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Michigan Argus. Plein FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 23, 1862. Post office Notice. Mails leaving Ann Arbor for the East and West, close as follows : Going East, at . . . 4.50 P. M. Going West, at 9.25 A. M. JOHN I. THOMPSON, P. M 'S. M. PETTINGILL & CO., No 37 Park Row, New York, &6 State St. Boston, are our Agents for the ARGUS in those cities, and are authorized to take Advertisements and Subscriptions for us at our Lowest Rates. TO PRINTERS: N E health of the subscriber making it desirable and I necessary that he change his business, he offers for sale the MICHIGAN ARGUS NEWS, BOOK AND JOB PRINTING OFFICE, with the BOOK BINDERY connected there with. Possession given July first, or earlier if desired. Apply in person or by letter. Ann Arbor, April 3d, 1862. E. B. POND. DWELLING FOR SALE : IF YOU Wish to buy a good two-story brick dwelling, I convenient to the business part of the City, with grounds and yards well stocked with choice Fruit of all kinds, Apples. Pears, Peaches, Plums, Raspberries, ornamental troes, Slirubbery, Sc., &c., inquire at the April 3d, 1862. ARGUS OFFICE. July first, or es connected there is OFFICE, with FOR SALE! wo of the most desirable building lots in the City of I Ann Arbor, containing each one acre and a quarter of ground. They are situated en State Street, near the For South-west corner of the University Square. ARGUS OFFICE. terms, &c., inquire at the April 31, 1862. 18 Road Warrants. With Pathmaster'& Return attached, just printed on rood paper, and well ruled, at this Office. The best form in market. All orders promptly alled. April 15th. 1802. IT Capt. G. P. SANFORD, of the First Michigan Infantry, has resigned, because of ill health. From J. A. Roys, Detroit, we have received a carte-de-visite portrait of| Col. Willcox, and a good one it is, too. Roys has them for sale at 10 cents each. We are requested to say that the call extended by the Congregational Church of this city to Rev. A. E. BALD. wix, is for a single year, and not for a settlement, as would be understood by our notice last week. The Courier appropriates to its own use the table of Primary School and Fine moneys apportioned to the sev. eral Townships in this County, and ne! glects to give the Arous the credit due. Is such its idea of newspaper courtesy? JAMES H. EASTMAN, of this city, a member of the Senior Class in the University, has been appointed cadet from this Congressional District to West Point. It is a good selection, and we wish him an honorable carecr, We give place on our first page to full lists of the killed wounded, and missing in the Second and Fifth Michigan Regiments at the battle of Williamsburg. Quite a number of the wounded in Company I, 5th Regiment, lived in the North part of this County, In another column we advertise “The Rebellion Record," issued in numbers by G. P. PUTNAM, each number being illustrated by steel portraits, maps, ! etc. It is arranged in three parts, the documentary, history, narrative history, and poetry, of the war. Great pains are taken to make the text authentic history, and it is printed in a superior style.See prospectus. The several Druggists of this city have, we are informed, entered in to an arrangement by which only one store will be kept open for the purpose of putting up prescriptions and dispensing medicines on the Sabbath.When the schedule of alternation is matured the public will be notified of the same. ar On Sunday last there was a decided change in the weather, and Monday morning the mercury stood at 32°, but with very little indications of frost. Monday night we caught it, however, and at 5 A, M, Tuesday, the mercury marked 30° and everything out doors was encased in white. A heavy fog prevailed, which in connection with the dampness of the ground prevented the serious injury that was feared. Grapes were badly scorched and look as though they had been through fire-we shall have to buy Kelly Island Catawbas next fall--and Peaches, Pears, and Apples were thinned out a little; no more than they needed, provided the thinning was sci. entifically done. Cherries, we think, escaped up injured; also Strawberries and other small fruits. The weather is now beautiful. INTERESTING TO TOBACCO CONSUMERS. -The tax bill, as amended by the Sen. ate Committee, imposes the following duties on manufactured tobacco; On tobacco, cavendish, plug-twist, fine-cut and manufactured of all descriptions, not including snuff and cigars, twenty cents per pound-increase, 10 cents, On snuff manufactured of tobacco, ground, dry or damp, of all descriptions, except aromatic or medical snuff in phials, pots, boxes or packets, twenty cents per pound-increase, 12 cents. On cigars, valued at not over five dollars per thousand, fifteen cents per pounds--increase, 5 cents. On cigars valued at over five dollars, and not over ton dollars per thousand, twenty cents per pound--increase, 5 cents. On cigars valued at over ten dollars per thousand, and not over twenty dol. lars, twenty-five cents per pound--increase, 5 cents. On cigars valued at over twenty dol. lars per thousand, thirty five cents per pound. (New clause.) 4440 -DEATHS OF SOLDIERS.-George Ham bleton, Co. B, 13th Mich.; Gilbert Beckwith, Co. C, 10 Mich., and S. B. Goodrich, 3d Mich., died on their way to St. Louis from Pittsburg Landing. Notice. NOTICEis hereby given that application will be made to W the Circuit Court for the county of Washtenaw, by Henry E & George A.Peters, to obtain an order from said Court yacating Warren S. Hutchinson's addition to the Village of Scie, Washtenaw County, as recorded in Liber J. on page 26 of Deeds, in the Register's office for said County ; and also to vacate the addition of Robert Giles to said Village of Scio, as recorded in Liber L, 0 Deeds, at page 14, in the Regiters's office for Washtenaw county. TWITCHELI, & FRAZER, Att'ys for Henry E. & Geo. 1. Peters Dated, May 19, 1862. 8531f Tel. On Tuesday, May 13th, JANE, Wife of ALPHEUS BRITT, aged 40 years. COM . C. R.R Passenger trains now leave Detroit and the several Stations in this County, as follows. Trains do not stop at stations where figuros are omit. ted in the table. GOING WEST. Mail Ex. Jack. Ac. Night Ex. Detroit, 8.00 AM 5.00 P. M. 8.00 PM Ypsilanti, 9.20 * 6.30 46 9.10 Ann Arbor, 9.40 6.65 € 9.30 Dexter, 10 05 7.30 9.55 Chelsea, 10.23 7.55 10.10 Ar. Chicago, 8.15 PM, 8.15 A M. GOING EAST. Night Ex. Jack. Ac. Mailkx. Chelsea, 5.45 A, M. 4.25 P M. Dexter, 6.05 6 4 .49 66 Ann Arbor, 5.35 AM, 6.15 6 5.05 6 Ipsilanti. 