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PBINTIJÏG OF ALL KINDS Neatly Executed AT THE ARGÜS OFFICE. we art: trepared to fill all orders in tue line of PRINTING AT THE MOST ItEASONABLE RATES. We have recently purchased a ROTARY CARD PRESS, and have added the lafst styles of Card Type, -which enables us to priut INVITATION CAEDS, WEDDING CARDS, V1S1TING CARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, &c. in the neatest stylf8, and as clicap os any house in tho State. We are also prepared to print POSTERS, HANDBILLS, BLANKS, BILL IlEADS,i CIRCULARS, PAMPIILETS &e, BOOK BINDERY is in cliargo of a FIRST CLASS WORKMAN, LEDGERS,. [RECORDS, JOURNALS, HOTEL REGISTERS, and BLANK BOOK3 OF ALL KINDS, RULED TO ANY PATTERN And Jlanufncturcd in best sttle at New York Prices, Feriodicals of all kinds BOUND IN ANY STYLE. Old Books Ee-Bound, All Work warrantcd to givo entirc satisfaction. E. B. POND, Prop'r. Office and Bindery, cor. Main A Hurón Sts. Conway FIre Insurance Co., Of Conway, Mass. Capital pa!d np, - $150.000 00 Assets (Cash), - - 269,963 12 Liabilitiea. - - 16,440 03 D. C. Rogers, Jas. S Whitney, Secretary. President. DIRECTORS. I 8.WIÍITNEY, L. BODMAN, W ELI IOTT SAHOWI,AND,D-C. McQII.VHAl'.K D MOliOAN WAIT BSMENT, JOSIAII Al.I.IS. a'h". BUI.LKN W. H. DICKINSON, W.T. CLAPP, D.C.ROGEIIS. Aun Arbor References: Dr. E. WELLS, L. JAMKS. I.. nODGE, iNOCHJAMJiS. CAPT. C.S. GOODRICH J. W. KNIGHT, Agent. Ann Arbor, Michigan. New Kemedies for S P E R JV1 A T O R 11 HE A HOWARI) AB8OC1ATI0N, PHILADBLPHU. A nr ncvotent Inslilitlion cstublishrd by tpectalndomnenl or the rclirf of tht Slck antl Disirtsctd, njfi ícttd with VtruUM and Ckronic Disenso, and espmálly for tlte jUrtofDúeascsofllic Sexual Organt MERCAL ADVICE given gratis, by the Acting Sur' VAI.UAÍlI,EItEIORTSonSiicrma)orrlio-a,a.itl othpr )uwesof tba Sexual Organa.kndon th NEW rfm■.WK.S employea n tlie Dispensary, sent n sralcd lctttr mvelopes, frwe of charge. Tío or tlireí stumpa for WitagttOpUbl. Adrtress, Dr. J. SK1I.I.IV HOL'GIICON.Howud Assocmtion, No 2 3. Ninth St., 'hilaWpíla.P. . .Ju5. 'V Ttfxmr ctp o ri xí Qpposite the HIT' ARE owori:xiN(. ik;s AN'D Uftanfftciurorv, New au i .rk of LAW & MEDICAL ÜOOKS, School Uoo'us, llaneous Bools, ■:::k llootíS, dan Wall an -, Dmnin - ■■■ I Jíatliei I ni Instrumente, JIusio, Jaranile i ■ GOLD And all otlier hhtls of Pens ar.rl Penáis Win ' o C ■.:.: ' . Bbadsa nnd Flxtare, POCKET CÜTLEKY! AidflTerjtWnfcpertainlng to the trade, and more to whiciitliov woui.l jai of t)'f couniry. Incoodaciingotir business wo nhalltlo all tbatcan o Hi.-u do L'casonablí ■ i or child sha!] faiilt. itfUtiefl wbich wlU enablo u to supply ourstomors attho Lowest Posiblo Figure?. We propo.-e to b11 foi RKADT V V, -, x smalUdvanö, Weexpect:i profit onour aruoV . bdt Cash Sales wiíl Admifc of Lot FIGURES. Ifp havo eng lesa o! JAMES F. SPALDINQ, herefore:re ] raparod to farnish Visiling, Wedding and ál I other Cards writlcn to nrder, wi7 neatness and dispalcli, by mai' or ótherwise. Thp1-; ■ ■ ■ ned by agood 'crawil nd thfty %v il alwiïyfl be round on i!;.1 ltquariez deck," ready nnd willing 1" atteud ío i!l with jiLmmho, who will %Tor tiictil v, ttï] :i ■ líemernbor Iho "Brapire Book Storo." JAMES R. WESSTER & Co. Ann Arbor, M.iy, 1SCO. 7 ( ANOTIIEK fa AREIVAI, AT THE ioLDAND RELL1BLS ! ■ LOTIHWt 'i ;'] É ; EMFORITJHÜ UkrJii T O . S phcenix ELoaas:, MAIN STREET. returned from the Ea-itorn Cltis, with o. hug ouk of FALL AKD "WINTER OODS! Tkicli he is now oíTering at uuusually 3JOW 2P3E=S.XC3E]3Li! Among hls Asorímont may be found BROADCLOTITS, CASS1MERES, DOESKI'NS, & VESTINGS, 5f aïl dcscriptions, especially for FALL AND WINTER WEÁR 1 which lie ís cutting snd raak-n to ordtr, tn Ihelaicst anc bt'Hi stylcs, togetlitir with a Bupertqr nssortment of UFAD F MADE CLOTHING! TP.L'.VKS CUSPE! B '. ana Gentlemen's Furnisliing Goods, witb numrrous otlirr art;clc3,:!ly fonnd ín eatabUshmouta. A ANEMPOPIUM OF FASDIOÍI, tho Btxbncribcr fiattora hiiaself, Ihat híslong experionco and genej ■ ■ bis hlm to Jjlve the rroatesí i u n may triwt hlmio tho way ofmaniifaoturiTiff irai'mtuts ío ordor. W.M. WAONKR. Rifle F actor y! A. J. SÜTHEItLAND rTASremovedlilsGunShoptotheNcwBlockinnurXtonstrcet.aonthiilthPCÍcurtUnusc'jMiiesocond floor, wherehe iu propared to tuinioli Guns, PÍ3tols, Aniinunition Flasks, Ponches Gane Bags, and Everj other articlo in Lis Line. On the moBtroasonable terTre.öndto do nllkindío DFl E 1F j3u X JT8. X 2VT OI the éhurtnit noties. andiu tho bot manner fulIaíBortmont always tep n hendíOnd madeto order. BOOTS & SHOES S 2 Aro now receiving a large assortmeat of Boots and Shoes and K, TJ S B E T S I WhloU tliey propose to scll 50 per cent behic former prices for cuth. Mon's good Kip Boots, from $1,50 to $3,00 Men' good Tbiek Boots, frora 2,00 to 3,00 Men'i good Calf Boots, from 2,50 to 3,75 Boy's Csilf, Kip and Tluck Boots, 88 to 1,75 Ladie' Gaitera, from 44 to 1,25 Lodioa' lloroecoBootoes, from 75 to 1,25 And an endiosa variety of Smal Shocs from Fancy Balmorals to Infanta' Creeping Shoos. IVe are alsoSInnofacturlng; nll klncls of WARRANTED BOOÏS & SnOES. Mens Fino Freneli Calf Boots Peggcd vinil Scwed. Po ffive a c.-.H beforo ptiroli.Tsniír elséwhere. as we are bonnd nol t be nderM. 3f Ulil'AUtlXli DOME OH 8HOBI NOTU'i;.- MtiORE & LOOMIS. M.lin í?t., Aun Arbor, Mich . 820f Mo ney Wantcd, W li o will L e n ! M o n e yi rUS REQUESTKD RY PEVEP.AI. PERSONS to obtain nioaoy fur tbvin at Ton ter Cent Interest, (Or More.) For nnv one willing t" l-rnl, I CAn ni ■■.' nvont on ?(iil unftnoumberw abnndaní REAL FSTATE seoarity anysams (f moneyand seo that thetitle andseouxity are Atl RIGHT, JttT Tho Bfcrrower paving all exponaos, (notadlas rocording. E. W. UORÖAN, Ann Arbot, (ict. 7. 1859, 715tf 1862. iee SPRENG GOODS! 0 I }Yc are now rcceiviiig ;i fino stock of NEW SP1UNG GOODS, aud offer tl)oin at the Eiowest Cash Fr ices. C. H. MtEÜSN & CO. April Ist, 1SG2. 