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The Great Trot Of Bonner's Team On Fashion Course

The Great Trot Of Bonner's Team On Fashion Course image
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Bonnera faiuoaa trotters made extraonliiniry time on PushloD Course on TuesJay, as has been ant;ounccil by telegraph, The 7Wwm gives the followiug account o! the go : A largo erow.i oovorod the course, and fair faces gracud the ladies' stabd, Aunu thi; timing whiuh took ia the noted ones 1 1 ' !: of the regular wbips of the track and the fast-go'mg gwtloman of tke raad, oonspicuyud Vfêrn Air. Bouuer, with bis two ' ilio ïVtct taanifi of thocity.'aud Comodoro Vaudcrbiit. Thu (Atare of the day was a bit of s;io; t not in the prigraniiui', and whiuh i: i euro lookod fyr. Ho of tlio Ledijcr, the Bonncr, the groat Bonner--who bas aot yos been hsadod in liio weeklics, nor on tho re;:1', h liinrl a í.'ray pair of irotturs ■vith the ribi'uiis in hisown hands - showcd on tlíe ti-ac!v witb hÍ8 cquuie wondarn, Lady l'alaicr and Fia-tbush, of " vast ronowu." Mandling the ribbons, he gave thothron a taste of both his and his kaatCB' vitolity. Al'tiT ;i preltminry turn of a müe, lio halted before tho und, and iisked iho judges of the race juat ovor to tiiaa büu, and away be set xa horsss Bpinniiig at a rute that uo doublé but lioiiner can do He went without a skip tlirough the first ïuilo, wel] in hand, and with pace to npure, until naar ita end, when a ohirp ijUickened tlicm fox a Bpirt to the stand, to which thcy Oiune in -J:o2i. The first mileover, the. gay and noble pair rusbod into thcir bits and lew away as no others, iu doublé, to tho polo, couid flj, with steady sh'ida, and uevur a break or flaw of p:ieo, d isbeil through tho milo lud past the stand in 2:29, C lapping of many hands, waving of fair hajjdkevohiefa by tha fair liaiula of doligh'.e 1 la ivS, and the sliouts of the Btrong Iuhíí, groetcd the noble bor,ses as t'.ioy canie bme n so gny and so grand a niair.e.'; and when the signal went up with 5iu. 13 -ís. as the time af the two miles dono bv a pairot geutlemau's horsos, agam the air waa fiiled with huzzas, again fair hands wuved white bandkercliiefs, and fair lips smiled applause at so noLile a foat. Tiil' throng"had scen what no other tlirong liul ever buforc secn, and covld only bu wild with delight. Mr. ISounur thuu amioünced that ho wuuld givo uay gentleman who, driving bis own ])air, should go two miles beating 5m 13-ls., tlis inuguiñcont prize of ten thousand dollars, a wüling gü't fur the ploasure eaiiferrcd. Our loadt-rs wül recollect tbat thia pireat f'dat is uot ISouncr's first one, for lat Ootobor, with the sime pair, lio trottcJ over the s:uno üúursc a milo in 2m. '27a. Tilia foat of yesterday, like that of last 'öir, was a public display, and scores of.,watches told tbe talo of fligU that had donp. To these wc uiay add aootherjot morö wondorí'ul. A few days sinci1 tliis samo pair did a singlo mile ou tho ftashion Cjurse ín 2m. 203.


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