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Carrots For Horses Better Than Medicine

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A correspondent f he (J iinjp ÖfinMetnaö relates bis ex eriehce iHum : [ havo tijv i fod . CLiriotí In i ni1 yeaf üd colt but havo led öarrotS to co't luid horses ('rum two lo twenty years c 1 ■ I , and hae always fouod ihem f inestimable valuó when given with thr iood. I have given but onu kind of food to a norse lor more th.m two weoka in succession ; and as far ia my experienee goes, think it mposniblö 'o kivp a horso in good condition wilhout chaogÏDg his food from time to tiüiu, and keeping his bowels ftve by öarrots or bran mashes. The ciiief vaiue of carrots ee'Tifi 'o me to be ;hoir slighlly laxalive proporties and their raagiutfl effect on the skiü nd hair, together with their fattenir;g proporties ; moreover thair judioioua usu oftinoes prevenís tbe appliofttion ff ttinse terrible cuncootions cali ' horse medicine," which the gnorant oivncr of a horse is often provailed up ,n to givo f)r the slightest disease. Writing about " horse medicino " reminds me of a doe wbioh I heard a man say he gave to a horse for cnlto. - i Thia internal do=e consisted ol one pint of whiskey, one paper of ohewing tob.-icco, and a handful of black' pepper and a gilí of lamp oil. Straoge to eay, the horse recovored, but as tlia ownor remarke'l, seemed " rather sh.iky " for á few days. And now, if any of the readers of yoiir admirable paper have a iiorse uttacked with thj ehoHo, let thctn give him a quart of wurm fias seed tea, with one or two table of caraway seeds in it, and see if the romodv has not a good effect; but let them not lorgot to warm the extremities bv hand and fianne! rubbing, endeavoring to remove that deadly ohill which so often accompanies thesa attacks. If they have to enrploy a veterinary surgeon, let thöin stand over him with Dr. Dodd in one hard and Youatt in the other, unless they feel Kiire that the title of voterinary surgeon was houestly gotttm - not pieked up. But I :.m forgetting all aboiu carrots. In kei-ping horses in thnt whole cnndition so necessary fur worfe, eithor upun t!:e road or farm, carrots ures with me indispensable, and I woold as Booq tliink of keeping horses i:!i winter without carrots or bran, as I would '.hink of keeping them on hay orgrain alo .-. In Buminèr, a littlo graad, naw then can take their place. It is my aim to bring horses out in t'ie spring in good condition, not Beéding, il they !o Lloediiig or a dose of physic. With this end in view, I have always füd from two to six qnarta of washed a;ul eliced carrots at noon, and in niiiO cases out of ten have accompüshed my end." Jlifiñpn Jltps


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