84Gtf 3CÏÏOFF & MIL LEK A RESTIIX OXIIAND ut tbolrold Stan.l, A Ho. 2, Franhlin Bleek, wHh themost complete nssortmentof Sooks and SiaLiencry7 EERFTJMEBIES, F ANC Y GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SHADES, EOLLEES, COEDS, TASSELS, GIJT CORNTOES, CtIRTAINS, H00K3 AND PI NS, STEBEOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever oftered in this Markct ! a. ml tl.ey wou li! saggest tothOSO in pursuit cfany thinyin SANTA OLA US' LINE they can soonre a Doublé Christmas Present ! by purchashig from this s'nr!;, as pach purchascr gc-te a ii addttlonal present of Jcwelry, kc. } Rangïng invalue trom 50 ets. to $50. #5 Thovtnist that thefrlong operience in select ing iliis murkft, and strict atteniion to the of Customers, may entitle tb cm to a liberal abare oj ...,rC_ AzuArbor,Tfle. 6. 18íio. VTTif Tho Ccnnocticut Mutual Lifo ín? surauco Company. Accumulatcd Capital, - 3,500,000. WII.I.INSl RE Ij1 i." fui anv amonnt not exoe SiO.000 tor the whola teem of Liíü or fu-; a tersa i OSt favorable tí-rm-í. . l The Company is purely nmtual and the policy holden get all the surptua ■■■ - eos! of insuranee It ;. tUe inanred Ín tho settlemcnl "f their premiums ON LIFE POLICIE?, ü' destre 1, by a noto for one halt' the amount, bearlog latero I nt sis per cení, per am Dividend are Dcclared Annualhj! ■ ■ ' luce they now aintnint to fiíty por cent on (lie presh and note, and are iucroasuigthey maj be f( The rates of premiums áreas low 0 ; any otber ! Compau? andthelarge accumulsted fund of 0 la ■■■íMii'.-ly iiivrstctl, as roay be woi bj ence to t lic statement in?.'le necording to l;tw, nn file in theuilicu of the County derk,a1 Aira JAMES (JOODW1X, Pnst. GuTR.FntPP,8eóy. Forpaxticülaraapplyto JAMES C. WATSON, TüÖvL Agent at Ano Arbor, tííoh. Great Eeduction in the Price of SINGKLt & CO.'S Standard Machines . II 'di tiiiovn to be lite Best for Manufacturing l'urposes. No. 1, Standard Shuttle Machino, formerly sold at $ÜO, reduced to $70. No. 2, of samo kind of Machine, for merly sold at 10ü, reduced to $75. SINGER'S LETTER A MACH INE Is the bost Machino u the World fer Family Pewing and : Mannfacturfng Parposea : (wiíA Hemmer,) aud beautifullj ornam nted $00. Thö Nos. 1 and 8 Macliincs are Of síreat capacity and opiicntiün fox manufacturiiifí ptirposes, UurNo. ;■- Maohlnoa tfre MpcoiaUj ad&pted toali kiodd of li''lit and ln-avy Leitlici' EVoflk, in O.rriuc í:::uming, Boet umi hie Uakiog, Harneu MákSng,eta., etc. They are of ostra size, and ítb ;--u arm Jong enougb tu rake onder it and stftefa the, taxgest ve dasnes. rhcrt is f-carcely any part ofaTrlmmei b3 BtitohEog Ehut caunot be botter dono with thum than bj Iiuixl j no, too the Bavtng oí time inri Labor la tctj greaf. ThctAbleof tbesfl machines ñ 21 inclii's lonff, and thft shuttle wlU hold ria Un ithe usnal quanttyof thread. Tholnrge maoliino woiUk ts fastas Bmall ones. We would ank for our J-ctícr A Machines, the spec::i 1 ;".iu-:iLo:i of W- Makers and Vi .M.ikcrs, and nll tbose who want Uachisesjfox lightmanufaeturing purposa, 'i'lii'y embody the prldolplea oi The standard mAchlnes', making llkethem. thefaterlockedsltohtand are destined to be ascelebrated fojr 1'amu.v BtfVIsa atd ligu maDufaolurtng porpoaee asoor standard machinea nre tor m&nufacturing purpoaes in general. We have always on hand, usmciita (aien.shktist I.1SK.V Aii) CCHOS IHRBAO , OM SPOOU, BB8I ITACUlNlí O1L Ín bottlM, etc, i-tc . , . i .mufactureour otra Needlps,and wonld wam all panonti aalng onrmaehtnaa nottobaj aojothers. We know that thero are necdlcs sold of' tbt most inferior quaWy at hlgher pricea than we charge for tb The needies wld by ua are ioanafacuredKipeolaJlfor oor m:i bines. A bad necUUvtay rcidcr tkt bat macJtine alviost iisilest. Our ouitomer may rost RSBnred that nl, onr Brasch Offices ftrefurotohed wWn the ii genuino aotKoIe " In case of mail purchaflCR, í'f monej inay bo sont In posiage stamps, or buik notes. Correspondente wii please nrrfte thcir nanios dlstlnct ]y. lt is all inpnrtaut that we should, ineachcase, knmv the Post oihce, Countjr, nmï State, jtï"5 All penong reqaixlng informa tion abmit Sewtñg Machines, tueit i i , irorking oapaciUea,and tae best methods of porebiuring, can obtain it by aendlng to us, or nny of our Bi'anchOfïicos fora cup v of I. EI. Sinter Ët Co.Ts Gazette, Whicb is abeautiful Plotorlal Paper eniin-ly dovoledto tho subject- It will bc sentgrali. A5" Wc hnvo made the above BKpÜCTIOM IN TRICES with tho twO'fold view of benefiting the public and ourselves. The public have been Bviñaled bj Bpurious ma■ lade in ïmitation of ours. The unta! in tinm. Erom the ïron casting to tho Binalles tpeice,Uol poor qu.lity. Tiiir makers have not the humus to do tnoir voric v.-cii. They aw bid away ín Becret places, where it wonld be Imponible to have :i! i h [r eommand the proper mechanica! appUancea. Il isoaly by Soing a gtéat business, and having;extensfTe manufttcturing establlshmenta, thai fitood maohlnu can be made at moderatprii-cs, i!ic best destgned machino, BADLY ijtADff, are nhv:iys liablO to ot out of order, and arosure lo oost BOnsfderable tronbleand monoy to ketpthOR) in i ■ The quaUtien to ho lookcd for in a ttaahinear : portainty of oorreot aotion at all ratea t Bpeod, Implioltj fjf contruction, great dnrabllíty, audrapidity of opera t ion , with Uu.' least labor, llaohines to oombtne these cssential qnaliiies, J.niust be mudeof Ihe oost metal ml Qnbthed t perfl etion. We huve the way and means, pn . to do this. The purotaaaen "í machines, whosodafl; bread it may concern, will ftnd that tbone liavlng the aboTequalitlefi Bói only irorÈ woll al rápidas well as alowrateitof speed , [but last longer Intbfl Qnest poa ilble irorking order. Out machines, a.-. made bj us, will oamxnore njoncy wjth tesa labor than any others whethet m liüHatton of oursor not. Infact, they are che&Dcr than any other iiiaehinosas agift. I. U.lK0LR& CO., 45S Broadvay New York. y Detroit Ofllco, 5S Woodward Avenue, (Merrill Blocb.) 