5.55 $ 7.00 6.25 16 Ar. at Detroit, 7.00 8.35 6.40 € SPECIAL NOTICES: PRIZE POETRY. Let Chieftains boast (f deeds in war, And Minstrels tune their sweet guitar, A nobler theme my kcart is filed In praise of HERRICK's watchless pills. Their cures are found in every landAmid Russia's snow and Afrie's sands; The wondrous works--the papers fill, Produced by HERRICK's matchless Pills, Does disease aflict you never doubt This charming compound will search it out, And health again your system fil, If you fly at once to HERRICK'S Pills. They're safe for all-both old and young Their praises are on every tongue; Disease, disarmed no longer kills, Since we are blessed with HERRICK S Pills. - Put up with English, Spanish, German and French directions. Price 25 cents per box. Sugar Coulad. See advertisement on third page. 804 for See a woman, in another column, picking Sambuci Grapes for Speer's Wine, It is an admirable article, used in hospitals and by first-class families in Paris, London, and New York, in preferenee to old port wine. It is worth a trial, as it gives great satisfaction. Whooping Cough may be great. relieved and entirely cured by the free use of Hoorland's BALSAMIC CORDIAL. See the advertisement in another colo umn. A CARD TO THE SUFFERING. The Rev. WILLIAM COSGROVE, while la boring as a Missionary in Japan, was cured of Consumption, when all other means had failed by a recipe obtained from a learned physician residing in the great City of Jeddo. This recipe has cured great nur bers who were suffering from Consumption, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Coughs and Colds, and the debility and nervous depression caused by these disorders. Desirous of benetting others, I will send this recipe, which I have brought home with me, to all who need it free of charge. Address Rev. WM. COSGROVE, 823y1 439 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn N. Y. A Slight Cold, Cauqh, Floarsenese BRONCHIAL or Save Throat, which might be checked with a simple remedy, if neglected, often terminates seriously. Few are aware of the importance of stopping a fauch or Sliąht fald in its first stage, that which in the beginning would yield to a mild remedy, if not attended to, soon attacks the lungs. Brown's Branchial Traches were first introduced eleven years ago. It has been proved that they are the kest article before the public for bouqhs, Galds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, the Hacking Cough in Consumption, and numerous affections of the Throat, giving immediate relief. Public Speakers & Singers will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voice. Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in Medicine, at 25 cents per box. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES CHEESEM MANS REGULATING PILLS) THE HEALTH AND LIFE OF WOMAN Is continually in peril if she is mad enough to neglect or maltreat those sexual irregularities to whieh twothirds of her sex are more or less subject. DR. CHEESEMAN'S PILIS, prepared from the same formula which the inventor, CORNELIUS L. CHEESEMAN, M. D, of New York, has for twenty years used successfully in an extended private practice-immediately relieve without pain, all disturbances of the periodical discharge, whether arising from relaxation or suppression. They act like a charm in removing the pains that accompany difficult or immoderate menstruation, and are the only safe and reliable remedy for Flushes, Sick Headache, Pains in the Loins, Back and Sides, Palpitation of the Heart Nervous Tremors, Hysterics, Spasms, Broken Sleep and other unpleasant and dangerous effects of an unnatural condition of the sexual functions. In the worst cases of Fluor Albus or Whites, they effect a speedy cure. TO WIVES and MATRONS. DR. CHEESEMAN'S PILLS are offered as the only safe means of renewing interrupted menstruation, but, LADIES MUST BEAR IN MIND There is one condition of the female system in which the Pills cannot be taken without producing a PECULIAR RESULT. Thecondition referred to is PREGNANCYthe result, MISCARRIAGE. Such is the irresistible tendency of the medicine to restors the serual functions to a normal condition, that even the reproductive power of nature cannot resist it. Explicit directions stating when, and when they should not be used, with each Box,-the Price Que Dollar each Box, containing 50 Pills. A valuable Pamphlet, to be had free of the Agents. Pills sent by mail promptly, by enclosing price to any Agent. Sold by Druggisis general' y. . B. B. HUTCHINGS, Proprietor. 20 Cedar-St., Nero York. For Sale by MAYNARD STEBBINS & WILSON, and | GRENVILLE & FULLER. Important to Ladies, Dr. JOHN HARVEY, having for upwards of twenty years devoted his professional time exclusively to the treatment of Female Difficulties, and having succeeded in thousands of cases in restoring the aflicted to sound health, has now entire confidence in oflering publicly bis "GREAT AMERICAN REMEDY". DR. HARVEY'S CHRONO-THERMAL FEMALE PILLS. Which have never yet failed (when the directions have been strictly followed,) in removing difficulties arising from Obstruction, or Stoppage of Nature, or in restoring the system to perfect health, when suf fering from SPINAL AFFECTIONS, PROLAPSUS UTERI, THE WHITES, or other weakness of the UTERINE ORGANS. Also in all cases of DEBILITY OR NERVOUS PROSTRATION, HysTERICS, PALPITATIONS, &c., &c., which are the forerunners of more serious disease. These Pills are perfectly harmless on the constitution, and may be taken by tks most delicate female without causing distress; at the same time they ACT LIKE A CHARM ty strengthening, invigorating, and restoring the system to a healthy condition, and by bringing on the monthly period with regularity, no matter from what cause the obstructions may arise. They should, however, not be taken during the first three or four months of pregnancy, though safe at any other time, as miscarriage would be the result. Each box contains 60 Pills. Price One Dollar, and when desired will be sent by mail prepaid by any adver. tised Agent, on eceipt of the money. Sold by Druggists in Ann Arbor. J. BRYAN, Rochester, N. Y., General Agent. H. & L. SIMONEAU, Detroit, Wholesale Agent fo Michigan. 