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Wool Exhibition At Cleveland

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stille Monrd "f ulture Inve (!fci led on liaviiiff i grond t-xhil i ,n o.' w .)l du ring tha con in Sta'e t'aip i : thi - ei y. ;n)i fo1 tliis pnrpofe havo o t ibl s.itíd premiums aml uppoin'ej aA'nrdipg commlUen thiit wil] fl (liee grovvfiM t. ft.Tid n tlu-ir wo il conipeliii'in. Fonr olnse have been arrangeil, conipri-ina: Fait n Wo(il--, Deluine Woi 1 , C s i è Wo ls and öouibing Wonls. ín a clttsa ihere are to bc Ihree premiuii.s uf 32'. ; 5 rce e tiveljr. Nonobut nctiial a;ro vors ire a'l wed Ui L'xhibit, and compelilion i.s op n 'o :ill pu; !s i' ihe United Staten and the Canudas. Samples must uontnin not lesa than twenty fleeces. The Award. ing; Committees are partly componed of experieneed Eas'.ern maniifacturcra and practicu] Wwtern men. A c;ipneioua building will be erected fur tha üonveniértce of eshibkinh, and a woo) ' aiiütion vvüi close the f;iir on Fridáy


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