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i:'.v Yokk, M.y 10. IV.-w:; íYj:u North Carolina states that Uov. Clark has rofusod to furnish, any inore trompa f or Jeff. Dayis, and has recajletj :,li iliL' Nui-'.h C:rcliuasoldicrsuow in tlu; rebel army. North Carolina has held a. Cüaveiition of' its citizens and proncmnced againtit giving further lid to the rehellion, tiras vr!i.;aíly returuipg to the Union. In reply to tl;o dpniand to Jeff. üaviji'ü' udditiotisl troops and mcans of transportatioa for liis ariny to and thro' the cotton Statog, (iov. Ulark said tliat Uavis had reoeived ail the aid from Xo.-th Carolina that ho could expect, and that lioreafter na more troops tró'nl'd be perloittod o leave the StilTO, and lias ordercd ftll tho North Carolina troops hom. Gov. Clark a!so informad tlie rebels that thoy eould use the railroads in returning liomowards, and that tliey cimld run their own risk of being fntércepted by a ]Jiiioii foroc, at any part of tho y late. JSÊT" Ik was readirvg tbe eveniog ■ when ho suídenlj oscla' " J)id yon over ?" and read aa ioïfdvrs-: " Tho s'ci:il jxiiii-i! iiTi'sied a yOutijj tiian, yesterday afïorno n, lor walking Oli the border;; ín tho publio garden. - Mrs. Partington looked :;. "Wull, t Uon't rhiignify inncli whero d(ne peoplo board, Imt I anppose the luifels tniirl lio full to dapletirtn i! thoyV,; got tu . larcicrss ;j sucli epod situatioiis. Mr GuKin, no doubt, mnkes góod bedsfor tliem in lus ofeservatory. 13nt wha't (lid tlicy do with 1 1)0 oülpnt ?'' " It dr.u'i ;.;.y," re] I èd tko, " luit I güüss th.'v made liim tnke nn path not to do it ifjiiin, and let liim go." Ikc raist'd the papur befoi'u liis face ncd chuckled, as lic mentallv (.■xcliiimcd : " Big thing qii tho od usdy f" C3? "Down the out.side,"as tho fiddjer .sajd yhpu hg ioi! uL(t the wjndow. '


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