOm'sA) K líooív & Staíionery iloiisc. S. C. GRIGGS & CO. Pl'BLISII Sanders Progressive Readers, 'fulyjifil, with ncw and origine) !Uílrali.,r., (homosi Ij -iuttif ui .is vti-1! ■ eiUul I. Sandfr5 Alphabet Osrii, ■; ia i I;t t tu 11. Saude,' ; . i jarda, 1 0 ' KT Sanders1 Pi ; : ;; iy IV-., i u .[■;:!,..- j V. Somlc.ü'Ai iglhli Word,._ ,".:i i ...... 1 1 ., Vil. Samdora' (erssun and Knii-ii Primer ■. V: . ,-■ ; Iers' . j5 IX. BandersNew Secnnil Bendtr, ;,.; X. S.-i ! .;o M. Sinders' New Pourth fceat'.c'r t r, XII. Sander1 Ke Fffth Reader, Ji Kil] i, j. as ■!-, i XV. Sun ',. -i.-' . . i dij -VI. Sanders' EUuio#aty Umrl, ;, yi '- 'I ■ . t. ,,■;,■ st] ctly ■; káracíer and practical adaptationto lh yourifr. lj'-y have b.M'-i : . . tea fa VI r l'H'J i} üo elass mjre favorabh than 1 . Practical itaclitn fho liave teaUi tlieir me'ril h; tlíe tebool room. Robinsou's Courss of Mathematica. BY HOHATIO N. ROBIKSO.V', 1,!. D. I.ate Professor oí Mathomiiics in the U. H. Navy. I Kobiusou'a Prugressive ! ritnarj , $ 'h II. Robittsoi . Inteüectual Arilh, ■ ■ ').' IV. Kobinson mu. 61 V Rot) l . n'j Ke ■ rithmfl ■■, PO VI. l'.oi,:.i,, Pr Aritlunvtic, 75 Vil. Rjbiiion s K(y lo Hi . -,5 V1!I. Robim 7., IX. IÍ. bis ion' !..;■:) ( 7-, X. ftobinouT9 l'nn e:-ity Algebra, 1 'ö XI. H'i'iii-on'1; Key to üniversüy Algebra, ] 1 and Tn;roni,me'ry. 1 5iJ n 1 ,, 1 XIV Kob.mon's Aualyücal Goomctry iind Conic cc:: i 1 5 1 ' '' ■ Calculas 1 o XVI II fS XVII KobiDSOB 1 ;% XV)1I Robinnon'n ïlathmuiticai Operations, 2 Lr, XIX Rub naon'fl Key tu Algebra, U '-inetrv, Kur. vt-jing, St., 1 i F'.rminga FUI.L MA'I'IIEM.iTICAL '.OlH-1. ,111 Bg irlthmetic a)i-l ÏVxt li.cks in the HIphei Mal iipmati ■ . . ön ' - and a tnosi i i' iLlufltratioa, aml practical usefalnexf, the utln-r ut thi ' st H nu 1 i:, this ooantrj. This series has been n ■ by tfi bwt Ma hííiiiaticiuns in all t.tionsof tlieC'iu firajf's Series of Botanies, six booVs, Hitohcoek's School Amitomy and Phvsiology, $1. Hitobcock's Geology, one book. Well's Grainmara, two bouk.s. WclFs Seientific Series, iacluding CIiüdiistrj, Philosophj, eto Tlireo buuks. Wilson's Series of Histories, five bouk.i. Fasquolle's Frcnch Soi ies, eight books. Wooubury 's Gemían Serieg, geven books. Bryant &, Strattou's Serien oí' Book-keeping, threo books. Spenceriau System of Penmausliip. niue books. And Dlany oUmk Valuable Booli. WLolesalo Dealers and Eetail I'urcliaser3 '■1 ui our store over l'uur Thousnml diifereBt nrticles of Stationerj, and Thi , witi Vi.lurat" ' ' in;i!-.e tlioir (elecfu,o püisprising ar: assortmer.t uot civale . Lï auy otUor b'-uk □ tae :-:ji:i-d States. S. C. GIIIGGS & CO. Are Special Agent fcr RIcssrs Ilarper & Bro's Publica t'ums. " D. Appleton & Co's " Tieknor & Field'a " " GoulJ & Linsulu's " " J. jJ. Lippincott & Co'a " And furnfsb 1,11 tieir Baoksat rjistern prlcoa fór oash. NToto Papc-rs. Letter Papers, and Cap Papers, Blank Books, Pass Books, AnJali aiada of sïaTIo.vkiïv, at tbc lowes! prloM . SLATES by the doztnor case. tï_Stranpi!rsan.l tiavclcr vi%!t;ng (Il.ioiiiro wiil find it interestin to liii'.T fi au liourapud t!" inli-J"i:i::ab[e pÜMof b'teratureutCO and41 I.aku Strret. S. C. GRIGGS & Co. Agouts Wanted. :in'. ralaabie SuUcriptlon H'.;rks, .-, aov nobte qrork npoa ReHgion, Litdroturti, cicuée r Art, iddress S, C.(iHJ(iliS Si CO. PUUS& i;lmemi;i:k Th&i v batore in il.: ping-a letter or more exteosive aasortmeut than U aliraya fuoail at S9 umi 4; ltíve sirtet. Remember. ■ ctf liii-to Librarle cao be qpplM wllfi iit cJaga .liiLilaril Wi.iks liv S. f (;. , upnii bettt-r terma than tn stnd la.