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My Heart And I

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i. K&evfhi weVetivd, my heavt and I, Wo fit besirte the ho;ulaUmo thus, An 1 wish that naines vtvvu carvud Tor us. The moas rpprmts more ten'lerly ïhe hard types of the masoa'fl kni'e, Aa liLMvon' sweet Efe rtntríeftrtha ufo WitU wkttb w"re tireti, my heart nad 1. IT. y OU seo wo'ra Hrdd, my hu.-irt and I. tmsted men, And in our own blood drwiefefrd the pen, Aa if such co'.ürs cojld not Hy. Wê WAlked lob strsifht forfortnpe' cni, - lored 6M ti ic to keep a ffitn 1 ; AÍ iMt wu'er tirud, ni" licart auJ I. III. How ttefl we fcelj my In-art and I ! Vv'i' -.-■rm { i:o uo in Ülf vril ; AboiU meü's ryfb imliilVrenllv ; Our foice whicb thrillod yoa " wttl let Ycu sleep ; our fcera fkreoaljr iret: Wliat do we herc, my he.iit and I ? IV. So tïred, sotired, my benrt andl? It wm not thua in that oll tima ffhenRalpl) satwithme 'ne&th the lime To wnicli the Bunset from tbe';y. '■ I) rlöT, yeü're looking tircU," ha said ; I.smUiniat hUaflhooftmj head ; TUaow we'te tirod, my hwrt BJad I. V 3otired, so tïred, my heart and l ! Though nownonctakos me on In'irra Te fold me l-1'isp ;uiu kÍH M)ou;inn TiJi iUCh .lick breath pndfi in a sigb. Of happy langu ir. Now alone We ie, ui upm i ■ tofiio, Uaoheered, aokissed, my hoart and I. VI. Tireil out we ra, oiv lic; riand I. Suppose thewurld brougbt djaéevofl To tompt us, crusted irith looie gt-ins Ofpowera and pïeaaures? Lot it try. WesèarCeïy care to look at even A petty chi!d,oi Dod'ablne hearen, W fi -i f ttred, my hèart and I, vin. Yet ffho complaina ? My hoart and I ; hi thïa abondani e trth no duubt [little room f o thiags worn out: Ba, break tliem, throv thein bj ! I bcfore the daya c:rev ro ;■ h Wannrc loved, aaed- wel! eaough, I thiuk, wö'vefaiel, my heaitand I.


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