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%ï tint BB lirertflTH. CAHD8I CARDSÜ CARDSÜ! nirui" inrchasocl a Tír-nnmsROTART Diamond Card p n I r of Card type, tlic AROrs Dm„e'(3 ■ print Cards of all kinds In the " ,„, ! at a (trrot reduction from nrmer prcM,iBCudig Business Carda formen of all ."tioa indpreüSfn, Rail, Wedding, and VMting Crd, etc. etc. &,1J, give as yours orders and see how it ■:- i i.-W. N. STRONG NALL, DUNCKLEE & Co., WHOL"58 UI aní UKTAII. dealers in Dry Good, Cnrpetmgs, FloorOH Clth, Foatbera, Paper Hanging, no1 a general assortment ofFvnlshing Gouds, No 74 Woodward Avenue, Corner of I.irncast.. - - ' - M3HOIT, MIch . g33i_Orders BoUcited and promptly r.ttecdcd to-L& SOOyl EAYMOND'S Pliotograiihic and Fine Art GALLERY NTos. '20:, nd 'JOT JettorBon Avonue, DETROIT, " s. I.ife Pize, colnred or plata, caWnet, imvrial, Melainotvpes, IMgaerrootypes, Ambrotypas, t "" CAHl 1 itlURES by the Duen or Tliou■M4. su0-' 1 1 Öi O. F. ÏÏTA9HTENAW LODOE No. 9, of thp Indcpondcnt V'V onlei of ',!l Petloirameel at tbeir Loog Boom, vn' Fridtty eveninpr, at 1% ocloek, fe. RlCHARDtfoN, N.G. ö. Soxdheoi, Sec'y. "l. btobbs. tirnninsiK and Betail Dealer in Tebawo, Clgari -., V Maiiiát.- iza oí '■ B.g ladiaa." b'naklm Block, Lnn Arbcr, ■ - -- M3. G SUÏI1EULAND & SON, T7"llOI.f'A! I'. A!) RKTAH. Groeersnnd Commission VI Mci'i'ii'iniH, Eastside Main Strul Ann Arbor. TWltCHÊLL c OLARK. ttobkys and Counacllon t Law, General Life and Fire lusurancc ageats. Ofiice in City HhU Block, inHuronSt., Ann Aibor. ColU'Ctions promptly made ïidremittfJ. and special attention paid tu conveyancing. n.S.TWITCIIKI.L, f7ir ï- CJ.AKK. jTmTscött. 4 krottpe & PHOTOGSPB Artipts, in the rooms rormerlyoccopledbyCordtoy.owrth store of Sperry t Moore I'erfcc t jtlfaetáon guaranteed. W1NES & KNtGHT. DiAiEiisin Stapte, Fancy Pi-y Coo.ts, Buots and Shoes, &c. Sc, MainStreet Aun Arbor. EISDON k HENDERSON, DEALH5S in Hardware, Store, Iiousí fnrnishmggoods, Tin '..■ te. itc., NV Bl.K,.Main Street. "aTITmills, D kaler in Staple Dry Goorts. Grocetlca, Poots and ÍSlioM and Readj Slada (Sothing, Uoron Street Ann lirhor. EEAKEb & ABEL, TTOKXICYS k C0tX5El.L0KS AT lUTT, &UÚ Sü'ÍCÍf'irS in f Cbaueery. Oilicc in City Hall ülóck, over Webriter Co's Boni; Store, Ann Vrbor KÏNGSLEY & M O KG AF,;vs, Connstllnrs. Si-v.ritc tj, and Notarle Put lic, have Bookl aud l'l;iH showiug titles of all lands fcthe oanty,andatend toconveyancingand collectillg inlands, and to payil nterest in any lart of tiie State. "(Illiceeast büeof tlic Square. Ann Arïor. "Tames e. cook, JrsnrEOFTUK Vkack. Offiae neaxlheDeoot, Ypsilauti, Michigan. m Wie. LEW1TT, M. D., Panacuï k Srmoïns. OfBce at hi resldence, Nortk aide sf Huroa atreet, and2dhouM West of Divisiun rtit, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIER, "AxlTAfTi-RERiml dealer in Boots and Shoes. 