8iltf M. TL GOODRICH, AgODi, Ann Arbor, 5j Y. M O K G A N , Agent lor Mutual Life ínsnrance Company, New York, ifcccumulafr ' .... Sfl.350,000, i e insurnnce Company In tlie U. S. Enickerboclcei Life tnaarancoOoropany, Keif ÜTork, - :i fini ctass êfe Co. - terma reaaonabfe: lluinbiíl'íi Flre lnsnr:inrc ( 'ompany, Now Vork. 3apit l,with a !■-.■■ sarplua, - S2O0.O0O. Peoría Marine k Flre Iir.urancc fjt., Peozia 1U. - Wt % Jo. 1 Firelnsurance Cü'h. 707 tr Capital, .... $000,000; H 011 AC E WATERS, AGENT 333 Broadway, N ■ w York PuhJLflu'i' of'ItXujIc niwl Ittuulc Cooka and u::.i.R[t tx Pianos, Síelodeons, Alexandro Organs Orgaü Accordeons, Marti nrs eelebrated itnd uther Guitars, Violins, Tenor NTïols, Violincellos, Accordeons, Flutinas, Flutea, Fifee, Triangies, Glarboetts, Tuning Forks, Pipes andtlammerft, Violio Bows, beètltalian Strings, Basa Instrumenta for Bapcte, Piano Stooie, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. & lx o o t 3MC t S i o, i : om : ' HniV-i liuotin's, and M" ' ' : I al! kinds of Iiintrnction for t!i( ■ ■ ' ■ ' olegantly Uound; ttu lio paper, umi all kinds of Muiia A t t hcLowest P r i c e s. New Pianos, At CKf, $200, &225t $250, an4 up to $800. Seco tl -1 mos from $25 ■ . . ■ . " ■ ■ ■ ' .■.!:;-, wil li !' '. . O] i, $185 and $226; tlurtei o - SSOO; i.' . A liberal ti ■ and Teachers. The Trade s.ULplted at the usual trade diflcouatji Testimoníala of tlie Hora cc Waters Planos John Ilowott, of Carthoge, Vew Ynrk, who In ;. one of Hornee Watera nanos, vrritettaj) fóllowft: - "A fricn'l M' faino wíshesine Ut laño for her. Bhe " ■. and i thfnk I can introduce one or two more; they wIU bo more popul.-.i1 than ;'.ny othcv rnake." '■We ha two of Wateïs' Piano? En ase in ourScinf. nary, pno of wbUb ha bwo ■ ■ .■ ■■ ■ r ft r three od quallty and durability." - V.'un.l .S; d . . , '. ' I Carrol!, III. ■!' , :. :, : . . - : Su [Inving ufiod one of your l'iano Fortes for two ye:irs past. I havo fonnd '' i superior lKBtri;?nrnt. Á lasta Gray, Vrincipal Broohtyn Heights Stmir.ary. fTlio Piano I recen irerát tsfftctton. : tho best instrumenta intho place. 'J 1 IJC - U CLABKB, Charleston, Va. Tiio Uelodoon has nafi iv arred, 1 foei obliged to fon fry our liberal discount." líev. J. M. JocCOEüiCk, Yar(f:tcri!l(.S, C. "The piano was dulyi recciveil, IKc&jnn in ■ . ooodition, and [a wvy nmch atTmirod by my nu famüy Acci pi mj Uwnka for your pn ROBBRT COOPCB, WUrrmkanif Brndjoed Co. Pa. Yoor n-i well. It i tiio best ono i:i our r'irüton. Cía. ilVo ato rery mach 'j!'1 gacl) afine I ii fui Ï250." - UkankJIkmj L Co.; raí, : ters Pianos arrknown asaraon.? the viry bost We ar etabled to gpeak of these :;i-rnments with coü:: . pi rvonal knowleájTO of thelir ■ tone and durable quallty." - V. K. Evangtliu. I anosfrom personal knowtedgo, na baing tï ie rery flnwi qaal ly!- ChriMian InUtligmeer. '■ Phe Horaoe Wo-tera pianos are ouïli of the bosf anil mosi tfaoroughly Beaonetl matorïal. We liare no dbiibt han at any otnerhouse in the Union." - Advocate, aid, Journal. : pianos asd melodoona challenge comp wltfa thB ftoest mado anyirliere In the country." - íomf "Horaóe Watera' Plano Fortes are of fulï, rich anü ■ iwerful - Atuaiatl llevcw. "Our fHendawill (indatMr, Watere' tre the very rtxneni of Musió and f Planos t bo fonnd in n e out southern and wetrtérn (rfendsto glve him a rail whciuvcr thy goto New YorkJ ' ' - GraMam's Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. Sa b ba UkS ch ooi Bell, 100,000 issued In te Months. Tho anprecedented cate of thla book has Inducedthe publishei ta preent sin, without Pxtrn i ■ Aabon ' thi Ihymnsatlded found: - UI onght tí 1ot i ' "Ol'H ba :l eood ohild, iodi d í wiH." Tlieso and cigbt oüiera from thf r.'.l.-.. ida.v School Annlrer. tainu neariy 200 tuaea and hymns,and ia ono of Hio ]■■ c tion Trice 13c; $10 porhundred, I ■ antlj bound, ■ . I gilt, 25c, $20 i 1 1" LOO tt h;is been iutruduced iiifn h::::iv of ' ' ■ ï- ïho e' Is ;■ i entitled Anni:. e Rook, N"-. 1 . 3, 3, fc 4, in ordei " miiliou; pr: bundred Ño. ó will bo i e ■■ l- conuneneemont of book. pricfi $1 k $"2 per 100, postage lc. More thaJ ;00,000 : the abOTO bookd b;ive been i lued the past elghteen months, and the demand Israpidljf tnercasing. Published bv 1IORACE WATERS, Agent, 3G Bruadway, N. V. Nov 3VCiUkflBlOf Publised by norace Waters No. 333 Broadwáy, New York. Vocal "Kind Words cao neverdie;" '.'The Angels tolo" hijo so;1' "Wildfloftho,-' "Thougbta of Qod;tJ -..-.y Uonntafn tlomèy "l:iy Oreams;" i ockBobia;" "l'm with tliet; Blill;"Pe1 aames:" do darilng lik ■' ■'■■■ l,''-:':"Kv.■■ " ['m I n Sorrow;" "ffird of tr birth;" "Grave of Rosabel, ' aad ■ each. Gardfin, or inging Btrd Polfta. ■ i i" "'ïir;ihol ?clmttisch;'1 Tliowaa Bakor's Schottiacho;11 "Piccolomini I'olka, S5 centA each. The above j beautifal [mer Polka;" "Ar '':."; ffai cry Match," ■ Doniells Uacurkaj Realï injï Polkl " !:■,":: ti' i "I meers' Qua 25c each. 'The Erapïroof Reich'a Quadrille;" i new danc and 'Tho Hiïjeroian Q Ma y of th ■ ; oüohoat ra witn .?■ ilailed f ree. A .- l-,:ilf price. Pianos ÏUcïoileons anfi Orgons. Tlie Iloracc ' :inl Mflorloons, for deptb, purity of tono and durabüity, are uoauroawod. Prioes vory low decond fland Píanos and Melodeons from S'25 to $150. Kluic and Musical ïnstrnctionii of nll kinds, at the lowesi i . . HORACE WATERS, Agent. No. 3 -N'. V. iXIAIS; - 'Tho TTornce Waters Tianos ave known as anong tlicvery best.' - Evangelist. "We can gneak ofthetr meritsfron personal kuowledge." - Cfiristlan Intdugcvctr. "Nothingat the Fair Oisplajed greater cxcelloace -" - Ckurchman. Waters' Pianos and Hftlodeoiu ehiillenLcojviriarNon with tbe üuest m:i'!. :iiiy, iiorcin the country. '■ - Home Jwml. Ï19tf LOOMÏS &, TRÏPP, Succe..sors to Chapín t LoomiSjnntlOhapin, Tripp & Loomií ■ ■■ o ..