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An Eccentric Fancy

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-Kïng, tlie painter, rocently deceased, was nn old bachelor, bnt he imagioed a wife, and bad a loom fitted up for her, ns if fancv wsb real. A visitar, describing t, says; " On a sofa s Mrs. King's hat and shawl and gloves - abe has just retnrned froin i walk, it is supposed. - You know thai, vvith surJi a wifr, he is not troubled by any espensive shopping excursión oí hers. Nar a chair standi her embroidery frame, the. needie siii;king in, and the basket of worsteds conTeniently ne:n-, and Bgainst thé vnll leans Mre. Kiog'4 guitar. Tmly, ihiw was a íanciínl idea of bis : and rny friend told me tbat, as a child, ?ho alwoys entered the room with ieeliugs of respect and atre for Mrs. King, and very readily paid tho 'corning-ont' fee - a kiss for Mr. King - whioh he always exacted from tho privileged few wbo were allowad to enter tlns sanotum of bis itnagination - noipainted on canvas."


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