1 iVA duur West of the Pont l.ffica. uiu Arbor, Micb MOORE & L00ML8. ■"xcrACTUSin anl Jcnier in Boot aai Hboei, Vl Phtsnll lüuuk, Jlain Stfeet, one door Nortb of Vaehington. M. ÖÜITEEïtAN Ss CO,, mnnufneturers of VV BaadyMadeClothlng, I ol Hoths, Cassiore, DowkiiM, &c. Xo. 5, New Bloei, Anu Arbor. C. B. PORTE R, jcr.-mgp BOKQSON DestïST. Office corner of Main fc' auJ Haron street?, ovt:r P. l'-ucli'n bture, JTTJraBQSf Ann Arbor, Michigan. Wm. WAGNER, Dealer in Ready Made ClotliingClotlis, ('assiip.eres and Vsstings, Hat,' Caps, Trunks, Carptt Baga, Sc. Uaio it , Ann Arbor. BACII & PIERSON . DCXXJEK8 tn Dry Goods,, Hardware, Boot & tíhogs, fcc., Main stn-et, AnnArtwr. MAYNARD, BTEBBINS CO., )UUCBfi is Dry Gooá Groceríes, Droga k Medicines, C Boot a & Shoe-. Ate., eúiurof Main aud Aun streets, iflQel9w Kxcliange, Ann Arbor. " SLAWSON & GEEIÍ, 1rockhs, PBOTWOB & Commissiim Merchante, íinldvaJT lersín 'Watkr Liue, Lasd Plastes, and Plast er of door Bast of C'ook's Hotel. C. BLISS, DKAi.ïninClocki, Watchea, Jewelry. aml Fancy fïoods, t thesign of thBigWatch, No. 27, l'limnix Block. J. 0. WATT8, DKJ.LKK in n„cks, WatchM, Jewclry and Silvcr Wure No 23, New Bluck, Ann Arbor. T. B. FSEBMAÏï. . BAROEB and Fashirmablc Hir Dresser, Main Ptrect, Ann pArlior, JlicU. Huir Fronta and Curls kept rtnstantly on hand. SCIIOFF & MILLEE. Deai.eks iu Misct-Uanpous, Setiool, and P.lank BookR Bta tioaery, X'aper llanyings, fcc, Main Stroet Ann irbor. D. .DeFOREST. Wholbsalk and Reiail Dc-itlerin Lumber, Lath, Shin gles, Sash, Doors, Blinda, Water lime, Grand Rive ?laster, l'laster Pa,ris, and Kails of all pí.or. A fu and perfbct ftísortment if tlio nbove, and all othe linds of building meteríais ccinsíaníly on lwmd at tl l')wet possiblo rates, on lïetroit Strott, a few rods froi th Railrnad Depot. Aleo operating extensively in th Patent Cement Rooting. WASnTENAW"cÖUSTY BIBLE SOCIETY. riKi'ORiTDRY of Biblos and Testamenta at the Societ ' priccfl ;.tW. C. VoorUeis'. CHAPIIí, W00D & CO., auCESBOns to MANUFACT'i'lKRS OF Iriixt, Bools., A. Nl - COLORED MEDIUMS, AN,V Alt KOU M1CH. SPECIAL NOTICE TO CUST OMEES. ALL accounts over bx monlliR musí be settled at once. Ctlla tlic ofïïec aixl [iy up. A well Belectedt stock of New (loodn Cheap for Ch. 6íltf MAYNAED , STlX'BIN i WII.SON. USE SARATOGA E M P I U E WATER FOR ivfWfniion or DyppepMa , Coníttpatloo , KeTT&ua Dmlity, I.ohs of Appetite, Comraon Colds, dLnani of the LungSj ïlcadaclie, anti Firvcriisli f-t-ile oí the ( y fit cm . gW by MaYNARP, STEBBW3 k WILSOK and


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