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The Michigan Fifth At Williamsburg

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Prom the Detroit Ttibana. We are uvider obügatLona to Col. II. D. Terry, for tlio following official ropnrt of the killed and wounded of hitj rqgirneiit in tha Battle noiir WiiUamsburg1. Ia a noto to us Ooi. T. says : " I end yoi) nn exact list of our kifled arrd w(i',indcd, aiter waiting to nacer tain all the facts. Broad, o( Co. C, and Boos, of Co. I, havo sinco diod of their wo and. Wo went into octioh with iiboat fivo hundred rnon. The offioinl reporta vi!l determine tlio behavior of tho rosjimont." Prom annthor friend in tlio regiment ive havo roceivod, and give b'elow, the order oí Brig.-Gen. Berry, which shows thattho "5tnand2d Michigan Infantry " did their whole duty, bravely and heroicnlly. All honor to thora. The large list of killed and wonnded provo that they '.vero in tho thiekëat of tho fight. Of tho five hnndred who went into tho figbt, neariy one third were küled oi" woundod, Vit.: liiirt y-one külod and ono hundred r.nd eiglitoon wounded : FIK LD AND FTAFF. Colonol II. I). Terry, slightly woun ded in the auklo. ietrt. Col. S. E. Beach, severely woundod in the thigh. 2. COMl'ANY Á. KWcrl- PrivaUs Mamuel Atkina, Joromifih Siiaw, John R. Hubbard, Win. Boyco, John Tuckor, Josoph Wiirci, John J. MeDonnld, John Dow lor. 8. Wounded- Ep. E. T. Shcrlool?, wounded in arm; Sergeants W. T. Watkin, Jo'un Bi.'FiVrtier; corporals J. J. Burrw, Satn. Atwcll; private Z. W Barrn; Truman Hcrniü;, llussoll Evcrott, Noah Boyne, Walter Cinshohn, tlenry Vandipr, G. W. Vv'ooster, F. E. DiiCi iir, Fr. nik Lnpjner, Charles Bofhie, ir. P. CVe, C Vvr. Dennifli J. M. Mlcahoy, Jaf. Bürghtr, John Li;;!u, John King, J. D. Miner, Vnn. Rö1wood, Uzzioll 8t. Armor. 24. OOMPANY I!. lst Sergeao Peter GenorauH; prívalo Chus, A. Tumor. 2. COMTANY C. KilhJ - 2d Lieuten'ant Cammandirg, J Bines A. (-i minina:, shot throngh tho hoart; corporal Wilüam J. Higipson, privatos tióward W. Coueil, Uiiah (J. Tucker. 4. Wouvded - Sergeants John Braden, Peter MuSberry ; corporals farntw Gowell, Franklin Conrow; pri1 Joseph A. Uice, Lathor Frnnklin, Joseph Morton, Ja mea Wrigbt, Lewis Jioad, John Cassey, David A. Bear, rimintts Iiarabel, Eibridge Franklin. 13. COMI'AXY D. Kühil - Pnviites Hiram Hemmingwav, (Jiia. 3 ind.s, Wfa. i!atv, 3. Wounded - Sorgeants W. Beckwith Capron, T'ioiuas J. Byrne ; corporals Charles Kent, Byron Kelly ; privaten James Doxie, Mark Day, Alêxandur Dibeau, Valentino Bucker, Kdgar Oalbkis, Chatios Seoly, Peter Leinon, Alphonzo Bachelor, Eiijah (Joodwin, Wm. Horton, Charles Myróhoff, Wfii. L. P. Parish, Seth 31. Thomas, Chas. Isham, liiraia Johnson, Ira P. Jones. 20. COMl'AXr E. Killed- P.'ivatce Luke Ferrill, Farr Madwon, William M. Pato, 3. Woujtdétt- Serg#aot D W. Gooper; corporals ÜLhello Ptielps, Samuel Lamsden ; privatea OharleB Jones, James Quick. Jamos Harkneae. John Stiinpson. 7. COMPANV' F, Kil'ed-Yrst Sergeant W. J. Wyman ; corporals Jno. Morriuh ; privates J. W. Blaekman, Frederick Bower, Petor L.'comliio, Albert Smith. 5. Womidnl - Capt. Heber LeFavbür, four times, face, arms, and shoulders; sergeant Wiilter Knox ; privataa Wal tor F. narria, Niobolne Bwarlz, Eugono Gulley, llenry L. Curiek, Chauncey Estabrook, Williara O. Harían, John Jones, f rom Lake Superior, John Jone?, Thomas Eglin, George Filden, Daniel Hurly, Stopbén Mooney, (ieorgo S. Bartfott, Chartes Harper, Frank Fortíer, Rioul Ilarris, Aaron R. Mathews, R. Hazelton. 