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One Hundred Years Ago

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Ono pnndrcd years ago thero was not a single whitü man in ühio, Indiana, or Illinois Turritones. Theo, what is now the most flourishing part of America, was as littlo known as the mountains of the Moon. It was Dot unül 1709, that a hunter of Kentucky, the gailant and adventurous Boone, left bis home in N"orth Carolina to bocome the first settler of Kentucky. - The first pioneer of Ohio d!d notsottlo till twenty years after that time. A hundred yeara ago Canada bclonged to France, and the whole population ot America did not oxeeed a miilion and a hálf. A buodred years ago Ihe great Frecleriek of Prussia was performing those great oxploits which have inado him immortal in military annals, and with his little monarchy was RQstaining a single-lianded contest with liussia, Austria, and France, the tlireo graat powers of Europe cnrnbined. A hundred years ago ibe United Staten was the most loyal part of the Britisb Empire, and no pojitioal horizon no speek indicated tlie struggles which wilhin a score of years thereafter estu'olished the greatest republic ot the world. A hundred yoars go there was but foor newspapers in Aiiierica ; steani enginos had not been imagined, and railroads and teljgraphs had not enteret) into the remotest conceptions ói man. When wo come to look baok at it through thfi vista oí history, v;a find that tho cyntury which has pasaad lias been allotled to moro important events tfl tlieir bearing upon the bappim irorld, tlian ahiiost any other vvhich bas clapsed since the preation. A hundred yeara hetice, wbat will be tho devtilopraents ?


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