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The Michigan Soldiers At Williamsburg

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The figlit at Williamsburg, on tbc 5th, was oonfosscdly onc of the ha-rdest contestcd battles of the war. The rebelforces were superior in numbors, and had t lic advantage of po3ition, and but for determined and persistent efToit the Uiiíoti army would have been routed. I this right, tlirea Michigan regi menta participated,the 2nd, 3d. aml ."th,doing the hottest of lbo work. Cols. I'on and Terjjt aro l'oth higlily oompUmonted ly the Generáis of brigade and división, as are also the:r commatids. Col. Tbrrt was vvounded carly in tlie actiou by a bal] strikiog his stirrup, glaneTlig, anti hitting his fuot, but kept in the field all day. Liout. Col. Bèacii, of tha saine regiinentj was scverely woundjd i:i tliu thigh. - Capts. SiiERLOck, and Lb Fayoub, and Lieut. Tillotsox, of the 5th, ware also wounded, and Jííeut Jas. A. Gi:mn(; killed. In t6 2d, Capts Morse and Mc Oreert, and Lieut. Jousson are among tho woundod, - Brides Ihose namcd. tho 2d reporta 14 noD-cotnmissioned offiecrs and prívales killed, 87 wounded, and J-i missing. - The öth, 29 nou-Gomniissioned offieers and privatos killed, 90 wounded, and 54 missing. Many of tlio missing of botli regitnenta v,-ill probably come iu. - Another week wo shall endeavor to give a full list of the kiilud and wounded, with a dctaüed account of the part the Michigan boya toak ia the jLL" We ninke tlio following extract from a private letter reoeived on Wednesday by Geo. Loomis, of thiscity WiniAMSBBBOn, Va., May Cili 1802. Loomis. Esq., Dkab Sik : - Corporal Wii.i.tam C. Loomis, of Co. K. 2nd Michigan Iufautrv, was woundcd iu tho leg in fcba baltic (y ester day). The surgeön thiuks the wound nut dangerous, and that ha will get along. lic certaiuly bcluivcil wolj with tliu rest of bis cum'.'aJcs. They went into tlie fi"ht with a great deal of coolncss.aud brayery. Teil Mr. Wikeb tbat bis son is safe, and Uharloa Quish, also. The Couipany lost 1 killed, 1 missing, and 5 woundod. Stewabt is mortally woundoil. Williiim will bs well fur, Tliu loss of tlie regiment is 16 killed, üü w.ouüdöd, and soine inii J. W. SHEA.RÈR,lst Liout. Comd'g, Co. K. 2nd Midi. Intentry. - Mr. W. L, Loomis, father of tbo wounded soldier, left for tbo seat of war ou Monday cvening, and if permitted to go to bis sou will minister to bis every want. We are glad to huar tbat bis WOUrtds are not dangorous.


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