20. COMPANï O. KHhd - Noah Roberts. 1. Woundcd - Sergeant J. C. Neil ; privates H. L, Dutton, Daniel Morul!, Goo. Culbert. 4. COMPANY It. Woundcd- 2d Lieut. William K. Tillotson, lat Sergeant D. B. Vrn!;er ; ■irivates John 0. Adama, Auguntue IJi-tkel, Wllliam II. Boit, William Faylor, Thomas M. Cluy. 7. 0OMPANX I. Kdlêi - Sergeant J. Afhloy Pontf ; privatea Albert Pëckens, Samuel ÍSut!ob, Merritt F. Pullen, John Sawyer, Wounëed - Sergeant John N. Monroe; corpora! James S. Lane, John W. Gilbert; privates Win. Johnson, Levi Jas. McGinn, S. A. Iioyd, Lukü VVoods, Pbilo P. Chubb, Gteger D. Rosh (eioee disd,) Lyman A. 'Wilieon, A. E. Suwell, Walter R. Ferguson, Joscph Oountryman, (jeorge S. Wiïiegur. 15. CO3IPAXY K. Woundcd - John Fondt, Jo'nn Marz 2 Berry's Complimontary Order. Camp near Wilüarnsburg, Vu. ) May 8, 18G2. Totlio Editor of tlio Detroit Tribuiip: Knowing tho interest t!ie poopla oí Miehigan ieel in tho well bolngoi Iheir o, vu brave boys in tha conduct of the present oampaign of the nrmy f ihë potomae, I torward, nt tho requeet of ol Föveral oiiicor?, tlie fnllowing s-jocin! piiliÜKhel at this evening'd tiresR paradc It wül be needles to givc sn account of tfie bat'.L' rcferrod to, of Mondav, May r)'h, as bcfore this roaches yon "the official report will doñbtlees havo been wsn by ali yur readers. Our Brigade, yon are ffwore, is cumposod of the 2d MJóbigBtl, C( 1. Poe, 3d Michigan, Col. (haniplin, füh Mfchinn, Col. Terry, and 37th New Yoik. (Jol. IJayman. Very truly you:v, DbG. W., Qu.irtTrnaiLcr 2d Mithigaii Hcgimont. i'i. uixr.ï's Divibiox. I Ou V, ■ rp Battle Field, f 51 iy rili, 1 i3. j Si-aci.vL Oadek - Th o Comraander of tb Brigndo tukefl great pleamire iii making Vhih opmraijnioátion to his comnrui.i, thiil thoy, by hcroic fjrli'ud on Monday lust,' by" a ioieed uu.i-ch thï v! ' mg wi!h ti,.t . . tc se wbo c - i sttiud the I thé time c'fittod for; nanking thoreby a muro!) Ih at ethers thrm.k from, coming itu u fighft ut doublé quiek, . doublfu! to ur sl!o t.y the ovci-w':,ü1iiug miss of tbe neiny poured upon our cpntre; by a rnpid Jeplf%y li; ;' guiok f rrnntion, und ly oóo'tícsí, precision mil oaetgy bèot bncktbg onomy, recaptarijiy our lust poeitioo mul artilitTv ; ül o by o hoioia chnrga ook a s;ronjb(!(l of tlo ono'.ny, and thwreby dislodjjed and cïrovë hiiri to the pluin beyond his we!l ehoson prtsition, tiavo dor.e thfüwui v-o .n"oi;t honor, have bono;-ed the Stotéé of Miohigm and New Xow Yü:k, niid !;;tv.) w.)M a n:ti)i ) in hitury thut the inost atijbiUo'Js miglit ba proud tl'. Oiir loss of brava comnules lias indeed been larga. We mourn the dt;paid - "groen lo tha turf above thoin" - tboy bave a 1 1 ice io öni heiire's mettiory, and in tbu history of our comnrvon country. Suldiera t You havo won by yóur bravéry íhe fiearts of all yonr eoromander- brigade, división, umi carps, und even tlwse higher in öorüainnd; Soldien, I Ihank you- rr.y i , thank yon - your country thunbu you, and wïll remeraber you in history. Our labora pre nol yetovcr, Ti ijolent reboU thnt jiava i . d Io , destroy, and have la'd to r.;in and ; ■ I or '; . i n s n) the bet (i .