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Field Beans With Corn

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One of tlie cropa usod to fill out oorn, whcn it grows scantily, or has altogether failed ín liiils or Fpotu, is the white busli l'M'.i. Tlicro is wisdom in the selectiou. The leguminouï'.and cereal crops aro con[■ïiUTüd so 6ösontial[y dissiniiiu? iu their drafts upon the soil, that thoy aro adapted to füllow each othor in any rotation. So far as wc are aware, experience has not yet diseovered that ooni suffers csBepilully, fat all, for having a largecrop of OansgrowQ at the tiiuo upon the soil. A liCavicr drf'l is, ot' COUrse, made upon the hoï if alargo erop be taken off. It ia a eomrnoti praetice in soine good fanning comniuiiities, to drnp a i'iw bsaosou the r yoth :dj of evory corn liill having loss llian t h fee stalk3. Another nietliod is the ('iliowlüii : Tho coro beiüg in hills oqually -distant in rows running both v.:iy.-, ::t the S'.'coiid hocing, aftor plowing or runtiiüg tiic weeder both ways, plant beons botween the hills i:i the rows runnjftg oiie way. Others plant similarly at '.;no time that the eorn is plantea. l'j:ins cultivated by theniselves aro a very profitable erop, not exhausting to tho soil and au admirable food for sheep. Thcy uniformly bring a remunerative prioe, and are soinetiines vory high and in great demand. They do best on good corn land, not riclily mamired, iu rows 2A feet apart. ki'Dt well wceded aüd büed, -


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