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Pumpkins Alone And Among Corn

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JKirtygan rps, s' (liousands of iho readers'of tho 4 ' út rcgai J the cyrn field a Por i-ais nj pumpMns.- Kut, liuwt.'vor little the b:irui puiupkke !.) tho Oora -and we belicvo bbat in g-ioJ ee-isüiH tln-v produ? i qaañtity of food v!i ■!) iaoíi moro tfa.m coniitarbalanoos t!i i eV.Il iyjiiofi tlioy ui iy do- ill ?jld a m ■'■'■ ! :1 Bt'or prodm-t iíijilii tUemselvca Putting tho I :.; nrt, two or tlireegood b!uv1 f vr-oll rotteü niannre buint; Jrop p d 011 the -mt' and eovercd by a littte öat til, tlie piiHipkiua vill luxuiiatc in i .: ' jtrufted sunsliino and upoa tlio fut lelmid; and wltcn Autumn stri] jcafy coyeriitg ander which tliry Iii'de, i goldcu liarvcst will bu disi :.i.-. ■,! wjlioll will d') OBft's hl-ar! good. - Lov ;rawing. siiwll stalked variotiea of o tm do tmi cwsntiully uterfere with the rfeeliing of' ntDod crops of putnpkins - Uut if plaiited wlth oorn they sliouid in i;o wise iiiteii'crc witli tho thorough culturi' of tlio ooni. A good plan is to dfep secd in evcry other hill, in altérnate rüus, :nd it, is vcry important to secure :.v.d seed. ' ' J " 1 1 1? medium sized, round ctark orunge colorod, fine grainod va rietfes are bosr, and usaally the earliest, tnost pro)ific, and the besi keepers. T'ue cbecsu pumpkin is preferublo i'or faüiily


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