- Tlir; abovo finn of Loomta & Tripp having porohftse the entfre interest "f t)i? former companie continue the basSoeaa ai theold b tanda, where thi bfl ready, oa the shortest uotice,to fill all orders in th line of Castings and Macbinery, In thft DSOSt workmanlike niannor, and on as libera ti"'i!i:s :i; anyothershop in the State. Amone; the vari ous arttoleamann&etuxejd by os, we would enumérate STEAMENGINES of all liin-ls; Mili Cc.trï and Fixtuwa, wroughtand oiat; allthe rarlouseavtingaformakingand repalrlag Ilorse Po vors & ïbresliing Machines -: 1 1 . ■ 1 1 lis aro at prosent, or faaTO formorly bcn in use in thi part of the State, as wcll as ill the varloua kinds "t castings and maohlne work1 oalledlbrby E&rmërsand mechanioe tnUils section of tbja country, of all tho various pXtterss, np in s!te8andprioesrwill be ::inily on hand, got the most modci'u anï irulirovod styles. TliiinkTnl for fermer patronage tothéold firms, w w(Milil Bollctt a oontlnnanoe erom oldfriendft, and aerial ]y ail irishing for any t hing in our linenf bneinpaSi LOOMIS & TBIPP. Ann Arbor,May 18ÜI, IST.O. C97Í11 thFeshing machines . ï . ■ ■ , PATEXTED AND MANUFACTURE!) BY Nichols & Sheppard, Jïuttie CrcelL9 Midi. Improvod for tho Soason of 1882 : In this Separator tho grata bseparated from (he straw by mean of liftütgflugerS) that lesiLtbe strayn ap and Apvn with a lidden molion ín nn the lime t. leave tlic ; ' i oker, and the grafn falta through a bottom madjB ot' slats, ojear fron loo tferaw. : I --..-. graln . ■ made to rfbrate "r nring backward and for ■ ■It wiirk.-i tho I ■ ■■ r and tlio (rrninin tli' sj ivi ■ The RUperiorlty of tl. is machine ov-r ;il! otuera consista lo u eratlontlon of Grain fromStraw, i Great shDpllcIty, bavïn ■ no piekert or beaten to clog up, and maobinory tium nny uthcr ftow i made, ■ ■■[■ r:v. asj wil] not waste vhtm crowded. Perfect cleaner, baring largtTBoivea than any ■ I Easy draH , bi tu r eoni'trueted, mmplc and dun Pcnnsylvania Iron llorse Power. tedtobftthi ■ t-r in use. Made w ; h irood 01 iron fr n l farmers and Thrtshen ol Michigan I We offer you the BEST MACHINE IN' USE. BetterthanPltts', Hnll'i - Fmvlervilic, ir..n_v maofalnQ built on their priootples. t If yoa mtond bujing :i tpaclune of any ktod get a i : fusor our Agent, and Mtisfy youreelf.- i'amphlet sent f: te. Osll and sr-o, or ml Iress Mi'l!O!.s A SHEPPAttB, Battlo ( rook . Uiehigan Or M. ROGERii, or MTRON RASH, Agente, Ann . Aibor; .r I. V. V.kkman, agent, Daxtor. 80ni3 ( Tlie Lalest News. Jr.T oi'iM-.n at cr.KNVii.i.K .(.- i n.i.xü'í Dru Store, nlVsKhiuppIjr of Di W.M. Il HÜRD'S DEN , rAI. RKMED1KS. Ageuts and dtalcrfl mpiilhid t Now Vurk pvicos. Kr-:nl Df. Ifuiíl' ■ leutln nDOther column. For snlc at all fhè wruc stores ia AunAr bor. [Sf-Ovi ■■: J (. j. I'KASK, Ajent. ' GREAT. GREATEÏt CREATEST BAJiGMNS ETR OFFERED 1859. LL.1859. Iu thUCity, are uow being offercd at the CHEAP,CLOCK,WATCII, & Jetvelry StoreriiHK Ptihscrlber wouldaay to titecttlzanf al Ai-n Ar I. hor, in particular, and tbe resi ol IVaihtenaw Cmint In generfd, that hehasjtiat ïMï'OUiKü pi RECTLÏ from EUftOPE.o Tremendous Stock of Watchcs! AUofwhichhn bindabimnelfrn poll rilKAIM'.R than can fio í:oncht wcít óf íínw Yoik (y. Open Face Cyltoder Watcbe irom 86 to S JO dn do Lever do do H to 21 IluntingCnso rfn do Ho 14 to 3;j do do Cy linde r do do 9 to 28 Gold Wittcbes frotti 20 to 150 I i ave also tbe CELEBRATJED A1ÏERÏCAN WAT CHES, whi ■! I (ril] '"ii tr -" ï'. Kvory Vvatch warraoted to perfonn wel!, or the ïnoncy ïetunded. CJooka, Jfiwclry, Ptated Ware, Fancy Good. Gold Pens, Musical [nsiriirr.Phts ao1 .Strins, Cutïery, &c, and in facftavarloty of fivryhiniï uciuaiiy ktpt by Jcw■ !■ ra ctwi bf hnughtfor tho. noxi ninety ü nt vur O W N PRICES! Pcrson hu y in r anythmg nt thia wcll known estab Itsfame i;t can reïj upon gotting geed? OJfaotïy as ri?prrsent'f), orthemoney refunded; HftTlearly nd éö- curn the beat bargaina ever oii'oved in tbif City, One word in regard to Rcpairing : Wfinrrprrpan'd tomnkenny repeïrsonfioo or common Watches, ovrn io makiniïor-r tbe e&tfre wntcb f necessary. Repalrlng oí' docks and .i-v uunl, Also tbe mafibfacturlng oí KI Ni,'.-. BROOCBS or uuytliing defred,-fromCnIHrrrn1aGoIa onsbortnotiro. Bnfr&Tipiz in tUHtsbinuchesexcented withnen:ut'se nnddispateh. J C. WATTS. Aon Arbor, Jnn. S8th859. 7f4w Important Piatiorial Wcrks, Piiblisbiil l.y I. Ari'LITOX k CO., 34G AND 343 BEOADWA.Y NKW TOUK The following irorkfi aro sent to Siib.scrilicrs ín any pari trf t'i ■ '■■ intrj . (npoDFCóeipt of retall prico,) by mail '■:;:iiil: TUK RJffW AflOCIBlUAlf CYCT,Or.AEDIA: A ' ' b. Edited t'v Gt. Kiri.:;v ar select corps of writera in all ttnutcbos of Sciencas, Ari and U teca ture. Thia irork is bing publUhedi 15 Iare octavo vol unies, ca eb conta 11 culucnn pasea I., n.t 01., IV. Y., vi., n., iii., & rx. are now i ■ c niaiaing n ínal arti otes. A:i a-lt;i;inal vulumo wíll be publixbeil once in ibfiit U--f months, Price(in Cloth,a$8; Sheep,$3.50; Hftlf Russla, $4 60 eaob. The Ni ■■■■'■ Am trican Cyelopsedi ís popular vtU ■ ! without beiug pedantiei compre hensíví but safficiently detaEled, tree iv-mi personal pique and partj prutHco, fresli and ye ac a i ■ statement ofallthai isknoivc upon en portaat topic within the scope "f human inteUfgence. - Kvory huportanf articl in it bas been BpeciaHj for ts i fhoaaatbórltiea iipon tb ftn whioh they gpesk. TIipj are rèquiredto brmcf the aabject up to '.- tjusthow t Itan I nmo, AU the staiiatïcal íofonnatíon ia from the : . LCe til ■ : historica! pial tets inol i ■ biogmphical noticen adé ak not ftniy of the dead but also of the living. H is ;i librarv AïUlïOGE3IET OF THE DEBATES OP COJIG5ÏESS Tïoincr a PBt!eal Htrtiry of the 1 Stotes, f oro tbe or ;anzation ofibi ür-it Federal Con gress in 17811 !■ : : .vro',íVim tho Ofiloinl Ree i; will becoispïeted nl5 roysloctero rolamen . i 'are now r Sitionat volumo wil! bepabl tbree muntbfl. C3oth,ni Uw Sheepj Half Mor., $4; Hall Galf, W.60 each. AWAYüFPROCliïl'NGTHECyCLOPDIAORDEBATKS Form a club of fonr, and remit the price of fourbooka, anil five copios will be sent t the remitu-i-'s oxj óarriage; ■ r :■ r ten - leven copies will b so&t ;it our expense fo carríoge. To AgtUt. ITo oiher worfe will so liberuITy rewardthe exerttons ' - ■ ■ ÍT WAKTBD i. TUIS OOVJfTY TeriQd in:i'Ie kiii;vn on (vpplication to the PubUdherit. Aun Ajrbor, Match. 