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Trade Regulations

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jgicjjigtt jtoflM, IV Aereas, Isy my Froolarafttion ot l'.io liinoteenth of Á; ■.il, oue thousand ■ abt h tin d red and Mxiv-one, it was doel ■ : .'. porta oí certain Statea, ianudúig thoee of Beaufort, ia the State of North Carolina ; Port Eoyal, in the State ol South Carolipa, JN'cw QCrJearis in the .Statu oi LouUiaoa, were, lor tbereia sel forlh, intendod to be placed uüdur bloekade; and w$(ereafl tho 6uid porta oí' Beaufort, Port Boyal and New Orleaoa bav einco been bloukaded, b'Jt as the bloekado of the same porta may now be pafc'.y relaxed with advantage to the r.ests of commerce : isow, thereforo, be it knovvn that T, Abraham Lincoln, President of the Uuited Statee, pursuant to tho autbority : ted by tliü fifth section oí ttij act oi Congress approved on tho 18th of July laat, entitle'd " An act furthor to provide for tlio colluotion ol dfftiee on importa, and for other purpo.ues." do hereby (colare that the blockade of the sak! ports of Beaufort, Port Kójal and ÏN'ow Orleana Bh all so lar oease and determine, from and aftor the Crst day of Jane noxt, that coninicrcial iiitcrcourso vi h tliosu portfi, except as to persons and things and föformation CODtraband ol war, may, fïom that lime, be carried on, fubject to tho lawfi of the United States, aud to the limitatioas and in ptirsuancu of the regulations which are prescribid by the Secrutary of the Treasury in bis order of this date, which is apponded to this Proclama tion. In witness wbereof I have hereunto eet my band and oaueed the seal ol the United States to bo aflixed. Done at the City of Washington, this twelfth day of May, ia the [l. s] year ol our Lord ooa thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, and of tho Independence of the United States the eightysixth. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President : Wm. II. Si:vaud, Secretary of State. Secretary Chase's Circular. Thkasl-üy Dbpaimest, -May 12, 1SG2. REGULATIOXd KUI.ATINT. TO TRA DE WITH TOETS Ol'KNHD BY l'KOCLAMATIDN. First - %lo vessels clearing from foreign ports, and destined to ports openud by the proclamation of the President of thu United States, of thií date, immely, Beaufort, in Nortb Carolinna; Port Boyal in South Garoliaa ; and Ñew Orleans, in Louisiana; licenees will be granted by Consuls of the United States, upon satisfactory ovidenco that the vessel so liconsed will convoy no per.-on, property or information contrubund of war, either to or from the said ports - which licenses shall be exbibited to tho Collector of the port to which said vessels may be respcctively bound, iflarnediatoly on arrival, and if' required, to any oilicer in charge of the blockade ; and on leaviog either of the said ports, every vessel will ba rèquired to have clearance f.'o:n the Collector of the Ouetoms according to law, showing that tliere has been no violation of the conditions of tho license. Any violation oí the siiid conditions will involve the forfeiture and condemnation of the vessel and cargo, and tho exclusión of all partieá concerned from any furtbor privilege of entering the United St::tes during tho war, tbr any purpose uhatevcr. Seoond - To vessels of tho United Slates clearing coastwise for tho ports aforesaid, liceiiíe can only be obtained from the Troasury Department. Third - In all nilitr respects the ex isting bloekado remains in full forco ond effect as hitberto eetablisbed and mfiintaiuad ; nor ia it. relaxed by the proclamaron except in regard lo the ports to which the rulaxaüon is by that instrument expressly aDDÜed,


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