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SPECIAL HNTOTiaJPSPRIZB POETBY. Lot ClnefUiins boast f desde in w, And I i els 'uur Iheir sweci gruitr, A aubler theme mj i.-ni-i :'..- B'lecl- In pnviic u( ÜïKiuck's a-atchless puls. Ttreir ■ i ■■' In 6' ' ■ Bind- . ■ n and Afrto'i n ; Tbe nonciroqs wnrk.i- .ttie papers fin, ; i - j ... L --■-■.-- ; ƒ !!::;v i'S Bat' MoB 1'M. Xliis ! mpoimd wilUearohitout, And bealth ajara poMruystcm (Hl, If yoi; lly a! 07al,i UEKBICK'S PUI. Th,., 'si 6 .;- !. 'th oíd and young - 'l'lnii praises are on everv topffue ; ) ease, diBarnted - n longer lülls, '.I w:'!. 11:. i.!:i' v a l'iils. ï'ut. np wlöi Englkth. üpanlih, Germán aíd ., e;tion. Prioe M cents ptr box. fuga' Qjated See advertiaeraent on third page 804 6 Seo a ivoman, in another column, picking Sambuci Qrape (or Smii Wiuc. It is an adiBirable article, useJ in hospital mul first-c!ass families in Paria, London, and New York, in prefarenec to old port wino. It is wortb a trial, as it givèa great satisfaction. l'?f Delicate females will timl no better j to Btrengtheu thèir nervous syteni rttan IIooflasd ü Gebhas BtTTBBS. Read the adTertisemerrt in another column. A CAED TO THE SUFPEBiWG. Tbs Kir. VU i-e, white luborlng as a Mlm lonary In Japan, wa en red of Consuin] tioii, wlico all othermeans had faiied bj rei i] i ■ ruif!-, aü ! rtkre . ia ! ecipo, whic-h 1 have bcouüit lii Bic LtU me, to all v,l.u need i Cree oí cbarge. Irosa Riv.ffíl. CO'GROYÏ, S-Cyl 430 Fnlioa i . " :JnX. Y. #.1 SUgM Cold, #cuu.ih,fLaa.-8enLs. a or ífate jZflttacd:, whiah mig-ht be cheóked ■with a simple rernedy, ifneglected, often terminales seriously. Few are aware of the importarbce of a aiLch. or ëfUg-h $aLd in its first stage ; that which in the beginning ivould yield to a mild remedy, if not attended to, soon attadks the lungs. $.tcjuirL s. .ian.íLlíLa.L 2ffiach-L8. were first introduced eleven years ago. It has been prouei that ihey are ihe hest artiele before the publia for fauaks, HaLds.,, - í&tkm.a., CLtaf-h-, the Hacking Coiígh in arL&umitían., and numerous affections of the h-it-CLaí, giving irnmediate relief. Public Speakers le Singers váll find them effeatual for clearing and strengthening the voice. Sold by all (Druggists and (XeaUrs in Jítdiáne, at SS cents per box. 1MP0RTANTtFEMALES THE HEALTH AND LIFE OFWOMAN Isconriimally in pe: i! i:' be U toad enougli to negleci or maltreal lbo o fjral Inegytorítie tu wliich twothirds of ber ex ara more or I- gubjeet, DR. CHEESEMAN'SPHJ-S, ptepare-i from the name formula which tbe inventor. PORNELIUS h. KSE3EM AN, M. D.,of New-Tnrk, has for twenty years used iicccssfitP.v [n an extended privatepwetice - Itomediatelj EJieTc uitiiiiul. iiain, :A di-turbuijíies of thu periódica! discharge, whotherarwlng froin reJasriUon or suppvession. They aet Ük a. cbara io rmOTing tlie piuns tliat acc'.mpany cVifíicult or ímnjoderate naestruation, anl are the only safe And rvlfobla tme]y for I'lushes, Sjck Headaéhe, PrÍhí inthe l,'íns. Back mul Siies, P&tpitatloo oí the lioart Nervcua Tremor, Jiysterics, Rxisms, Broken ílcp anï other uapleasaot fcnd dan-jerous effeets of an tiunatural eondíHon of tbe nexnftl fnnetiona Tn the worst cases of flúor Albu or Wliiii-'s, iln'y