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Si. Louis, May 14. Tho eorreapondenco of ih.e Itemot Ka, Batesvlllö, Ark., lOtli, siiys: " A porinri ni Grn. Davra and Gen. división:, and two oj dea. Steetu's regrrents li lt hero to-day for the Nortb. - Au adequate Torce s still here, bowéver, ior operaüona in this direction. "üur adv nuco (inder Qen. Osterhaus crossed tlio White Riv Sth, and took tbe road to Little Rock, Che Capital oí the State. "As irmny as one bnndred aml fifty persons pur day have come forward and taken the oath of nlleguitice, embracing jad ges, ministers, end inany of tlic most ïnllucnlial citizen. "'J'hu scMitiineut of the puoplo is rapd!y becoming more and more loyal. "News oí our oocunalion of this I laca w;ií received by Gov. Iieutor, at Little Liock, n the 5th, and produqed groat excitement, "Sume of the oitizens advised pence, while otht-rs vrere rampant for defending the city to tlie last extremity. "Tho iollowing dñy Ihe Öovwoor isfued a j roelainution uulliñg on the Statu mi'iüri to repair iminedintoly to the capital lo repcl the nvnd ' Many of tbo militia wero issuii g special calis. "Six thousand Txnnawere daily es:eoted at Li. tl Enuk, hut tbey srere under orderd for Gorihth. "0-nerillfl bands ure being formod in soine sections. and large inobs may b mustered at county seat, but no scrious ob.Htacles to our u Jvance aru d. "Albert Pl!:(, at last acTBonnU', w;:s camped at Bggy Dopót, i nu hundred miles Bouth-west of Fort Smith?'


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