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The Monitor, Galena

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tuek, and their wonden consorts, ran against a snag in Jamos JRiver, a fuw milos below Kichmond, in the ebape of sunken voseéis and other obatructioog, protccted by an elevated battery. Seo partioulars inanother column. - Com. Goldshoroucu will tako up somo mortar bo:t8, and elévate that battcry still higlier. L2L ïhe Detroit Adrertiser ndprovecl the proolarnation of Gen. Hunte it, freeing all the slaves in his dopartment; and appróyes tho proolnmation of tlio President rnodifying the same. At tho samo time, it warns the President to beware ot the banoful influence of tl. e bordor State Unionista, Messrs. Holt, Crittenden, Carlisli, etc. ïhe President ought to cali the Advertiser man into his Cabinet. JES" Tllu Novv Y'"'k Tribune') Washington correspondent says that a careful nvestigatioD hns satisfied the aulhoritios that not 500,000 effeotive men are in the field, and the Statos will beitnmoduitely called upon foran additiotial 100,000 volunteere, to bo held in reserve for emorgencies. jf2S The robu! officers captured at Yorktown and Williumsbürg protest in the name of lmmnnity against McOtïltAN'S order req u ring them to retnovo the torpodoea and othor infernal machines left for tho benefit of the Yankees. It was nat " inhuman," oor a violatiön of military usages to plant these torpedoea, not a bit of it. S'-ST '-The General Assemblics of both the Oíd and New School Presbyterian Churches .net last weck, the first in Columbus, O ; tho socond in Cmcinnati. - Tho Kev. Dr. Duffikld, of Detroit, was electcd Jlodorator of the N.S. body, by a largo majority. JE3T" Ex-Gov. Niat S. Bkown, of Ten tl., lias been irrested on a charge of treason, by order of Gov. Andy Johnson-. Gov. J. is determined to hold a steady rein, and in tho venerable Judge Cateon he has a roliableco ojiorator, t" The latest reports f rom tho Misqiapippi say that tho rebels havo ovacuitod Fort Wright and lallen back on Fort Randolph, 12 milea below; also that a Union fleet had reached Vickaburg on the way up tho river, t" We see it announced that Stockton's Independent Regiment of Miclii gan Infantry Las allotted over 8000 monthly. This is doing nobly, and other Michigan regiments would do well to euiulatc such an examplo. - - -.ii - ii J53f lleport says that Gen. Sumxkh has been suspended f rom his oommand for neglect or rcfusul to reinforco (icu. at the butt.lo of Williamsburg. We have no doubt that " somebody blundered " iu the management of that battle. w ■■ w - jLtT ïho aged fathcr of tho late Col. Eilsworth has been appointed Suporintendent of tho United States Arsenal at Vergenue?, Vt. JS'iE" Col. Ellsworth's Fire Zouave regiment arrivcd at New York on the 19th, to bo must: red out of service. JL3= The Pssba of Egypt will bö among the visitors to the London ExhibitioD.


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