806tf New Medical Discovery. For the speedy and permanent cure of Gonnorhea, Gleet, Urethal Discharges Gravel, Stricture, and Affections of the Kidneys and Bladder, which has been used by upwards of ONE HUNDRED PHYSICIANS, in their private practice, with entire success, superse ding CUREBS, COPAIBA, CAPSULES, or any compound hither to known. 2:1 BELL'S SPECIFIC PILLS, are speedy in action, often ellecting a cure in a few days 1 and when a cure is efTeeted it is permanent. They are prepared from vegetable extracts, that are harmless or the system, and never pauseate the stomach or impreg nate the breath; and teine sugar-coated, all naseout taste is avoided. Vo change of diet is necessary whils using them ; nor does their action interfe:e with busi ness pursuits. Each box contains six dozen Pills. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, and will be sent by mail post-paid by any advertiser Agent, on receipt of the money. Sold by Drusgists ir Ann Arbor. None genuine without my signature on the wrapper J. BRYAN, Rochester, N. Y., General Agent. id H. & L. SIMON EAU, Detroit, Wholesale Agents fo it Michigan, 806tf Ayer's Ague Cure. THE REBELLION ON HIGH PRICES FOR CLOTHING, HAS COMMENCED AT THE OLD & RELIABLE CLOTHING EMPORIUM! No. 3 PHENIX BLOCK, MAIN St. TAM now opening a large and varied assortment of I Spring and Summer Goods, and in view of the rebellion on high prices generally, will offer them to my friends and customers at the very lowest figures for Cash, -- Those in want of a superior article of Cloths, Cassi. meres, or Ready-Made Clothing, Will call cm WM. WAGNER, who has just returned from the East, with a large assortment of SPRING & SUMMER GOODS which have been purchased at the late LOW PRICES! and can offer them at a lower figure than ever before, Among my Assortment may be found BROADCLOTHS, VASSIMERES, DOESKINS, 10 VESTINGS of all descriptions, together with a superior assortment of Ready-Made Clothing, TRUNKS, CARPET BAGS, UMBRELLAS, and Gentlemen's Furnishing GOODS, with numerous other articles usually found in similar establishments, As an EMPORIUM OF FASHION, the subscriber flatters himself, that his long experience and general success, will enable hin to give the greatest satisfaction to all who may trust him in the way of Manufacturing Garments to order. WM. WAGNER, Ann Arbor, April 9th 1862. S4Sif NEW GOODS For the Spring, 1862. MACK & SCHMID Would respectfully announce to the Citizens of Washtenaw and adjoining Counties that we are now receiving Direct from the Eastern Markets, A fullard complete supply of Staple and Fancy DRY GOODS, Ladies' & Childrens' Shoes, GROCERIES, CROCKERY, &c. Purchased by one of our firm for cash, and notwithstanding the hard t.mes we shall continue to Adid Weekly Additions To our stock in order To Accommodate our Customers! with everything they may need to a k for. And we wiil farther pledge ourselves to sell as cheap AS TIMES WILL PERMIT and which is always as As Low as the Lowest. At the same time we hope our friends and customers will bear in mind that the times compel us to sell our goods For Cash or Ready Pay. Ann Arbor, March 28, 1861. 845tf NEW GOODS. " BACH & PIERSON Have just opened their SECOND SPRING STOCK and offer a CHOICE SELECTION Of Seasonable Goods, including all The Newest Styles LADIES' DRESS GOODS, Cloths, Domestics, Staples, GROCERIES, &C-, We Bought for Cash and will sell FOR CASH OR READY PAY, at very Low Figures, CALL AND SEE! BACH & PIERSON. Ann Arbor, May 15, 1862. FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES! The undersigned will open on the 25th inst., at ROGERS' AGRICULTURAL HALL, a general assortment of Standard and Dwarf Fruit Trees, Evergreens and other Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, "se &c. Also the choicest varieties of cer GRAPES, RASPBERRIES, &c. These trees have been selected by himself from one of ys, the best are EASTERN NURSERIES! egDus and will be found in prime condition. Call early and make your selections, usi Those wishing Apple Trees grown in this State can be supplied from the North Lake Nursery. T. DU BOIE, Ann Arbor, April 21, 1862, S-9tf. in ser THE PEORIA MARINE & FIRE L INSURANCE COMPANY, OF PEORIA, ILLINOIS. sti | Capital, . . $500,000 one of the LEAVIEST, SAFEST and BEST Insurance Co's. in the U.S. Insures on reasonable terms, and a Nays pay promptly. There is no better Fire Insurance Company: OLD FRIENDS IN THE RIGIT PLACE. Herrick's Sugar Coated Pills. THE BEST FAMILY Cathartic in the world, used twenty years ty five millions of persons annually ; always give satisfaction; containing nothing injurious: patronized by the prin vipal physicians and surgeons in the Union, elegantly coated with sugar. Large Boxes 25 cents; five boxes for 1 dollar. Full directions with each TALLAHASSEE, LEON COUNTY, Florida, July 17, 1860. To Dr. HERRICK, Albany, N. Y.--My Dear Doctor - write this to inform you of the wonderful effect of your Sugar Coated Pills on my elder daughter. For three years she has been afflicted with a bilious derangement of the system, sadly impairing her health, which has been stendly failing during that period. When in New Youk in April Inst, a friend advised me to test your pill. Having the fullest confidence in the judgment of my friend, I obtained a supply of Messrs, Barnes & Park, Druggists, Park Row, New York. On returning home. we ceased all other treatment, and administered your Pills, one each eight. The improvement in her feelings, complexion, digestion, eto, surprised us al. A rapid and permanent restoration to health has been the result, We used less than five boxes, and consider her entirely well. I consider the above a just tribute to you as a | Physician, and trust that it will be the means of inducing many to adopt your Pills as their family medicines. I remain, doar sir, with many thanks, Your obedient servant, S, Q. MORRISON. Herrick's Kid Strengthening Plasters cure in five hours, pains and weakness of the breast, site and back, and Rheumatic Complaints in an equally short period of time. Spread on beautiful white