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Preservation Of Leather

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Mr. Jeune, of Ligin, Kano Co., II]., w rites to tho Prairie Farmer, in answor to aa inquiry for a preservation for leather, tbat lio has two - one for boots, tho otlior for harness, wliich he obtained from a man who has been employed in cloaning and oiling harnoss in the East India service - as he sa:d - by paying for it ; the former was given hini aa a special fuvor, He says : "I have tosted them both for several years, and lind them tirst rato. They aru as loüows : For boots and shuos, take six ounces of bayberry was, Jour onnces becswax, six ouncus mutton or beef tallow, one-third paper lampbkck puiverized. Meltandstir a good deal. Heat a brush to apply with. Por harness- becswax, onehalf pound ; neats foot oil, ono pint; yellow soap, oneiuurth pound. Boil until completely meltüd, keeping them well stiired all the tho titno. Apply warm ; the leather being moist and clean. Hang tho harnoís ia a warm plaoe - a warm sunny day is bost. Wlien finished, ii rubbod bnskly with a dry, clean cloth, a fine polish wil] be obtained, giving evcry appearanco of new loathor. If any black'mg is oeeded, add lampblaok. I ain ooDÖdeot that fifty per cent wül be added to tho wear of harnoss treated once a year with the above preparation."


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