18W. Oit02a.nt -" Bev. Tnos. Weíobt, agont at Kinne & S Iïook Store, Ypsilanti. Dlackwood's Magazine AND Til E Brítísh Reviews. GREATIADICEMEXT-SLIÍSCRIBE! PREMIUMS and REDüTCÏIOiUS. L. SC0TT& CO-. NTifrfRK, continue to pubíiah th folio 'A i n lu.i-ling lï PerodicaïSj vii: 1 Tfli; L0ND0N QÜABTERLY (Consn-vativc). 2 THE EDDÍBÜRGH IU.VIKW (Whig), :ï TüE NORTH BRITISH REVIEW (Frce Cburch). -1 THE WESTMINSTER REVIEW (Liberal) B DLACKVronD'S EDfflBtTRGH MACA''M-; (Tory). Tlio present critlcAl state of Europmn afiatr will rentier these publicationn unusually tntoi'èating durhig the f orth coming yenr. Tlu-y wf!1 óccupy ;i mlrtdle grouml l sjH'ciihitinnM, nul fiying[ rumora of the (ïally Journal, and lbo ponderosa Tome ol the fatufe liistAriao, wrílten atter tho living interest and exct loment qf the irreal politica 1 eventsof the time fihall hare pa$scd :i way. 1 ' is to tbesa PeriwUoab (bal i f-:-flf.T-s mut lopk for tbe nnly really intellirtb'o hm! reÜabTe hiftory M curren) f und assaob in additiontotheiv we!Í-esÍablíhed ' litaran-, iciei.tiüe, &nd theplagieal obwaoter, ■■■ ■ .;■■■:] iheo n id eral ion ol tlif r&fcdlng public The receipt of Advaiic Sneeu fifom tfce Britihb pnblishen Rivefl ad litional ralue t these Rcprlnts, EvAnmachastbey cannow Ik placed in the baoda ] Bübscrlbors utnul . I idil [ons. TEllftíOÍ. (Regular Pnces ) Prr .inn, Foraojoocof (he four ReriMra, - - - $3 00 l'Vr any two o!' the four Reviews, - - - 5 OD For ony three oi iba our Kêriewa, - - -. 7(0 For all four ol tbelteviewa, 8 00 li ■ f BhVOÏ! HTOOd s M ■ .- '.,;tic, - - - , - SOQ i I' w, ... 5 00 ickwood and two Reviews, - - - 7 03 ] or Black wood and threeReviwra, - - 000 ForDIackw dan the fourReviews, - - 1000 Mimrj currtnt i?i the State wh re issucd will be received ït par. POSTAGE. The PoaxAOB to any part f tbe fnl tad St&toa will be but Twctiij- foiirCtMitA.-i reu for uJW?fcwood,n and but BYHurteen Cents a year for each of lb Review, At tlio above prices the Perjudicáis wiH bo fars:ahed for 1802. ÁÑIJ Ai A Premium to New Subscribers, tbc Hot t:f the samo PeriodJoulsfor 18C0 vUlbo rurnlahad ooniplete, tolthoui ádditionol chvrgt, Unlike the mor) epbemeral UagMlnei of thi titese IV. indicáis lose little by aje. Henee, a f uit yeu i r the NoB.for ISGO, may beregardod neurlr as valoabto as for 1862. bprs wisbing also the íí s (r 1S0Í, will be Knpplit 'i a1 the toUowiog BxntxHKiT lowratxs. Splendid Offers for 18G0, '61, & '62 Togethcr. Por Blaokwooö'i Uagazioft, tbe thrce years , S-r 00 Pop any ono Review, - " " 5 f'O Foraoy twoBeviowa, " " 8 00 ■ :iio Heviow, ' " S i 0 For Black wood and two Uevl6#s, " " 6o i yiewi, - - - " " J10') For Black wood and thrce Reviews, " i( IS 00 Kor the four Review?, ll 13 00 For Blackwoöd and tbe four Reviews, " 17 00 Any of fchO aboveworki nrill also be furnixhed to Vi Subscrbcrfiv thffl y nr LS5B-1 , t', And 0t At Oue Huif the Regular Subscnptïoo ' Prices. Yáo Subscribo' may obtain tho Uopriats of th Pont K'. tews and Black wood, Seven Consocutive Year for $37 ! ! ! Whtchisbutllttlemore tbftn tbe price of the original irorks forone year. Asve uhall never again be likely to offer such in ïuceben presentod, Now is the time to Subscribe ! ! f Remittances 'must, ín all casts, bo made dirtci 'o the P'th'hhcrs. for al UtttKprloM no Cüiumisiuii cvn IwaUowodto agcats. I.KON'ARI) SCOTT J;CO. No, 61 Oldetroot Nw York a.nn Arbor Marble Works. ZOêitolioXca.oz1 f 1 AS on hand a íluo assortment of Amoncan anil l ITA L 1 A N MA U B L L' vhichbei preparad to tn.inufattuve into r o m n mÍR iSEÍ tables ;■ wtotltt, andtó a WORKMANUKE mauser Ui'.!'-..' had coflBiderable experlence in the buslneM io (bitters hlmftelf that bc will be able l plj&a ill who m:iy favor me with thelr orier?. Ilis prloea LO W AS THE L O W E S T. hot wtahlng any tbiag in ray l!ne nrc rosporlfulj u cali D. C BATOHELDKR. _Ann Arhor. Mar 20,1861. SOU] WASHTENAW MUTUAL Fl'RE INSURANCE COUP ANYIMII-'S-i-M turj will hi at Cook'ü Hotel, in the Citrxt Ann rbor, anTbm :■'..! of etMh ncek, until further lotice, icjuU' to reccivt1 now incmbrrR. M. Kl-.N'N'V, forr. '■,!-.. OetoboifS3d, 1861. B2f I flLyer's Cherry Pectoral ATËE'8 Sarsaparilla FOU PUBIFY1NG THE BLCOD. Aud for ihc tiioctiy euro uf üm (oWvwiun cm Scrofnïn mul Scrofiilons Aflei t tirht )-- Vmildis. II; er;, SOl'OS, t Ir n p toiis PiinpU-H, Pnntulrn, Hfoti Iicm, Jíoilg, BIn in a, mul Ji iu,i iistasvs. Daki ufo, I ad-, I Ui June, J. 0. ■ . Qenl :!;■■. i knowiodtfo wtidt ymis La; dono for me. Uavhig inlu-iiiv ! ti PtrofiiluiM ní ... from f t in v. ui'. iis wxya ï- r feoiieiiniua II buret out in Ulcera on ]!;■.■ hniidd tfud arm; muneüino c tUI Rl I hlWMI'Ü UUt! ... . .,. ■ .,.;, yeara ftgo il i rok onl -n mv In-mi um) euu reil mv Brn.p : ■ whlcli wiw paiurtfl . . ucyoixl tl ■■■ n pi ion. J ni i mauy nuttHelm mul orora! physictons. bul nri hout nuicli relief fium nuy thltifc. In pi i. ';'-' 'i ■ :- 1 , rew worae. At luogtli i V...... ndclcod to read in the (] sft4l Rfe&sèitger tuaf yon lind prepared au alterativo. (Sai . t i knewlroiu yourroputatlon tlmt Rny lliiiiif .vouiiin!' nuw ba CinciunatlaBdgnt ir. mtd tiil it till it curad me. i:. ,i you udvbe, iu siuail dost of ft loftspoonffel overa in ath, :u. ! i: ■ : alm . s uid liualthy p skin nonti began (■ Ibrnuibdor lbo cal, vhfcfa aftera wbrle f.