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At the htest dates, Gen. McOljllak's army was halted at Cuinberland, aboni 20 miles front llichniond. No general ebgagements are rep irted save ih:'se at Wdliamsburg and West Foiut, in botli of which ouiwsoldiers carried the day agaSisi greot odds. Successat the latter place ia attributed to the aid of the gunboats. - Tho halt of the anny iti doubtlcss to give the solders rest, and to reconnoitro. Tlie Monitor, Galena, and other gunboats have goue ujp James llivcr, clearing out tlio shore batteries, and will, wheu the ariny is ready to advanee arproach vithin shellmg distance of llichmoud. The taking of Sufl'olk is i flank movement, and may guarantee the capture of all tho Confedérate forees Tvho m&ke a stand at Ilichmoiid. The rebel capital is probably in the pos3ession of Gen. McCi-ELLAN, and perhapa of Gov. Pierrkpoxt and the new Virginia Legislature, before thi.s. From Corinth there is notbing deftnite. The twoarraies are however in close proximity, constant skirmishing go.; ing ou, and it would scem a general engagement can not be long avoided.


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