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The "ironsides" Frigate

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rniladulpuia papers givo a tull i tion of the new iron plutod frigate ; s;t!is. launchod at. that poi t ou saturday, I' The sliip is notable froiu the tact oí' ber 1 Qg tho liivt iroQ-pIgted sou goiog war . v built in the United States. Tlio Philadolphia Xorlh American luis : lowfng : fho is (jubatructed from plans and speoificntior.s presen ted to tke Navy DepttrtiiK'nt last Êeptemb&r, by Messrs. Herriok & Sons of tfais city, who are thü sole couIractors with the Uovernment. They iu t-.ini have contract ed jyith Mesara. Cramp & Soca, of KoDsington, tbr the huil, wiili the Jñ'iitlü Porge, Drowo &Co., of l'ittsbuigh, por the í iucli plating, nud witli Traoer & Meruor f'ur tho iucii platiug, reserving to themselvea tho coustructiua of tho luachiúerj and tho general ' ment of the several parU. The couti'act is dated October 15th, 1861, and the vessel is to be ready lor Bteam, Julv látli, I862. Ghief Engineer W. V. Wood, of tho navy, superinti'iiils the machinery and platiug; the :ival Constl'uotor, Henrv lloover tho huil. Sho is 2U) feet long, 08 feet tl inchos wide and 2a feet duep, being i,.i-0 tons, and liaving i bcrtli gun and spar deck - the latter beipg shot-proof. Her frames are of white oak, filled in s ilid and calkcd, and tho average thickuoss of her sidos is 20 indios. Tbo iron platiug commeiieea at a po.ittt 4 foet below tho water liue, and extends to her spar deck; the lower course is o inehes, all tho ret is ik inehes thiek. All tho platos are 15 feet long, and width varyina from 2ö to 30 inehes; eaeh plato is fastoned to the vessal by tweuty li inch serew bolts '2'i iuches long, which secure the S'jveral thicknessos üf timber to the pJatoB, thus tying all toge:her. The maohmory con&istsof twohori.on tal direct action steani engiaos, with cylinders of 50 inehos diameter and 30 inches stroke, iutended to inake 8ü revolutions per minute, and drive a brasa fourbladed propeller of 13 feet diameter and 18 foet pitch. Tho boilers aro four in nuniber, horizontal tubular, each 17 feet front, 11 feet deep nd 1 1 feut high, of a Sollettive forco of 1,600 horses. ïhe araiament will eonsist of 10 11 inch Dahlgren guns on the gun deck, aad 2 200 pound Parrott guns on tho spar deck. - The port holes will be closad by ii'ou shuttera live iucbes thick, workod from the iuside. As this is a sca-going steamcr, iutended to sail as well as steam, she will have threo m:ists, and bo bark rigged,her topmasis aud yards being so arranged that in aotioa they are lowered, and leavc simply the tbree lower maats ín view. Whon in action all the men on board are protocted from shot aud shell, and are all below the spar deck. The eommauder only is above that deck, and he occupies a shot proof irou lookout, whieh rises abovo the spar deck, aud from which he can seo all surrounding objeets, and by signáis comimiiiicate with the offioois below. Unliko tlio Monitor ard Galons, this vessel eau curry a largo crew, ufficient to board and capturo any vessel. Impouotrable to shot or sliell, shc will seek close action, and by means of her iron prow sink, or hor heavy guns capturo, hor opponent ; her light draft of water (fiftteen feet) will euablo hor to enter all our southern harbors. Even Moultrie and Sumpter can bo visited by her, and she may bj ablo to make au impression on thoso for's before they aro repossossed by the United States.


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