-ii off. Mysklu In now clear, aniM kuon bj my feeltago il;:ii tl ;.;. ' 0 j can vrell believe Ümt 1 tol wliat 1 mui utyiug wli i i I jrou, tlmt I 1 11(1 yon t t; uno ui the npostlM of the ge : aud lonuiii cvor gratcl'uliy. i AI.IÜK1) n. TAliLBT. St. Anthony' Flre, Kokc or Rrysipelas, Tettt-r uittl 6ftlt Rhnm, Scala llcnd, Ilhiynorm, Horc hZyvn, Drvpny. Dr. Robert M. Preble wrüefl ir..m Mem, N. Y. K:h Sopt., 159, llmt hu hnfl Ctired uu ii; . i.tutr i Drops;, wblcli throateüod to torminnte fatally, by tho porsoreriog uso of ai i; u stiparJHa nnd tUau .i uuogeroui Malignant tSrysipcUu by large dopos of tho Bftme; says ho euros tho coinmon Jlruptions by it ccostiutly. Bronchocl, Goitre or Svrelleé A'cck. Zobnlon Slaan of Pi ■;■ t, Txa nrftas : "Tbnobofc tlea o!' your Sarsapaiilla curéd me Dom CWr - a bldeous BwelÜng on tia n(lif w4iicli 1 ltad mtRered from ovor two veiirs." I-rucorvïifipfi orAVhIUa.Ovnvinii Tumor, Utvrlne Mc in tlon, I'cmulc Dtaas. Dr. J. B. S. Channhiff, 6f Now York City, w riten ; I Dioat etacerftilly comply irttii tho roqneét of yonr agent In iayfng I Imve fotiml yonr Santoparttln n nuwt excellent alterativo in the uumei-oiw compluiuts for ttbfch mo e-inpLiy Buch ji rmedy, bot espedally In knud ÜUeasu of tl. ■ ÜMofiiToua dlaihctla. I haw curad many iiiTetcrnio CfUOS o( J.vnnniUaia y it. ,'iudf wheie tlie complafoi w;is Cftuaed by ufoeroUon of the trhrm. TIn ulosratJon ltself was oon cnrcil. Notlilug irjthin my knowiedxo eqnaffl It fot these Ifemala derongements." of Nawbury, !m., irrites, UA dangerona otMrrfon tumor on ono of Hio iemalet) In my famlty, whirli luid deAod all the rwnodlos Tto oonM mploy hu nt lengtli boen completely cured hy yor Extract of Sar8nparllla. Onr p]ivsi.i;ni tlionght notMngbnt extlrpa:! I lililí ivlieï. hut lm advised Uietrlalol j nr SarnpaViRa ns 1 1 1 - In-f resort beföre cuttlog, and it piovcd. ftTectunl. After toklngyour rcinedy fcight mekfl uu syniptoiii of the dissafle temalna" iSpUUis niid ?! cr' ui ini Dlscasc Niw Om.iïans, 2rth Aiigmt, i5í. Dr. J.C. AïXR: .Sir. ï olioorrnlly comjily wlUi tho roqiieat oFyoiir ngenE, nnd report lo yon nomo of the oftects I have raallsed wlth your Oarruparilla, I have cured wllh it, in my pmcüce, mo1 of tiiecompl.iints for which it i nftcoBimciidccl, and liaw found iis emetfl truly wondbrfnl fn the cure rif Vnterealand U rcïjï'i Di'smM. One ofmy paitante hnd Byplillitlo uloan in liis, v.hi' li vvere consnming lijs Hilnte und the top of his mouUi. Vour Sarsaparilla, steadilv talicn, cured liim in Qvi ffeeks, A notlier mu attackèu by aecondary Bymptoma in liis bobo, and th uUration had eaton away R considerable nart of it, bo tliat I bdieve tho disorder wonld sron reach his brnlii and klll hini. Jïtit it I yJeldod (o my administrar iou of yonr Pnrsaparllla; the ' ulcera liealed, and lie ir wf-ll agnlu, not of ooune tvltbout ' boom disftgnraUon to lila fiice. a woman wbo liad boen for tlie same dlsordei bj mi n nry wan nrffiering from tblfl p 'lson in hyr boue. Tbey had becoma to BeueiEive to tho weather tbal on a damp day sUe suffored c.icruclatiag pain In her joints and bones. Mm. tro. was cnred euitrely byyour Karsaparllln in u few weeks, l know from its formula, irhfcb yoaragout guvo me, tlmt tliis Prepamtion from your lal ralory nuwt bea greal rtmedy; consequently, Uiese truly rèuiarkablo resiulta Mlth it hnve not Burprwed me. Fraternally youri, Q. V. LAKISCBS, M. ï). RluiimatJ'n, Gout, Lhcr omplnittt. iNDEPKNDrKCB, I' Co.. V.i.. t'lh July 1859. Tn. J. O. Ayii:: Sir, i Imite i - n i.tH ■ ;,il with a palaf'il chnu - ...... v.-hi h baftied tho : t6 nip in iti te of all tbo I iiiid.iii.tii J tneil yonr fiirtfaparlHa. Ono bottle ciiii'd ii)e i:i tv ri'torÜ my gracrol hcaltlieaninch tbnt J mi fttt béíter tban bofrrelwas ati:. Iulï. I thiiik il a wotHtwfctl uif-ihin-r. J. iIii;AM. Juica V. (:■:■ Im ::.:' Bt. Louis, ipjt: " I have heen flfllicteil fflrr yeaiitwitn na affa&atrnf the ZXverf trlitcfa I nv llwi.ith: J (rietievory Ihiiip, aud evrry tliiog mile i to relieve in.-.; and I .eeo n Ui-oken-down man for suine years (it-r.t no oÜtèr cnww tltin derattgt . tqf tht 7-mr. Mv bekretl jmütor. tlw Uev. .Ml-. Espy, adrlsed me to try your ui-rapariila, he niue Ito raid be knew yo; nnd anv thitiv; jju mnito ;i voith trylpg H Ihe blcusUigofOodK lias cured me, aud has so piiifledm] as to niako u nevv man i" me. I feel young ngain. Tho best tltftt Citu bv Bftid of yoiï is uoi liHlf ood t-iMMigb11 Sclihvus.iaiHfr Tumors. tCilni-;rhu-t, Ulcera ion, Cm-ii-s aucl KxfolitVttuii of tll lïM S. A giBftt vin ii -ty "f c:ios liavftbcen repoblad (o ns nhero aires of -ib4 formidable r"tn.liiu! ■, bnve reaiiltcd from the Uïe of thiw ii-mcily, l.u! i in HftAc lu mmvjU ñol admit tlicin. Sonio nf ÜiOni uuiy ti.inul in ova1 Anu-iicjin Ahnnnnr, wlticli tlu; acónts 1 ■', i k.imh J are plcastd to finiinh gniti to uil itíUO i hü ( t tUvin. DyHpcpsin. Ilenri Disensc, Fis, Epllcp s.v , .'('.nulK)]}', ]Vcnrnlla' ETany remarknblernrvfl of these sM;clïonB hwra b mftde y Ltie íiít'i fttiv? f.f ilii iU4iüim& 11 ritiaubitea tiie vital riinclionn Info vigoróua ncti ri, an3 tims ovc'T-rompH di.íord'.ra wliivh would be,4Upcpe bffyoild ita rcai-h. Puch a remcly luis loi red lij tbja n ■- cessitien of tho pefïlé. ai d wê it& eöüftdeu$ tlmt Uiia wil do for thi'iit nll tlt;it ineU(clnc pan do. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, TOK TIli: liAl'II) OURB 0L? Coiijflis, Col Ia, Iiiíliioiizn , I?onrscikes8f Crouj, ÏSioiKliit is, IiitipUiit Cojl8iim]t Ion, aiil lor i lie Ïït-Utf ut" ion 9 nm pt lxc ï": t i ent i 1 1 n ï v n (- ï Stages or the Distase. Thit Is n rerrn i fwn ít B.nrpan nny othcr for the enre of thitnü ;n'l hing mplaints, tlmt it ie nseless hei o to puhlial) tin1 'inreTil" iis virtiu s. 1 ts uniivnllpil exci-UcTiri! for roUfhs and co]d. und iis Inily vonOerftvJ Cftrts of pnlmon:ii'y dlaenge, have Buide it lenown tiMntgliout tin cfrtlized nntions uf the ca'.ih. mmuniHes, oï even CidiUjps, ann ng tht-m wbo li:r. , ■!