lambskin, their use subjects the wearer to no inconvenience, and each one will wear from one week to three months. Price 1854 cents. Herrick's Sugar Coated Pills and Kid Plasters are sold Dy Druggists and Merchants in all parts of the United states, Canada and South America, and may be obtained by calling for them by their full name. ly805 DR. L.E. HERRICK, & Co. Albany, N. Y J. D. BALDWIN OFFERS FOE SALE AT THE WASHTENAW NURSERIES, The following list of first-class Fruit and Ornamental Trees for spring planting : Apples, a full assort-|Mountain Ash, Ameri. ment, standard and can dwarf, including a Horse Chestnut good supply of Strawberry Tree Steele's Red Winter Black Salix Willow King of Tompkin's Co. Weeping Ash Wigner New American NeepPeck's Pleasant ing Willow Pears, a general assort Kilmarnack Weeping ment, including the Willow Bartlett Weeping Elm Seckel and Choice Evergreens Virgalieu Norway Spruce Pears, dw'f, best kinds Am. Double Spruce Cherries, standard and Scotch Pine dwarf Corsican Pine Peaches, a gene:gl as Red Cedar sortment Balsam Fir Plums, Aprico's American Arboritae Nactarines, Figs Siberian Arboritae Siberian Crab Apples Round Top Box Downing's ever-bear Roses, consisting of ing Mulberry Perpetuals Hop Tree Moss Grapes, best kinds Bengal Currants, " " Austrian Raspberries, Brinkle's Bourbon and Orange and others Climbing Strawberries Flowerog Shrubs, 2 Lawton Blackberries general assortment Mountain Ash, Euro Paeonies Dahlias, All of which will be offered at my nursery at LOW FIGURES, to suit the war times. All persons designing to plant trees or shrubs are invited to call and examine this Block. J. D. BALDWIN. March, 1862, 41 844 pean TAX ON TOBACCO. In anticipation of a tex of SEVEN OR EIGHT CTS. PR, LB. being levied on all MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, I will sell for a few days for Less than WINTER PRICES! I have on hand a large stock of the best grade of FINE CUT CHEWING And Smoking Tobacco and being desirous of Commencing anew WITH THE NEW PRICES! and as all tobacco Found in the hands of the Sellers will be taxed and Added to the selling Price ! I propose to Give all a chance To Supply Themselves --at the Lowest possible Cash price, I have received some of the VERY BEST VIRGINIA PLUG in market, also LIGHT CUT PLUG, KILLIKINICK, and Spanish Smoking Tobacco 200 BARRELS SMOKING! To be sold in Barrels! And put up in pounds and half pound papers by the dozen, 50 Barrels Chewing, P. S.-Any Partners wishing Tobacco Seed Can have some by calling at my store. This seed came from the Patent Office. I have received the English Birds-Eye Smoking! L A new article in this market, uit * South side Huron st., near Cook's cc. Hotel, Sign of Red Indian, M.DEVANY. Ann Arbor, March 20, '62. 844w6 and Notice. ALL PERSONS indebted to the late firm be A of C. S. GOODRICH & Son are requested to call and pay the same to John F. Miller, Receiver, at the banking office of Miller, Davis & Webster, by the 15th day of June next, after which time the books and accounts will be placed in the hands of an officer for collection. JOHN F MILLER, Receiver. 001 Ann Arbor, May 15, 1862. 852w3 an Ayer's Cathartic Pills, The Bugle Calls! The War has Begun! A War of Extermination against Bad Teeth, Bad Breath, Diseased Gums, Toothache, Earache, and Neuralgia. OUR ARTILLERY IS DR. WM. B. HURD'S DENTAL TREASURY ! A COMPLETE SET OF REMEDIES FOR PRESERVING THE TEETH, URITTING THE BREATII & MOUTH AND Curing Toothache & Neuralgia, Opp CONTENTS: Dr. Hurd's Celebrated MOUTH WASH, one bottle. Dr. Hurd's negrated TOOTH POWDER one box. Dr. Hurd's Magic TOOTHACHE DROPS, one bottle. Dr. Hurd's UNRIVALLED NEURALGIA | FLASTER. Dr. Hurd's MANUAL on the Best Means of Preserving the Teeth, including Directions for the Proper Treatment of Children's Teeth. FLOSS SILK for cleaning between the Teeth TOOTH PICKS, etc., eto. Prepared at Dr. Hurd's Dental Office, 77 Fourth St, Brooklyn, (E. D.) Price One Dollar or Six for $5 or The Dental Treasury makes a pack | age eight inches by five, and sent by express, Full direction for use is on each article. The following articles we can send separately, by mail, viz ; The Treatise cn Preserving Teeth sent, post paid, on receipt of TWELVE CENTS, or four stamps. The Neuralgia Plaster, for Neuralg'a in the face, Nervous Headache, and Earache, sent, post paid, on receipt: of EIGHTEEN CENTS or six stamps, Sambucus Tree of Portugal, the Great Remedy for Rheu The Nexuralgia and Rheumatic Plaster, (large size), for pains in the Chest, Shoulders, Back, or any part of the body, sent, postprid en receipt of THIRTY SEVEN CENTS. Address WM. B. HURD & CO., Tribune Buildings, New York. Dr. Hurt's MOUTH WASH, TOOTH POWDER, and TOOTHACHE IROPS cannot be sent by mail, but they can probably be obtained at your Drug or Periodical Stores. If they cannot, send for the DENTAL TREASURY, Price OXE DOLLAR, which contains them. NOW, Are Dr. Hurd's Preparations Good ? PERO The test evidence that they are is, that their firmest friends and best patrons are those who have used them longest. Tr. WILLJAM B. HURD is an eminent Dentist of Brooklyn, Treasurer of the New York State Dentists' Associazion, and these preparations have been used in a his private practice for years, and no leading citizen of R Brooklyn or Williamsburgh questions their excellence, while eminent Dentists of New York recommend them as the best known to the profession Without the aid of advertising, dealers have sold them by the gross. The Elitop of the Brooklyn Daily Times says :-" We a are happy to know that our friend, Dr. HURD, is suc ceeding beyond all expectations with his MOUTH WASII and TOOTH POWDER. The great secret of his success rests with the fact THAT HIS ARTICLES ARE PRECISELY WILAT THEY ARE REPRESENTED TO BE, AS WE CAN TESTIFY FROM THEIR LONG USE." The well known P.T. Barnum writes:--I found your TOOTH POWDER so good that my family have used it all up. WE FIND IT THE BEST POWDER FOR THE TEETH THAT WE EVIR USED. I shall feel obliged if you will send me | another supply at the Museum at your convenience, with bill." Bat their cost is so small that everyone may test the matter for himself. Beware of the ordinary Tooth Powders. Dr. HURD'S TOOTH POWDER contains no ac d, nor alkali, nor D charcoal, and polishes without wearing the enamel.