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Fruit Trees--manuring

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Wooil ashes fonu au admirable manure for fruit trees, for they contain an infinate varioty of alkaline and other products, and iu precisuly tho c'onditicn for re-appropriation by trees. The pear troo reqtiires additions of potash, and iu coiumon witii all othor fruit trees, it ilso requirea tho ontiro rango of organio (nattera found by analysis iu their aslios. Phospbatea and potasL ior tho pear, parlioularly, liiue and phpspbates for tho apple, sitglit quantitie of chloriue and foJa for the quiuce, plmn, peacli, apple, &e , and still more minuto tuantities of these two lattor substaucea for tlie oherry ; for if cominou ealt bo added, bui süghtly ia excess, the chsrnes will esliibit in their taste thu tirst year, and the seeoud the tree will die. Wood, oartu and cliip-manure aro admirable fertilizara for fruit trees, for tbey contaiii proxiinatoi in preeisely tlie san.e dogroe of progreasiOQ to bj reappropriated by l'ruits. SUmulating mauures, and tbose eubjeut toex)easive fermenUtioo, such nstho manures of the stable, baru-yard and hogpsu, bliould oaver como near fruit trees. They causu an unoonditíonal growth, soft and imperfect in testuro, and incaptiblo of


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