- nal exwtrnce of iticflects - ■ome living trnfiy 5n ihcir niid&i of iCs vfójory over the Bubtle and dnngeions disordi-rs of tho thrrgtt'ttnd liuips. As all know the drendfnl i these disorder, and as ihey kuow, too, tlie effi ctof thig reirifdy, we nt-ed not do more llmn to assure tliem tli:tt it has now uit the virtucs tlmt it did have whftD nüLliïnji the cnrafl wblcb havo won ! stronfHy nptjii tho oonftdenM of mankind, Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., LoweU, STass. Au 1 t 'i s.ii-' I y Maynarö, Stebbing & Wüson, [ARKAN'D, SHEtKY .; CO., Uitrolt 809.1-1 .1 II. nilïl'.ll.I,, Tr.nv'!l!ngí(ioiit. RISDOX & I1ENDE11SOTÍS -S THE GENUINE STO VE. U'o wish to cal] the altention of the public ;o iliis celebrated COOKING STOVE! fflii h is]llic only poi'fcct stove nade. It will I do more i uííucsí wiih ono Ihird les fuel ' than any othcr STOVE uiade. From tcstiiiiüiiy given by the pirsons refi'i'i-iM to below, on account of its üimibility and í Puel Savisig Quaüiies, i it lias proved a S!ving ffom I Twelve To Twenty Dollars jct year. W wonld reler you to tUe fullowing list of PERSOSS YllO HA VE TIIEM IN USE: ?rof. Tap[ian Ann Arbor. ] .ïol:n F. Miller, Ann Arbor rof.ï 1, " J. Oilbcrtïmith " 'rof. WiocheU, " J. T. Aul!s, " frof. Ooiif'ius, " Joscp!, Wattt, " Llpheua Pelch, " T. WiUdnaon, " Km. B. Martin, " Mrs. S. Donton, " tichM Booper, O. HawkinSj " 3oB.B.F.Orang6r.f C. A.Chapla. " I. V. MnyiKiril, " Cbarles Thayor, " f. L. Stebbíns. " Martín Clftrk, ' J.B.Wilüon, " A A , (ra. O. Welcb, " Thomas Wood, Pittsttcld. ' ín. i: .T.v.;im::i--," Alvreton Drory, ■ f. ('hap'u, " Jacob IVliicmus, Scio. !. H. Wood, " N.C.C.o.lali, " füscpli W. Wood, " Mr. lV-lli-rs, b'haron. We have on hnml a lfirge assortment of the aest kinds of Cuoking, Parlor and PLATE STOVES;' and a general assortment of HARDWARE AND TIN WARE, nd Bont stuff for Carrinc;e vork. Particular Utention paid to filting np Earetrough and Oonductors, and all kiuds of Job work done t the Shortvst Not ice. RISD05T t HENDERSON. ! Ann Arbor, 1861. TO WHOMIT MAY CONCERN. OlvXlSTXBXJS -FjJEIJB, PUF UNTrRB8TïNEfl, Hotel Proprioton !n tliis city ■! J. Arm .Viii. r, rwpeetfull j aonounoe to the pub1ic,that m nnJ af: . ■■■ - : .i:inn:i: v, 1802, TEN CENTS F A RE. iill be.ehftVgAÏ tooarli vubvnty p'r."n carrit-d (naml ■18, by tb Omoil'UI I a. CO0K, Cool'i Hotol. ir. lURSTOW, Franl lis Ho Abii Arbor, Po'. Wtli, XA. 832tf Mort gage Sale. DEFAT'I.T haring been made in the conaifion mortgftge mado bv Williain W. AuninKhna u Annin to Charlen Delovhoweruan and íÍ? tusSam . bruajry tótb, A. D. 1857 Pee i in tho office ol ogi ter of Deeds for the ciottntTlj Washtenaw, Michigan, Fobruary lint. A. D ï&v? m the foreuotm. in UUer Zi of nrtn,M l 3:0.andwhich mortgage, by wrtting, dated j,,,1 , : lst. UG8, wi ■ . y ai.l mortifORt+jitoAloh Clavk, underirigaed; mm the said ftssigntnent ih 1 day ut i ís date at one anti a i , ■ii(i Rcgitcr' uffi ■ e 735: tJpoo wliichmS a.ii1 unpaid m the datoofikw Lho slim ui' oiue liunüred ninoty t!irt'o'dr h nnrl tUiitj-three cents, anl tin furthor ihatalhnont! "lefglily-tlireeand 33-100 dolían wth . ' i.-t become4tJÏ yt-iiT Iri-üi Km n:iiii(-i ij.,tf. simI noguitor prw Ing at ïaw have been iastituted t recover the nn ■ ■ or anj part thcrent; NOxfZ therefoce bereby giveu tfcat by virtue üf a ,ywer sai.l mortgngo om ai nel, in oroer to realize lUe aimuí due on Baid tnortgae tnti cr wlth the interest accruiag f rom the date hereof iïi thecostsof Ibreclosure jn-ovMed for In .ail mortiS? I 8halscllat pnbhc auction to tho bigbent bidtW tho front door of the Court House (the place of unldín the reuil Cour) Por Waahtenaw County) In the citv r Ann Arbor, ín ttaia connty,nn the 28th day o jt „ two o'clock in the afternoon, the premie saidmoi nbed,situat in Washtenav ConJ! to-wit: All that certain tractor parcM f land ícnow cribed a followa,to wit; The north -oaA i,ui_ ter of section r.umber twenty ('20) in toWnshJp nuahei four Routh of range No. four (4) eaet exceptingaud-. wrving alwaysircm the opera non of f hit imirufncot a boul forty one and a half aerea from the suuth end aeretoforc conreyed by Epkraim Gilbert and KmahJrokina :y dee ! ctated May ?th, IS0 (for dt-seri tlon of vrhtabaee said deed,: Also exceptiog and r" f quarter Kenoo btih tofore deeded to JamoHCramiiton: Afao ezeeptíiu 191 an-i throe-tenth.i (3 10) ! ol gaid ter section heretofore deeded to Kubin Brownell: Also - srnd reserving about ivtth acres of thenotth eat corner of said quarter iecti&ii heretofore flold and dcedcd to John Mills, mafcinr , jiiuount cl" land hervby conveycd about iiimty four 'í'íj aerea be the sarne moro or le: j' granting ;uvi c d rey ing hcrebytu the 6aid partios of inï second part, thch heir.i or assignfl.all Üie rights tij ich eaiÖ part; of the firstpart m-iyharw I tngwaierand ü.nvitict lands for üss 10(J 9 of propelling machinery for r.-JH or for iv othcr purpose. " " M.i NZO CLARK, Assi?nee E B WooD, Alt'yfor Awlgnr. Dated, March 20,' 1862. g15l)j Mrtgga Salo. TEFAÜI.T haring beer. made in the conditton of L morlgHge laude by Wíliiam W.miin an.1 Elin M Anutn to Williiun K i:.utlctt under the name and &tyb i ol Wülaiii BarUett, dated August 23.1, A. I. 15-i V, : h,A.D. 1666,at onA'elock, I'. ï tceof Register of i pedaor Washtenav rouai tv, Michigan, in Líber :3 of ra trtgages, page H7 atid . i by Mid mnrtgajf e to the underafgned, a íoa Clark, by wri ng,da1 I8th, A.D 161 ït,t I March 2-ith, A. Iï. 18K21, at eight o'clock iti t)i ' i ÍOce in Libn 23 (.f tnon pagellT, upoG i;e there is elumod dueand unpaid at tho date of thln notice the .m of oneliundredand ñlty ne dollars and sixty centa anj no snit ■ at law having been instituted ri the recovery of fi.iid dejjt secured bv s-iin nnrtgaEecr any pari thereof Nt tice tlierefnre is ht r-by pven tbat oathe i8th daj of June next, rit two o'cïock n the af. i by rlrtuc of a power contaïntd in naid mongago n order to reahza the sum of uumey nam due a-a íiío; -,ijij on Baid mortgage togethttr with i u teres t accruing and costs of toréelos ure pmvtaj foc In ge, I hall s-U at. public auctioi to thehiffhest bidder at the fr.:it door of t.,e Cog Houte (the place of holding the Circuit Court for VVub tenaw County) in tho city of Ann Arbor in sawl county ; ;age flescribe(ï, viz.; All thát ' ccrtaiii tnct or parcel of land knovn and deMcribed u foUows. to-wt. Mtuutcd in the towuship of Bridge. 