■. erniiu'tit and tí ' lund of &ai t' still in (orce :md to bo conquered in other fights 1 havo ■ ! you, men of the 3d Brigade, in nii tuturo trialc.. I knpw rny men. They are not pledged n vaiü. Oonftmhnders of Régimen! wil! havei this order rea dat the benen of thoir i respeotiye Begiraeota tbia iiiei-noon, (8th inst ) II. O. BKREY, Kilio', Xwüag of tba leut. A oorrespondent of the Adcerther lUè folios i if killed, - Jad ai;l wiaeing ol tlio Michigan Sucoud, n t'ae Vriliiamsb'arg battle : 00MF4.HT A, - GAPT. MORRIS. Wi,ii::d-d- Julius liasli, kin, severely ; Lieut. Johnson, (lately promotod froni int Major,.) and Corporal Win. Kei 1 - bot'iof the lasfcr.nmcd, very slightly, ic:wcIy worth uieutioning ; they bow do duty. Missing- Corporal E, W, Wrigbt. COMPAST E, CAPT. HANBT. 'e4 - Corporal Nickolay. Private Jas. Ai keus and Wra. S. Frazer. Wotmüei - Josepb. Jessup, roported a prisoncr ; Ist Sergeant II. 1Í' Daniels, in srious; Sergeant Ëvana, in t!ie left siae, sfighüy Wm. L. Maps, abdomen, daïigerou. Missing - John Yost and II. A. KiJder. COMPiNT f, - C1PT. EAVIXCTON'. Wounded - G. Fox, s'iglitly, in tbo leg. Missing - Ednjar Spenoer, and Mortimor Luat. COMPAMÏ B, CAPT. irUMPIIUEY. Wounded - Theodore Oakley, serioualy in back, side and hip : John Dorcman and Lyinan lleath, buth ol these lust bat slightly. Missing - A. Seymour and John C. Ryan. COMPANY E, - CATT. BR O TV XE LI,. Killed - Sergeíint J. N. Sh-umahan; priv leg P. II. (Jallup and John M. Kowu. Wound d- lsi S rgeant B. F. Leo, ioft breast. d:inerous; Corporal John 8. Gliddon, slightly in sboUlder; Joel Cowgill, dangerously iu left sido; II. Ct.o, sliglitly ; Chas Ilichardson, scriously in hand ; Wm. Jay, do. in right clbow ; Wm, Jackson, slightly in leg; Wm, Ruckc!, seriously in shoulder blade ; Johu 15. Faruum, tbrougb righfc wrist; ïbos. Stevonsoa, ia hip, suriously; Jamos K. P. MoClary, seriously in rigbt arm. COMPANY F, OAl'T. UQÏ.ïU. Killed- Gea. Culmer. Woundei- Captain Morse, seriously in; Sergeant Staart, in band; Francia Haver, in band and ncek, slightly. Missing - M. I). Cooly. coupan'Y a, - capt. m'oheary. Woundcil - Capt. RTCreafy, wrist and fhigb, serious ; privado Chas. Morton, arm; S. Hnight, hip; Jcrouiiab Eckliff, through wrist, not serious. COMPANY H, - CAPT. WUIPPLB. Küied - Corporal Eddy ; privates Hugb Mills, llcnry Harbück and Josepb Deacla. Woundi'il - Sergeant Dobson, thiirh, sorious; privates D. Hill, probably fatal; Praoeií ndro. t'.vo weunds, but not dan gerons; Goo. Knlber, gever; John Ohda, slightly iu tiio bcad : Henry Howe, in Ü113 bak, but not dangorous. Missinj - Wm. Longo. OOMPANT I, - CAPT. WM. II. BENSOM. Killed- Corporal O. A. Walkco. WoundccL- Private Gco. A. Wilton, right arm, amputatiou probably noces BU!-}'. ' Mint 'nj- Chas. Allen. CUMl'ANY K, CAl'T. RtTIÍIIM!. Killed - Prirate Thoodore Lemon. Woitnded - l'rivates Wm. Slowart, jnnrtully ; John Young, in hip, sevorely; Morris Q. Walker, ughtly in breast; (Jihi Obamplaia, do iu the niouth ; Corporal Win. C. Loomia, in knee, scriously Mlntinj, - Win. B. Pai-ig. Tliia is a correct list, and can 'i relict' ís far as killed and woupïad are eortí i raed, bnt thu list of tha innstng viii brohably bo lessened in a day or twn. Company A, Becond Regiment, was the first C'ompany in battlo and undor firo ; the brigada and the boys did nobly. - Grwat credit is due to aíl cur ofiioerií, for the brave and gallant part they took iu the ftffair. Their coolness cannot be surpnsscil. Tho sume cau witíi trutli bo said of the Fiftii. Their losa is greater thaü ours. Jiiont. Gunning is dead. - Captain LeFrivour ia wour.ded. 1 shall acud you a completo list of their killod nnd wonnded soon. T write with secesb i pk.


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