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Remedy For Diptheria

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npy, of .Boston, farntsbéa the Journal of tbut city with a recipe for diptherin. Ho tays "the Actea Kacertiosa, or black suakeroot, which is used hoth locally as a gargle and taken interval]y. Aa a gargle', one leaspoQuful of tbe tiooture ia added to atable spooniul ol water and gargled eueryhour for tweoty-four hours, or till tho progresa of the disease is arrested ; af'.er which th intervals niay bo extended to an hour ai.d a half, or moro, as tha syinptoms may justify. In connection wiih the uo of the gargle, or Bepnratelv, the adnlt patiënt should take internafly to tiie amount of two or thrce teuspoonsful of the tincture in the course of hours. " Li addition to ;he foregoing I give twn drops of the muriatcd tincture of rüu tbre9 times in the twenty-four ihours, and a pnvvder of thruo to five t;!iiris of the chlorate of pntash in the interval. TToder this treulment a very decided i.Tiprovenient takes place vvithin the first twenty four hours, the aeh colored mombrane disuppoais usuülly wilhia two days, and tho patiënt overcomes the malignant tendency of the disease. "ïhe foregoing doses are for adtilts; for children they should ot course be diminished according to age, &c. It will be observed thatgreat iDportance is attached to the frequent use of gar glo - that ia every hour - in order to overeóme the morbific tondency of disease by a constantlv counteracling impression. In order to gaard againet a relapsa an oocasional use of the remedios should be contimied for several 'ays aftcr the removal of tho membr.uio and subsidence of unpleasant symptoms. To complete the cure, a generoua diet and other restoratives :nay be used as the intelligunt practitioner shall direct."


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