1 ter, i thccuntj "f Washtenaw and State of Micbigu, I knowi) ;!■ be:ng a pai f of the north eat quarter of i. I Uon number twenty, in towushipnumber fuur southof range numbrr foureast ; bfginning; south one degret Jim) thirt miDufea ea1 ' n chains and sixty links fron quarter pol In north line of snid section, twenty it a certaln yellow oak tree, running thenco along quafter section line south one dogree and lliirtj' minutes r,t , niiifteen chains and thirty-eight links to a atake ia j frtíin whích a y ello w oak tret bears nrtrth i tliiriy-three and oto half degreea cast fifty five linkj, i theoca nnrlh neventy ntne degrees and iliirty minutrt cast iive chains and lilty links to a yellow oak tre marked, thence north ten degjres, west ninety-five linki to a stako, thence nrth BÏxty ntne degrees east nina cbftisá and ixtytwo links to a statie, thence north iifteen derces vest seven chains and nfty links tf a i t;iin thorn tree or bush standing on the eouth bank of eer .Mills mili pond, thence nlong the bank or hhore of said pend, at high water mark, to place nf beginaingi containing nmetcen ncres and throe tenths ti nn scre of land. The abovc desenbed eoursefl are MttV matcd from true merldlan allowancej) beiog made of tvo degrees for rariatiou of needie June, A. D. 1851. ALONZ0 CUVKK, Aüsignw. K B Woon, AttV för As&ignce. Datcd, March 24, 1862. 85id Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OT MICHIGAN, Countt of WAsirr:irAW, ks:In the matter of the Esta te of Patrick Hoban,of tht County of Washtenav ín the State of Michigan, Dcccasei Notice i hereby given, That in pursuance o. au order granted to the undersigocd. Executor, of tho Estateof Raid doceased, by the Htm Juóge of Probate for tía County of Washtcnaw, on the twentv-eightb iaj of March A. D. 1SI2, there wül be sold at' public vendor, to the highest bulder, at the South door of the Court f In the City of A nu Arbor in the County of : said .State, on Satnrday the tbirtyöru ds A O. 1362 at one o'clock in the afternoon cf lh;it day, (subject to uil encumbra nces by mortgjgenr otherwise wcistixig t the time cf the de.iih of siid dcïceasf-l.) the íollowmg described Real EstnU' tn wit: Sitúalo 1 Ín theTownsbip of the County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, all thnt coitnio pleca or parcel f Und known and designatod as tli North -west qnarter of the South -East quarter of Stion tbwe in township one South of Ranga íix. Kt, containïng forty acres, be the same more or less. i'ATlíICK WALL, Kxecutor. Dfttod, Sfarcíi 28th,ltó. Commissioners Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wajhtenaw, u nndersignec! having been appointed by the Pr. bate Court f'T eaid Couiity, CoroïDiasioners to icceive, taod adjuetaU claims and demandft of 11 pernt the ostit of Jos i ah P. .Slat, 1ste of ili Township of Sharon, in said County, dvceaKed, lifroby gWú notice that aíx menths ftoifl date, are, by ! order f:' the said Probate Court, nllowed for croditorsto , present tlicir claims againsl -il deceafed, a ad that ! y will meet at the residence of Mrs. Mary Jo í SI ;'', widow of eJd dreeased, in the township of Soar u. in the said county, on Saturday, the ninctcfDth d ty of July, and atu:day, the oightcèTrth :lay"of OctoD . . ;n one o'clock 1', M., of each day to receiro, examine and aljust Kaid claims, Dated, April 1P, 1SC2. 81?4 Roal Estáte íor Sale. STATF, OF MICHIGAN, County of Waahtenaw, "■ In the mntier of the Estáte of John Fohèy, Jr., Hlchnel Fohey. DftTldFobey, James Fohey, EUen Khey and Sarah Fohey. minors, of tlie County of Wa:.!... . [nthctAteof Michigan. Nottce is hcrebj p1 en, that in pursuanco of au order graniet! to tlii on dersigned, Thomní I-Jirl, guardián ol the Estafe of %vA .'.-. the Hon, Judge of l'robate for the County of Wnshteoaw, on the second day of May, A.D. 18p"-.theri will be old at public ven-lue, to the higlieat biddef, the South door of the Couit House in the Cityof 4nn Arbor, in tho County of Wasbtenaw, in paid ?tu, on s.-i' ::r lay, the twenty-eighth day of June, A. I). 1 .:. al 1 n'clock in the afternoon of that day, (sab eet to all encumbranc( s by mortgapro or othcrwise j isttigatthe time of the sale.) the following describrf ' EDstato to-wit : All that certain i.iece or parcclif ' land sitúate l5lngandTbeing in ihe Township of Northfield, county of Waahtenaw, Michigan, and boing roon particulnrl v liiHMvn and describeü as the South-e [juartcr of the North-west quarter of section sixtwo township one South of range ttx Kist. THOMAS i:RL, Guanüan. Datod, May 2, 1S62. Mltd General Land AgencyPERSONS war.tingfarmsjor residenccU n orne tnnArbor,cnn by callingonme electfrom Ül ifover 1OO Farms For Salel DfVarioUFSizes trom 3, to 13C0acresaacfa ;(om if goodasanviuthii Connty.) Morrthac SO I)vtliUK llotises it hieCUy.fromtwo hundred to fourthouianíiíO'' ineach: and over ZOO EÜILDING liOTSi Imonpthcfnrms are the BUhcpesarm , liïOOtei lic Potter fitrm, in (ïronnOak, the Placefarm,1 (4)acrei,thcRlandonand Jcnksfarm, in Webiwr, be Stubbs, Michael Clany, Newton B(ïegan,_no Fftllahoi farms. In Ann Arbor: J . Kir.gtífíj'4 ïri nIittfifm[d-thíHatch and Tllck farms lu Loöi;tw ►atrlckClayufarm In Frnndom; W. 8. Davln. .. ï. Bakers and Buck's fsrma inylvan. MoH-J bese nd many otbers can be dlvidedto 'tirchhBer „ E. MO.IGAN. AncArboj. Jnn lat. 1PM " SECOND WINTER STOCK! D. L. W001) & CO., HAVE JUST OPEXED A LARGE & WELL SELECTED STOCK OF Seasonable Goods, For ihe FALTj & WINTER Trtdc, Haviag pnrehased their stock at much 1m ,han the usual price, tlioy oro ]repard t fféï GKEAT JNDUCEMENT3 To Cash & Ready Pay Buyers. Thnnkful for past fnvors they t:11 be fr ready to show their Gooda and by fnir nu liberal dcaling hope to reeeive their full sh'r f the public patronnge. West sido of publio square. A-nn Arbor Dcc. 1SG1. , __ i; jiHK SESS1ON LAWS for tl vnr 1S02 hvffl lic proper (.flliH-rs. , R. J. MTUU'.Couatj HKk. Ai u .i ■


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