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Visit To The Church Where Washington Was Married

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CurreiK'ii'lriü-i1 of il"1 '. Y. Hcrald. Cami' neab White Housu, ) Virginia, May 18. TiiL-j be'iBg Suuiiay, ït lias been very quiet in cainp. Tbü duy, liowei-v, ïas been oiiü vt' glorious luvcliac.-s, tho incet aml enjoyablü tlay, in fact, hat the regiments havo enjoyed thus io their sojourn oü tho Puninsula. - Ihe cuiiüsity about tlie ''Whito Uüusü" and othgr poirtfs of interest iq iho itn-; mediato vicinity havlng been satisöedj r large ïumibi-r of oJEcers to duy visited St. Pciter'a Uiiuicd, about Uo r.tsd i half miles ilistaiit, ineiiKrabl, aa :.- wull known, u hletory as beiog the churu'i in which the minortal W::snington w;is Hiarried.. Tbb ride by eitfier one pr thj other lyo roada ia through tho oost deligbtful and iuturcsque porlioti of the Península thut iias vet lallen unIer inv observation, The old ehurch tself, on its eonunanding elevation, and uvu'oued by inaininolh caks and atatoy pines, and shrubbciv ana gravetooes, was the central object of interst. I need not describe its qiutint tiuctu'ro, Gotliic windotr, arebwd doorvays of the poreh, plaia wooden step, )laip ceihngs, rnde wooden banebes, )ulpit devoid of ornament, neat chanal and tho baptisfaal font. ïlie houghts were not of' tliese, as tlioy are nostly of modern introduction, but upon tbe old bnok vvalls, the coroiced nd tjme-searecl roof, and the old tabets either eide of the chancel; for it ras within ibose walls, underneath this ooi and within sight of tliose tablets, bat WaJtbJBgtOB, was united in the io!y bonds of rnatriraonv to tliat Marr bat whoee nauie 3 now as inseparablv inked' to tliat of Washington as is bis o umiortality. I saw on one of' the bricks the iluto 1710, which is said to be the date of' ita erection. The oldest tombstone is dated back as far Be 171G. The last services held iq tho church wero about a rnontli ago, the Kev. Mr. Ilepner, the rector, having suspended seivicesand gono over to Secesaiu, In the ceighborhood of the church is a finoold Virginia mansiou, the sole occupants of which novv are five females. It is now in charge of the provost guard, as aro all the dwellings heroabout. The ladies, all of whom have husbands or lovers in the rebel civmy, utter seceBh strong, and sqy that the enprpv wil] fight at Richmoni] to tho last gapp.


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