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■The armamcnt of the Mcrriinac consistcd of twclve guns - two se ven inch rifled pivot guna fore and aft, each working out of tbree port holes ; four niiio-inch smoothbore guns, D ihlgreu pattern ; four six inch rifled guns ; and two boat Uowitsers, twelve pouuders, both on her upper deuk, fore and aft, to repel boarders. Commodore Tutuall made a speech to the crew, who had boen mustered on deck, aftor a boat from Norfolk had reaehed the vessel, bringiüg tho nows of tlie occupation of the city by our forcea. The substauco of h is speech, as relatad 1y the gonneC) was this : " Boys, Norfolk has been taken by the Yankees, and our auppliea are cut off. - AHhougli the vessel has been lightened, the pilot snj's hü cannot get her up the James river, as we had intended to do ; thercfore we have conduded to blow her up. You can mako }-our escape in tlio best way possible." Tatnall was carriod away from the Merrimae i:i a littíü-, lic was so foeblo. Tho Merrimao's erew nuiubered three liundrcd and sixty men. At the ol lier explosión her raagjiainös, foro and af!, wcro full of' ainmunitiou. Seventy of tlie crew have taken the oath of allegianio in Norfolk. They liad received but fifty dollars for their services ia !lie Confedérate navy - the ïnoney was Confedérate Bhinplasters.


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