- D Use no other. What will Dr. Hurd's Remedies Effect? Dr. Hurd's MOUTH WASH AND TOOTH POWDER will give young ladies that finest charm in woman-a sweet breath and pearly teeth. Try them, ladies. Dr. Hurd's MOUTH WASH AND TOOTH POWDER will cleanse the mouth from all foul exhalations, and if used in the morning, will make the breakfast taste sweeter and the day begin moee pleasantly. Hundreds of persons can testify to this. Try them, gentlemen. 1 Dr. Hurd's MOUTH WASH AND TOOTH POWDER are the best preparation in the world for curing BAD BREATH and giving firmness and health to the gums. Hundreds of cases of diseased BLEEDING GUMS, SORE MOUTH, CANKER, etc., have been cured by Dr Hurd's astringent wash. Dr. HURD'S MOUTH WASH AND TOOTH POWDER give an additional charm to courtship, and make husbands more agreeable to their wives and wives to their hus. b.nds. They should be used by every person having S Artificial Teeth which are liable to impart a taint to the mouth, Dr. Hurd's TOOTHACHE DROPS cure Toothache arising from exposed nerves, and are the best friends that parents can have in the house to save their children from torture and themselves from loss of sleep and sympathetic suffering. FARMERS and MECHANICS I you cannot well afford to neglect your teeth. For a trifling sum, you can now get preservatives, than which Rothschild or Astor can get nothing better. Remember that DYSPEPSIA and CONSUMPTION OF THE LUNGS often originate in Neglect of Teeth. Send for the Treatise on Teeth, and read Dr. Fitch's observations on this subject. If too late to arrest decay in your own teeth, save your children's teeth, NEURALGIA PLASTERS. Dr. Hurd's Neuralgia Non-Adhesive Plasters are the most pleasant and successful remedies ever prescribed for this painful disease, The patient applies one, soon becomes drowsy, falls 3 sleep, and a wakes free from pain, and no blister or other unpleasant or injurious conse. quences ensue. For Earache and Nervous Headache, apply according to directions, and relief will surely fol. low. Nothing can be obtained equal to Dr. Hurd's Compress for Neuralgia, 'Iry them. They are entirely a novel, curious, and original preparation, and wonderful. ly successful. They are of two sizes, one small, for the face, price 15 cents, and the other large, for application to the body, price 37 cents. Will be mailed on receipt of price and one stamp, What are the People Doing ? The American people are intelligent enough to appreciate preparations that contribute so much to the hap. piness of those using them, and they want them. Every mail brings ns letters, some ordering the Treatise on Teeth, some the Neuralgia Plasters, and not a few en. closing 37 cents for the Mouth Wash to be sent by mail ; but to these we are compelled to reply that it is impossible to send a half pint bottle by mail. The peo. ple want these remedies. WHO WILL SUPPLY THEM ? Now is the CHANCE FOR AGENTS. Shrewd agents can make a small fortune in carrying these articles around to families. The DENTAL TREASURY is the neatest article that a man or woman can car. ry around. Send for one, or, better, a dozen, which we will sell, as samples, for $7 Agents supplied liberally with Circulars, Now is the time to go into Business ! to do good, and make a profit. We are spending thousands for the benefit of agents. New England men or women l here is something nice, and a change to take the tide at its flood. Address Wm. B. Hurd & Co., Tribune Buildings, New York. That remittances may be made with confidence, W. B. H. & Co. refer to the Mayor of Brooklyn; to G. W. GRIFFITH, President Farmers' and Citizens' Bank, Brooklyn; to Joy, Cox & Co., New York; to P, T. BARNUM, Esq , New York, etc., etc. 841tf Sold wholesale and Retail by G. J. PEASE, at GRENVILLE & FULLER'S Drug store, Ann Arbor Mich. Ann Arbor, Dec. 9, 1861. IT PAYS! IT PAYS! WHAT PAYS! To go to the Cheap Banner Store of A. P. MILLS, a few doors West of Cook's Hotel, where you will find a good assortment of DRY GOODS, CLOTHS, HATS & CAPS, BOOTS & SHOES, GROCERIES, CROCKERY, &C. Which are being sold cheap for CASI, or Ready Pay at its cash value GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES’ FURS. Clothing made to order. Wanted 5000 bushels of White Beans, also 3000 bushels of Dried Apples. 831tf SPEER'S SAMBUCI WINE, PURE, AND FOUR YEARS OLD, of Choice Oporto fruit, FOR PHYSICIANS' USE, FOR FEMALES, WEAKLY PERSONS & INVALIDS Sambucus Tree of Portugal, the Great Remedy for Rheumatism, Kidney Affections, and ali Chronie Complaints. Excellent Wine for Females Every family, at this season, should use the SAMBUCI WINE, Celebrated in Europe for its medicinal and beneficial qualities as a gentle Stimulant, Tonie, Diuretic and Sudorific, highly esteemed by eminent physicians, used in European and American Hospitals, and by some of the first families of Europe and America. AS A TONIC, It has no equal, causing an appetite and building up of the system, being entirely a pure wine of a most valuable fruit. AS A DIURETIC, It imparts a healthy action to the Glands and Kidneys, and Urinary Organs, very beneficial in Dropsy, Gout, and Rheumatic affections. SPEER'S WINE Is not a mixture or manufactured article, but is pure, from the juice of the Portugal Sambucus, cultivated in New Jersey,recommended by Chemists and Physicians as possessing medical properties superior to any other Wine in use, and an excellent article for all weak and debilitated persons, and the aged and infirm, improving the appetite, and benefiting ladies and children. A LADIES WINE, Because it will not intoxicate as other' wine, as it | contains no mixture of spirits or liquors, and is admired for its rich, peculiar flavor, and nutritive properties, imparting a healthy tone to the digestive organs, and a Tblooming, soft and healthy skin and complexion. WE REFER TO A few well known gentlemen and physicians, who have tried the Wine:Gen. Winfield Scott, U.S.A. | Dr. Wilson, 11th st., N. Y, Gov. Morgan, N.Y. State Dr. Ward, Newark, N.J, T. | Dr. J. R. Chilton, N. Y. City. Dr. Dougherty, " D. Parker, NY. City. Dr. Parish, Philadelphia Drs. Darcy and Nicholl, Newark, N. J. And many others too numerous to publish. None genuine unless the signature of "ALFRED SPEER, Pássaie, N.J.,” is over