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Rebel Souvenirs

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Among a large numb;r of misaivea und at Yorktown were tho followiag : '!'"UOW DS, AND WIJ Wilt GIVE YOtT PU AT YOU WON! NKBD. JüST COME OüT . iew miles. Al& WE want is a saiü. IOVVl.NG." Is tliss Adelpliic utterance veiling soma ijst-, .inua dangcr in wait for us ahead, ir pobsibly a weak invention of tho enony? Here is another, whicb; ïf not aa ipecific, is at least expressive of ft oettain iouragooua mortiücation at the last rebel ikodaddle. '10 TUK B'lIüïS FB.'iM LISCOLNDOM rilOM. DIXIB. '-Y rrtown, May 2.. "We leavo you by order of our supriora, but we do so wi b ha oonsolatren. jf meatiag ysu soon ga n. Know, gou. llüit we are more anxioua to do w 11 iw thao ever befure. Tha wai ha ust begun. Yon will bavo to contest jvery incli of grouod with us after tbi. For tbis is tiio last time we obey ordera to retreat without tryirg your mcttle, let ;'ueru emauate from whum they may ; ausk oiu's aro the feelkigs of every soldier rom LouiïiaDA. "We are, with the Cumplimenta of the ion-oominÍ88ÍO"jed offieers and privates of Conipany E, First Buttery Heavy Artillciy. "ïirst Sergeant E. T. GROVER, KSMBná Sergeant PBF.D, WINTEBS, "'umvUi Soru'caiit J. M. STAPLES, "And othera " One more specimen, and 3'ou will se that the "internal evidenee" of rebel tenttoua is at least eonüioting : "To Gn. McClellan iind Command : "The Fortieth Alabama Regiment hare been sitting very ipict for the last four houcs listeiiing to our runs bclching vengeance to your lines. You might as wall attempt to ehange the run of the Jamei liiver, as to subjugate tb e Confederaoy. Vaiii! Vakt "Co. K, Fbrtieth AU." The following document was pickad up by a Eire Zouave: Camp neak Yorktown, } May 2, 1862. To ouk Scccessors - We the membef of the "IMioenix Mess" heretofuro ceoapying this domieil, being our private property, haviug left camp for reason3 kuown to our leaders and not lor any fcar of our dastardly enemy let us assure you, do hereby give and böijueatb to j-qu our suocesaors, this apartment and all the appurlenauces, viz: ono mess box, &e , &e., which we trust you will turn to soaie account as we understaud you are iu a starving condition; th provisión! we leave behind we were vinable to consume as our government furnishes us more rations than we can possibly destroy, heuee the quantity loft böliinii. S. G. SHUTTLEWOETH, C. S SHHTEY, E..T.JOK0AN, H B. CHURCH, Pensncolu Rifle Hanger Co. A 2d Fl. Regiment Vol. The following document, found iu ana of tbe dwolling8, spcaks for itseff: To the Future Xiinkee occupants ot lalt o have retircd to the ountrj for a short time to recruit our hoalth. - We fnd tliat with your two hundred thoosaod men you aro too modest to rkut this plaee, and we give you an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity with regard tu our def-enc 's, assuring you that we will cali upo.n you Kon b liopj a few days' residence iu a lio-jíe once occupied by men will kiduo euough counige in your gallant hearts to onable you to come within at least two miles of -white men heroafter. Be suro to liave on band a supp'iy of ':pork 'a boans" v, !:.n w ; roturn ; alsj some eoa6 si] uid wliale oil spieed with "apple sass." When vro icarn to relish raoh diet wo may becomclike you- puritanical, selfish, thievmg, God-forgotten, devil-worshipping, devil-belonging, Afriean loving, blue-bellied Yankees. Advise father Abraham to keep his Scotch cloak on hand, to keep sober, and your wiso C.ingreM to hunt up 2,500 millior.s of specie t) pay the debt you have iucurrcd in winning the oontempt of evory liv tuaa. We have on hand a few tools wliioh wo devoto to the special duty of ioosing tho links of your steel shirts. - ■ Cnuldn't you get a few iron ciad insn to do your figlrting? Are you not horribly tliat we will snoot you below tba ghirtgf When ure you coming to llichtnomi? Oouldu't you go up the river witb as? Thure is ono score whieh we w'.ll vet sctilo witli yüu to tho death - Your fíená-liko troatinent of old men and betpless wonien reads you cut of tliu pule of 'civil Z'd, wsrfarc, and f rifles ara truc aud koives koca we will rid some of you uf your bcas'ly inclinations. YVhc.i you alisa as l;igli in tlio seslo of created beinga .is a Brosilian nionkcy wo will a'low yon BOtoetimes to assoeiato wit!) our ncgroes; bui , ïnitil tben soutliil wili be too liot tur í lio sous of tlie Pilgrima. The ouly dealing we will have with you is, hencoforth, war to tho koife. W dcspiae you as beartily n we Ban wliip you casily 0:1 any equal field. Most heart'ilj at your service wbenevpr you offer a fiarUt. J ÏRAVISO SCOTT, Co. A. Sixih Georgia VoUniteer. Docnments of different descriptioni were fouüd in sevcral of the houses. In tluit which had been used by tho engiïicers there wer copies of United States coast survcy mnps, aud in others books and papers whieh were of little value - Auiong them were copies of a treatiw afa"lDSt gambling, aud of regulations for the Commissary Deportmeut of the rebul army.


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