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ISTaw -A.dvertisemen.ts. 18621862. Sooond Arrlval OF NBW - SPRING AND SUMMERCOODS! AT C H. MILLEN & CO'3. NVo aro now receiving a spltsridid stock of DRESS GOODS, SKIRTS, SHAWLS, MANTILLAS, Src., Por tlxO XjadLlos. o Fine French Cassimcres, and Coatings, For tlio Gentlemen. UAKPETS, D0ME3TIC GUODS, FINE NEW TEAS, And other Chotee Family Groceries, For Everybody, Aï THE LOWEST GASH PAICES, C7.ll onci Stoa. C H. MILLEM & CO. May, 18G2. Söitt " Wk KXOW NOT WIIERE EL8E SO 34ÜCII AUTHEXTIC I.N'TELLIOKXCE OF TUS 1ÍBBKLL1ON CAN BB OBTAINED." 11 No OTIIER WORK POSSESSK3 TUK TAL' UE AS A WORK OF KEKHKENOK. " II is Reliable, CompleU, and DwirabU" THE REBELLBON RECORD, Edited by FRANK MOORE, Iathconly publicatioo trhicb giv-es Uie HiSTüUV 0Í THEUREATSTRUUOLE V)R FKÉf OOVEKXMEN'T NOW QO1NG tl.V. 1T.3 Full, Impartial and Reliabl. A RErORD WIIICTI THKCOURTS.TI1E DEPARTMKNIS, ANU THE PRESd quolc, as TUE UISTORY OF THE TIMES. It appeals to the intcllïgonce of everv citiien. By .reforcncn to il eorjr porson can bc fairlj nel Irathfulljr pusted up in relatioo to tbb O-R,BA.T REBELLION. 1t contains.- i., the causks of the gkkat stul'gqtk axd tb1 gLeatQissi;i:k beforethk countbt Bï EDWAItU EVEEETT. 11. A Diary of Verified Events ; Comuccncing with the meeting of tho South C&iolio CiinveiHioü, ))ec. lTtli, 1860- giviof , In tho form ol a plary, concisa, succinct, autl triiihful hiftorjaf event as it occurs. III. Documente, Speeches, Extended Narrativet, 4e- OOKBBnSO OV AI.L THE Offcial Repokts, (f B:Ulcs, Sklrraishei, Ao.( SIESSAOK3 AND l'ilori.AMATION8 othu Preeident oftlie United State, Spkcial Ordeks, Ac, fec. GnAriirc Accounts ot' t lio inovcment of troop Important Speeches and Letteus from Leading Mtn, Hbrth and Suuth. Pictukks!i: Nakuatiyes (from eye witnosses) OK THE GltEAT BaTTLES, SeCES9IO OrDIKANCKS, MeSSAQES, PüOCLAMAHONS, 4o. IV. Rumors, Incidents, Patriotic Songs and Ballade. riustrated witb correct I'ortraita engravod on steel of the Notabh Men of the time, and tcith Map and Diagram of the plans of battlet. THE REBELLÏÖN RECORD Is mibiishiiig in TAKTS, p.irt iüustratcd withTWO HM'. l'UitlK.UT.3, SU Cent eacll. A1,SO, IX V0L0ME3 PIx Parts, wifli Coplón; lmlox, comjirise a Volurot. NOW RBABT, VOLUMES ONE, ÏWO, AXD THHEE. Boun.1 in Clotfa,t 3.75ooli; ábcep, $4.00; ilalf MorWcct, or Huif Culf Aunque, $5. LO inch. A. 3STow Iildition; Sold EXCUWIVBLT BT CaAT AS4KRS and AOütffH, tl n publishipg in Nou , ii t - cnta ojich. Kucl. Mo. illuitn ted vrlth :i l'irír.'ut -iii Stoi'l. ; r.ts irantcd, to whora liberal commiKiíoni icilï be fflven. ## Copión of thp RERE1JJÓS RECORD, inPnris orjü Volümee, w )■'■ sont, freo of xprust:, on rpcint "' Prieo. aont in rogistercd Iottv, ihf puhlishor wiil t rcspousible fop all r(-tniftrin .■■■ . ("u) will tr mpplifcd .it tho foflowinr raten; Kiv.' Cnnles bf aoh volume tri nrml-monthtj No. n Uonthli V ii, lu cue adüroKs or, il IVn O $22 5ft Remittanoos matt musí be sonl in ropisirrd kliw uii f-rwK.' t l'ulmsWr will not bc rêepoDsibk, and 'a ciiiTcnt fnii'U. G. V. PUTNAM, PuWislier. 583 BrodwXi ?r"r Y"rk C. T. F.VAXS. CopcrMAüi-nt. 5433 ' ■■ iffOTIOE. TUK LSnKRi-JGlJEI) will recelrc JV uropo! 'Tto Jur. 2il, tt 19 a! M for the tont of the fr 6PXWÍ uring coniiDg Ilorse Siq't nd Sliefp shisnsj l'i-iiiil i. r Ibe mectlun ..t Itetteshment l" f:1o of Alcohollc llqiiore will u..l be pfiniittwi. p.CKKKN, ,-„0 j; s -m;tH, ) Mj !Sd, 18 2


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