the cork of each bottle. ITMAKE ONE TRIAL OF THIS WINE. For Sale by Maynard, Stebbins & Wilson, Ann Arbor. A. SPEER, Proprietor. • VINEYARD, Passaic, New Jersey. OFFICE, 808 Broadway, N. Y. JOHN LA FOV, Paris, 834m36 Agent for France and Germany. O. BLISS Is now receiving a large and well selected assortments of Clocks, Watches, JEWELRY, Silver and Plated Ware, TABLE AND POCKET CUTLERY RAZORS AND SHEARS, GOLD PENS, Musical Instruments, Strings & Books for Instruments, SHEET MUSIC, COMBS, and a great variety of YANKEE NOTIONS, &C. 1 He would call particular attention to his large stock of SPECTACLES, of Gold, Silver, Steel, and Plated, with PERISCOPE GLASS, a superior article. Also Huntington & Platt's celebrated CALENDAR CLOCK! suitable for Offices, Counting Rooms, Halls or Dwellings. These clocks are reliable time keepers and Calendar combined, and require the winding of the time move. ments only, to secure all the required changes at midnight, showing the day of the week the month and day of the month, including the 29th of February.of Leap year. His goods are mostly of recent purchase from New York and the manufacturers, and will be sold to suit the times. Persons having difficult watches to fit with glasses can be accommodated, as my stook is large and complete, P. S. Particular attention to the REPAIRING of all kinds of fine Watches, such as Making and Setting new Jewels, Pinions, Staff's, and Cylinders. Also CLOCKS, & JEWELRY nently repaired and warranted, at his old stand east side of Main Street. C. BLISS. Ann Arbor, Nov. 15, 1861 826tf Dissolution of Copartnership. Notice is hereby given that the copartnership of the undersigned under the name of Beakes & Abel, is dissolved, All persons indebted to said copartnership, will please call at once and adjust the same by cash or note. HIRAM J. BEAKES, SYLVESTER ABEL. Dated, March 15th, 1862, 6w844. The Latest Special Dispatch! To the citizens of Ann Arbor and Vicinity!! INTENSE EXCITEMENT! Hundreds watching the progress of Daily Everts !! The Federal Army again Victorious! “The Union must and shall be Preserved !" “There was a man in our town, He was so wondrous wise,” But with all his wisdom, he was not so wise 48 that "other man," who when he want ed to buy the The cheapest and best CLOTHING! in this market always jumped into GUITERMAN'S HEAD QUARTERS! For there he knew he always got his money's worth. Seeing is believing and you that wish to see come in and believe. Those that can't see CAN FEEL, and as we always make our customers feel good over good bargains, they are especially invited to our anxious seat, that they too may realize how “good it is for them to be with us," and how much I pleasure can be obtained in the enjoyment of SPLENDID BARGAINS! “ me all ye that are weary and heavy la de with Rocks and we will do our best to relieve you--giving you in return the finest kind of Goods at the lowest figures. Great battles are hourly taking place in the Clothing line--whole regiments of Cassimeres, Vestings, &c., are being slaughtered by Gen, SONDHEIM-to fit the great rush of recruits that are pouring in from every direction, all anxious to haye their names enrolled for a NEAT AND TASTY SUIT ! --such as can only be had at the Head-Quarters of Guiterman & Co. One of the firm, Mr. M GUITERMAN, having just returned from Europe with a large as. sortment of Cloths, Cassimeres and a nice lot of fine Vestings, also a few pieces of fine Beaver for overcoats which we will make up to order in the latest style, we feel confident that we can satisfy all. STUDENTS! We are happy to greet you again in our City, after spending your vacation with the " dear old folks" at home. Be assured we wish you a pleasant term, and shull ever be glad to meet you at the Old Head-Quartel's, No, 5. IF Our former customers, we feel assured, will call on us again to you who come as strangers we would say a few words, we wish you to call and look at our fine Coats, Pants, and Vests, we can do better by you than any other house in the City, and if you call and examine our goods, and try their fits, you will purchase nowhere else. DON'T FAIL TO CALL AT G. H.Q. DR. HOOFLAND'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL, For the speedy cure of Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Croup, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Diseases of the Bowels, arising from Cold, Incipient Con. sumption, and for the relief and if at all possible) cure of Patients in advanced stages of the latter disease, THE Balsamic Cordial is entirely a Vegetable production, combining the healing properties of the Balsam, with the invigorating qualities of a Cordial, producing a combination so well adapted to the purposes intended, that there are but few cases of disease which will not, at an early period, succumb to its healing and life giving properties, For ages, has the treatment of pulmonary diseases occupied the greater portion of the attention of the scientific of the medical world, but none acquired more eminence in his treatment of these diseases, than the celebrated Prussian, Dr. Hoofland, the originator of the Balsamic Cordial. His life was devoted to the production of remedies that would stand unrivalled. How well he has succeeded, the American people are able to judge: and we positively assert, that no preparations that have ever been placed before them, have conferred the same amount of benefits on suffering humanity, or have elicited so many commendations from all classes of society, as the remedies of Dr. Hoofland, prepared by Dr. C. M.Jackson & Co., of Philadelphia. The Cordial is designed for a class of diseases more general and more fatal than any other to which the people of this country are subject--those springing from a slight cold." That eminent authority, Dr. Bell, says: "I will not say that Colds are to our inhabitants what the Plague and Yellow Fever are to those of other countries; but I can aver confidently that they usher in disease of greater complicity and mortality than these latter." Entirely Vegetable. No Alcoholic Preparation. DR. HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS Prepared by DR. C. M. JACKSON & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Will ellectually cure LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, Chronic or Nervous Debility, Siseases of the Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or Stomach. Such as Constipation, Inward Piles. Fulness or Blood to the Heac, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heart burn, Disgust for Food, Fulness or weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sinking or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating sensations when in a lying posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots of webs before the sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yel. lowness of the skin and Eyes, Pain in the Sile, Back Chest, Limbs, &c. Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in the Flesh, Constant imaginings of evil, and great De. pressiers of Spirits, and will positively prevent YELLOW FEVER, BILLIOUS FEVER, &c. The Proprietor in calling the attention of the public to this preparation, does so with a feeling of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adaptation to the diseases for which it is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but one that has stood the test of a twelve years' trial before the American people, and its reputation and sale are unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by the most prominent and well-known Physicians and individuals in all parts of the country is immense, and a careful perusal of the Almanac, published annually by the Proprietors, and to be had gratis of any of their Agents, cannot but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy is really deserving the great celebrity it has obtained. Read the Evidence | Prom J. Newton Brown D. D., Editor of the Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge. Although not disposed to favcr or recommend Patent Medicines in general, through distrust of their ingredients and eitects, I yet know of no sufficient reason why 1 arcan may not testify to the benefit be believes himself to have received from any simple preparation, in the hope that he may thus contribute to the benefit of y others, I do this the more readily in regard to "Hoofland's German Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, of this city, because I was prejudiced against them for years, it | under the impression that they were chiefly an alcohol io mixture. I am indebted to my friend Robert Shoe. | maker, Esq., for the removal of this prejudice by proper 1 tests, and for encouragement to try them, when suffering from great and long continued debility. The use of tlıree bottles of these Bitters, at the beginning of the present year, was followed by evident relief, and restoration to a degree of bodily and mental vigor which I had not felt for six months before, and had almost despaired of regaining. I therefore thank God and my friend for directing me to the use of thein. J. NEWTON BROWN. Read what the eminent Glass Manufacturer, JOHN H. WHITALL, says of the BALSAMIC CORDIAL Dr. C.M. JACKSON-Respected Friend: Having for a long time been acquainted with the virtues of thy Bal. samic Cordial in Cou.hs, Colds, Inflammation of the Lungs, &e. I thus freely bear testimony to its efficacy For several years I have never been without it in my family It also gives me pleasure to state that I have | used it with entire success in the treatment of Bowel P] Complaints. Thy friend truly, JOHN M. WHITALL, Fifth Mo. 17, 1858, Race Street, above 4th, Phila. 1 These medicines are for sale by all respectable Drug. te gists and dealers in medicines in the United States, Brit. ish Provinces, and West Indies, at 75 cents per bottle - Be sure and get the genuine, with the signature of C. M. JACKSON on the wrapper ol each botole; all others are counterfeit Principal Office and Manufactory, 418 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Chicago Book Trade. The Place to Buy School Books.
WHOLESALE Book & Stationery House. 1 S. C. GRIGGS & CO.
PUBLISH Sanders Progressive Readers, Newly Electrotyped, with new and original illustrations, are the most beautiful as well as the best books extant.
1. Sanders' Alphabet Cards, 6 is a set,......$ 20 II. Sanders' Primary Seh'l Charts, 8 on 4 cards, 1 60 III Sanders' Primary Spelling Book,.. TV Sanders' New Speller and Definerar.. V. Sande, s' Analysis of English Words, VI. Sanier's Pictorial Primer, (bound) ....... VIl Sanders' German and English Primer VIII. Sanders' New First Reader, IX, Sanders' New Second Reader,....
X. Sanders' New Third Reader,..... XI. Sanders' New Fourth Reader,....... XII. Sanders' New Fifth Reader,... XhI. Sanders' High School Reader,.. XIV. San lers: Young Ladies' Reader,
X . Sanders' School Speaker.., ... XVI. Sanders' Elocutionary Chart, ...
.. 300 These rea lers are distinguished for their strictly progressive character and practical adaptation to the young.
They have been received with unprecedented favor and | by no class more favorably than by Practical Teachers who have tested their merits in the school room. Robinson's Course of Mathematics.
BY HORATIO N. ROBINSON, LL. D. Late Professor of Mathematics in the U. 3. Navy.
I. Robinson's Progressive Primary Arithmetic, $ 15 II. Robinson's Progressive Intellectual Arith. III. Robinson's Rudiments of written Ajith. IV. Robinson's Progressive Practical Arith.
V. Robinson's Key to Practical Aritluetie, VI. Robinson's Progressive Higher Arithmetic, VII, Robinsons Key to Higher Arithmetic, VIII. Robinson's New Elementary Algebra, IX. Robinson's Key to Elementary Algebra,
X. Robinson's University Algebra, XI. Robinson's Key to University Algebra, XII Robinson's Geometry and Trigonometry. XIII Robinson's Surveying and Navigation, XIV Robinson's Aualytical Geometry and Conic
Sections, XV Robinson's Differential and Integral Calculus 1 LO XVI Robinson's Elementary Astronomy,
75 XVII Robinson's University Astronomy,
1 75 XVII Robinson's Mathematical Operations, 2 28 XIX Robinson's Key 10 Algebra, Geometry, Surveying, &c.,
1 50 Forming a FULL MATHEMATICAL COURSE, Cem. bracing Arithmetic and Text Books in the Higher Math. ematics. For extent of research, facility and aptness of illustration, and practical usefulness, the author of this series is surpassed by no mathematical writer in this country. This series has been recommended by the best Mathematicians in all sections of the country.