-i aui ';!.' nil.t V .Wésti rn Liti-niry and Professional men , Teacher, 1 '■' all !.■! irini ■ut, i.!1 .f th r.rrld of letttn, ar nvitld tn ,;,.,;.,. ; 9 (n, 41 j,.,!.,. t„et tlicir j.lace of resori in ruoAientsof iciaure. S. C GKÏGGS & CO., Whulesale and Betall B".A.-c]Icrand Stationei-s, ■) .; 41 : uts Street. Chicaa 1. . P, ÜK' QS i. i j TO LET. rilKBP.ICK Hi)V.K aii.M'.-.rn liow óccnpiwl by Olnrr I Baivklna, Kan., on Uirtruit sticet, An Arbor, bcmPintón given lt , .f Ai. ril. -Viso si-Vir il Btoiea :iini r.:Kiins in Duchoz'R Ill'-ek to li-t togood stfadj t u:u.;., :1t a v,-rv Lu (B.t,imintdiaM iwssesiiongiven: IcqolTeof I.. I!. Dl Tl [■;.. Ana Ariior. SI, rel. 28, 7 CV H5 i Ovni Picture Frames IXSIZW, ilïUi ana Bfttt just nwslrsd au.l Jl foraale cheapat CHOFF & MILLER'8. lS60.Dcc.25, 7&Qtf ; TREES! FREEST Fruit and Ornamental, OF ALL DESCKim(3 A.M) VAMETV, Roses, Bulbrius Plants. and Grape Vincs af allkinci-i. rpHEUNDERSTGNKD is afcoUt startil) % Eaït to m.iki 1 hls usual neleotlonsol Tmsffoni the moet populur Nurseries. arni wili iiiiali rie t r in-es Lat mar b MiiH througtthe moDlhof April. My practical experience wlti trea for the last ten bas establisl edsuin th way ofmakii -mvveleone to tvarranl all ttm and planta true to name, as -wen as vi-y .., .... oof the purchaser. lhi , .,;,,, l"tyi ' atmr-tveea wereall oandand toction, Tbankful tot past favnr I agaiu Invite mj cithers meting tices or plaats, ti lliraewhODiny want Trees "roivn in this State can be fumlsbed frem t: e N'orth Lake Nur-, S, for Tríes or Planta may beiert at Rogers' Agricultural Hall, at aaj tijne. THEUDORE ITROIS. Ann Aibol,M bl-jtf DO YOU WANT WH1SKERS! DO y OU WANT A MOUSTACHE ! If 50, purcha-se osie boitle uf E. E. Cfaajnpïoit's EXCELSIOP INVIGORATQR J 1 renowned toilft,-r the only aiiiulo of the kinil ever1 , ,V() DTticJe 18 th onlr one ■ Freuch ; m I aji'l l'aris it i ':: ojiiwrsiU u.-i THE EXCELSIOR WHI8KER INVIGORATOR ! ! lía Üoauüful, Eocnoïiiicai, oothtne, yet ?; Cuinpounii, apt . Ingal 1 .'.ilint Luxq,ri&ut Bearü. II plied ■.']p, it vi[l cure Bai.dnbsb, nnd if applkd acconling tu tlirjctkina, ir m . [ny op ia Uuld s)uí.s a lino grow.tjj of sofi t'Rfóa ü uk EXCELSIOR IN VIGOR ATOR ■ ■ ■■ ■ ' ] - ToDai, and after sus weck',-; )■■ thej woold not, foraiij oóoald■■ iihoul it. Tb . ■ . . ín fb m Four Lu ] . qjit a thipk ljl oí WnisKKjRd : A; HE, 'iii ' sutj [he above article in tbe Unitec! States - Tli' to {'-.{.■ public 1hüt tbey are agenta f ■■.- Napoleon's Hair Toilet! ■ ! . :t f. ■■ ■ 1.■ut o Luis N. : 1 leoi I hicli artioio 's dow ie i om. The ■'■' ■ ■■■;" i Ihb Twilol nnivt . iiffi t 1 uüdeace m ■ ■ i i u.'. THE NAPOLEON 1ÍAIR TOILET Will C' rr 1 ' SïJkeD,FlowinK Curlj, lüit will retna ia ip r oai wffc ïf de: ■ ■ ; ■ i i v ■ ■ liii;1 ■ in any niifunerintorfere irith íhe i tkt Huir. Ir lu-itlit-r ioorol- ni rfljeS :: ■ . - 'he l:ir a soCt, tlr r ppfr anee. Ii ati i ■ ; ; hg ofl an; ■ THE NAPOLEON I] AIR TOILET Fia ;- i n beforfitbe p ibjlc but a .-h. ri Mme. aoA hi Ibeen tèüted bj over one Uioms.iu'J peiaous ! and they tcstify lint i lio Npoleoi ■ Is the gre;t1 - est Iíj luliüey c-ver ■ I pío, To pro en1 Ihi i . ■ or iii■ , sa le at anj ■ ■ ■ ts. in tbp i n '■■ i !■■■,■. rhorefow anr I.'lv ' 1 n '■■■ ' . I.úxuriaut Huir ■. cn'n procare i I1 Ín En ,c. ,-r om dallar .r-'u-i-i-M-'í in a Iwtter, wïth tbcir uUrcsj, AU(-, r. rEX í: ■ ".. Boj HM'uimisrrtlí., liartford e ■',- "; '■■■ '';;' a ■■■ rMurn mail


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