eilect a r.nre. rJ.'o WIVKS and MATEONS. DS.CJHEEáEMAN'SPILWíareoffBredaB He OBly safe means oí renewifiginterruptcd menstruAtiun, bul, NADIES MUST BK AH IS MIX Tkere is oneeondilion of thr fcvinle ffftfrin iv vhirh 'In Pilis Cíinnul be lakcv wi-hout proiucing a PECULIAR BESULT. ncamditionrtferredlo il PREG -ANCX- the resul!, MISCARRTAÜE. Sueh it tht irr Undmcy of the malicio úl fifCLions to a normal conditíon, that uren the Ttproductivc power t,f nature confi ■' rei Explieit dtrettiotu simJng vthen, andwhev t&cy thoidd .!.. will( eac'n I'. ■■;,-■. lio Pricc Out Dollar Box, r.öntaiaivg 50 Pilt. A Tala i '■■ t be hd froe of tb" Agenta. Pilis sent bij mrtil prompüv, by encloaing pnce tu any A-ent. SoMbyDru . al y. ,i: J-CH1NG8, Proprietor. jo Cedar-St., Nat Tork. Fnr Sale by MAYSARD STEBBINS WILÊOH , and GRENV1LU5 K i i 'l.l.i-'Ii. Important to Ladies. Dr. .TO1IX HAUVEY, having for upward of twecty i!a proféHioBnl time exclasirely lo tbe treatmentof ï'eraale Diilioulties, nd having Baccecded in tliouw ■■- 1 - ol casea in restoring the aflflicted b, has ïiuw tntiri; coa&ikBce in offeiing ptiblicly lns "GRSAT AMERICAN REMEDY," I5K,. HAKVBY'S CHRONO THERM AL FEMALE PILIS. Which have never yet failed (wheo the dm have been atfjctly foIloweij,Hfl:relöOTing Obsttuotion, or Stoppage of Nature, or la restoring the system to pfti feot healtt, when auf fpring from Spixai Awbctjojïb, PmoLAraca lvn;iu, thi VVhitbs, or otl o thel ikkink Oxojks. AIbi in a!l saeeaóf Debiljty ob Nkktoüs Prostbat] ■ tkrk.s, Paltatwsh, &c &c-, wliich the forerun&Pre Vhat PÜU are hamlet on 'he oousthtttion, aitd may bc taken by lli icat femóle wülwu eausing ditttretf ; a.i the aanv time thej act umm a i invigoia.' tiagvand re t'ring th o b kealtby oondibon audbv' bricging on the monthly peí no matter fruni vba.1 oftuse tbe obstroctioue may arise They Bhould,however, not lx; taken dnrïng the fust threê oc fourmonthn of pi . Fe at any othex ui" . Each I ■ ■i'-'(' One Dollar, anc when 'lcsiriil will be sontby majlprepaid by anjadver ■i.t, 'm iftceipt of thi öold by Druggifii - i t Add , i J. BRVAN, ■ . ' ■ V., Oont-ral Agent. IÍ. kj.. SLMuNK-V'", Detroit, Wholesale Aeni fo an. _ 806tf New Medical Discovery. For tli o peedy and permanent cure of Gonnorhea, Gleet, Ilrethal Discharges Gravel, Strlcture, and Affections of the Ktdneys and Bhddcry whícb lias been usi-i by upwards of ONE HUNDRED PHYSIC1AJÏ9, in their private practice, with entire auccess, superafi Copaiba, Capsules, or any .compuinid lathor BELL'S SPEC1FIO PH.LS, are speedy in actton af ten effecting a cure In a fewdays and wheo acure Uaffected 1 ia permanei t. '!!.■ f ■ prepared from ■ ■ ■ racta that are ba i the systoni, an1 iu-s si he Btomacfa or impreg nate'the breath ; and eln ■■ Hoaaeöu taste & arolded. ïo chante of aict is necesnary whüe using them uur doe , ; i:i wtth busi aesa parsuitii Ea I !'s bíx dcaen Klis. FRICE ON'E ! UIXAR, andwiU bpscnl by mail podi'pald by iny ad vertiré Agent, on rejeeipt of the mom-y. Sold by DrUj A ii n Arbor. ïiouogonuinr without my s-inature on tlic ffrappw J. BIÍYAN.Rochester, N. fa, General H. & L. PISiOEAL', Dïtroit, Wholealé AgeuH f.' Mithiyir, öO6tï


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