Gray's Series of Botanies, six books. Hitchcock's School Anatomy and Physi
ology, $1. Hitchcock's Geology, one book. Well's Grammars, two books. Well's Scientific Series, including Chom
istry, Philosophy, etc Three books. Wilson's Series of Histories, five books. Fasquelle's French Series, eight books. Woodbury's German Series, seven books,
Bryant & Stratton's Series of Book-keepling, three books. Spencerian System of Penmanship, ning books.
And Many other valuable Books.
Wholesale Dealers and Retail Pur
1 Will find at our store over Four Thousand different articles of Stationery, and Three Hundred Thousand Vol. umes of books, from which to make their selection, comprising an assortment not rivaled by any other buut house in the United States.
Are Special Agents for Messrs Harper & Bro's Publications, « D. Appleton & Co's
Ticknor & Field's
Gould & Lincoln's « « J. B. Lippincott & Co's « And furnish all their Books at Eastern prices for cash. Note Papers, Letter Papers, and Cap PA
pers, Blank Books, Pass Books, And all kinds of STATIONERY, at the lowest prices.
SLATES by the dozen or case.
Strangers and travelers visiting Chicago will find it interesting to linger for an hour amid the interminable piles of literature at 39 and 41 Lake Street
S. C. GRIGGS & Co.
O For all costly and valuable Subscription Work a, or any noble work upon Religion, Literature, Science, of Art, Address S. C. GRIGGS & CO.

PLEASE REMEMBER That there is no bookstore in this country keeping a better or more extensive assortment than is always found at 89 and 41 Lake street.
REMEMBER. That Public or Private Libraries can be supplied with first class Standard Works by S. C, G. & Co. upon better terms than to send East and pay freight
Western Literary and Professional men, Teachers, Scholars in all departments of of the world of letters, are invited to make 39 and 41 Lake street their place of resort in moments of leisure.
S.C. GRIGGS & CO., Wholesale and Retail Booksellers and Stationers,
59 & 41 Lake Street, Chicago. 8. C, GRIGGS
TO LET. TVNE BRICK HOUSE and Barn now occupied by Olney
Hawkins, Esq., on Detroit street, Ann Arbor, pos. session given the 1st of April.
Also several stores and rooms in Buchoz's Block to let to good steady tenants at a very low rert, immediato possession given. Inquire of
L. R, BUCHOZ. Ann Arbor, March 28, 1861.
Oyal Picture Frames ALL SIZES, STYLES and PRICES just received and 1 forsale cheap at
SCHOFF & MILLER'S. 1860. Dec, 25,
TREES! TREES! Fruit and Ornamental,
OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS AND VARIETY, Roses, Bulbous Plants, and Grape
Vines of all kinds. THE UNDERSIGNED is about starting East to make
his usual selections of Trees from the most popular Nurseries, and will fill all orders for Trees that may be wante through the month of April.
My practical experience with trees for the last ten years has established me in the way of making my selections with that care that enables me to warrant all trees and plants true to name, as well as healthy, vigorous in growth, end with proper care to meet the expectation of the purchaser. The great success attending my sales last year, reassures me that my trees were all sound and gave general satisfaction Thankful for past favors, I again invito my friends and all others wanting trees or plants, to give me a call.
Those who may want Trees grown in this State, can be furnished from the North Lake Nursery,
To Orders for Trees or Plants may be left at Rogors' Agricultural Hall, at any time.
THEODORE DUBOIS, Ann Arbor, March 25, 1862

DO YOU WANT A MOUSTACHE! If so, purchase one bottle of E. E. Champion's EXCELSIOR INVIGORATOR! The world renowned toilet,--the only article of the kind ever offered the people of the United States. The above article is the only one used by the French; in London and Paris it is in universal use.
THE EXCELSIOR WHISKER INVIGORATOR st Is a Beautiful, Economical, Soothing, yet Stimulating | Compound, acting as if by magic upon the roots, causing a beautiful growth of Luxuriant Beard. If applied
to the Scaly, it will cure BALDNESS, and if applied ag rcording to directions, it will cause to spring up in bald spots a fine growth of SOFT FRESH HAIR
The Celebrated EXCELSIOR INVIGORATOR cis Is an indispensable Article in every Gentleman's Toilet, stand after one week's use they would not, for any consid. alteration, be without it. The above article will, in from
Four to Eight Weeks, bring out a thick set of WHISKRA or MOUSTACHE
The subscribers are the only Agents for the above are Fiaticle in the United States.
They would also announce to the publio that they are agents for
Napoleon's Hair Toilet! of The only article over offered to the French 'people that
would CURL STRAIGHT HAIR! the above Toilet being man. l's ufactured for the sole benefit o Louis Napoleon I which
article is now indispensable in his Toilet room.
The subscribers feeling confident that this Toilet must l necessarily take the place of all others ever offered to e the publie, they take pleasure in expressing their confl.
dence in the article, gaining it from practical use.
Will CURL STRAIGHT HAIR in Soft, Silken, Flowing Curls, Chat will remain in shape for one day or one week if do
sired, or any longer period, if the directions are strictly ed
followed, which are very simple and easy.
This IIair Toilet does not in any manner interfere with the Natural Softness of the Hair. It neither scorches nor dyes it ; hut gives the hair a soft, thrifty appear. ance. It also prevents the hair from falling off and turning gray
THE NAPOLEON HAIR TOILET has been before the public but a short time, and has al
really been tested by over one thousand persons ! and y they testify that the Napoleon Hair Toilet is the great
Just Beautifier ever offered to the American people. vel! To prevent this Toilet from being counterfeited or initatel by unprincipled persons, we do not offert for sale
at any Druggists in the United States. Therefore ary la. | Lady or Gentleman who desires Soft. Luxuriant Hair and Curls, and long, Soft Whiskers or Moustache, can ng procure the Invigorator or Toilet, either one, for one it dollar enclosed in a letter, with their address. Ad
dress, S G . F. SPENT & CO.
Box 183, Collinsville,
Hartford Co., Cona And it will be carefully sent by return mail.


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