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Breaking Heifers For Milking

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This is ofttín raado quite a serious affair, in whioh kicks and bruises are freely interchanged between the frightened bruto and irritated mastor. Many an otherwise oxcollent milker ia spoiled for life by harsh treatment. A heifer, if well broken to the milk pail, is thereby made worth at least twenty per cent, more - an increase whioh will pay for mucii painstaking. Rarey's reasouing respectj íug horses applies equally to other animáis. Tbey'only resist when injury is appreheuded, and their natural instinct suggests danger whenever any unusual treatment takes place. Evcry one Las noticed how sliy a creaturo is in entering Btrauge enclosurcs, or at sight of new objects. The handling of a heifer's bag is to her a very uuusual proceeding, and in addition, tho teats are often tender, and the bag caked and inflamed, so as to be painfnl evea under a genlle toucli. - Training for milkiug should commence long bef'ore calving. First teach the animal to welcome your coming by littlo presenta of an apple, a handful of coro, or other delicacy. 8he will soon rcadily permit tlie band to be laid on her back and enjoy the gratie rubbing and scratching which niiiy be given. Extend the handling to different parts of the body, until she will not flinch from grasping lier teata, and tho work may soon be accomplished without even a hnrsh word. This will be a good lesson for the boys to practiee the present month, and teach them patience and kiudness, in adiition to the good cffects upon th3 auimals. - American Agricultur'ml. %E Woiiien always show more taste in adorning others than in doraiag theniselves; and the reasou is that 'their persous are like their hearts - they read another's botter than their own.


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