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Transplanting In The Night

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-A friend in vhse povvers of observation we have confidence, and who is an exact experimente!, infor'ms u that last nprtcig Hou sununer he made the followinir experimento ? Hls transplaoted ten cbeiry trees hilo in blossom, cninmeneing it fonr o'olock in tho nfterncvn and traimplanting one each hour, un'.il mm n '.lio morning. Those trunsplanted daring the dtiylight shed ihcir bli8som, producing litiio or np fruit, whilu those plantod during the duiker por.ioiia itsitintained their condition fully. Ut; iiii! tliu yatne with ten dwarf pear trees nfter the fruit was ono third gruw n. 'J'hnse transplantcd du ring tbe ""liiy Aed their fruit ; whilst those transplanteil during the niglit perfected (bek erop and showed do injury froni havin been removed. With each of thesu troeü be reawved soroe earlh with tho roots. Ws :ir well uv.nre that when planta are acuiiluatíiilv frozen in green-housee, it is (■i'stmuary to ronder the house dark before upplying eold watt-r t.) thaw them, and when thi.s is not observed thev aro injuicil, hile ií entire darkm-ss be Réeured d) ring tlio operation, many of tlicm aro BBVed. lint tho experiment of our liiend Heemfl ta Ikiviï liit'e analogy to tliics i'uct, and it is entiif I v new to is'. Víro BhWll be triad to roceive informa(ion (i'A ihis subject tram our readers, u-u] hopu that nuinerona kindred oxponnit'ntfl vvill be made diuing the coming si'íii-on -


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