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Seven Fools

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1. The envious man - who scnds away bis mutton bacausc tho pergon uext him is eating vonisoi). 2. Tho jealous man - who spreads Lis bed with stiuging uettles, and thcu sleeps in it 3. The proud man - who gels wet tlirough rathcr than ride iu the oarriage of an inferior. 4. The litigous man - who goes to law in t!ie hope ot ruming his opponent, and gets ruincd himself. 5. The extravagant wan - who buys a herring, and takes a cab to carry it home. 6. The angry man - who learos tho trombone, becauBe ho is annoyed by the playing ofhis ueighbor's piano. 7. Tho ostentatious man - who 'illumines tho outside of his house most brilliantly, aud sits inside in tho dark. - l'iĆ¼tvli. L3f ]Job, you sny tliat you believe diseflBOB to bo contagious. How long have youentortaincd such notions 'i Ever aince 1 sat alongside a blue cyed girl aud caught the palpitation of the heart. Com. Foote arrived at Cleveland on Tuvdd :iy.


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