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The Closing Scene Of The

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Mac - ïhe ii:i3tur'ri piae and ruimer ot' the JVJeiTimac hare arrived at l'ortress M On roe from Norfuik, and the correspoudout ot' the Philadelpbw Tnauier gWcs au acoount of an iutemew wittt them They teil uu iutcj-esüng story. o cop3 . The Merrimae, aeeording to arrango inent, cunie down, at to fi-jht, hut to cocer ti-i relroat which was thuu gomg 00. Tho offioers knew that the (j:i!e;i:i, A''stook and l'ort Koyal lind goue up th-3 James lliver. Upoij Bafurday night a ooiJEultatiou toofe plasc on boafd th Merriinac. Tlio officors all becauit; intoxicated, and ii tb'Ls eónditiou debatcd what the Southern cbivatry should (l with their vessel. The conférencceniioJ with tho determinati m in blow her up, and desti-oy one ot' the rebolïion's greatest hö] rent vrastlrc uvyy of the debarkation that notljing but tho officer1 and njOBs' tiloi-fs tecra rcmipved. 'J'hey diJ üot even ipike tlfl gans B v:is their jntentiqn. '4''"; the looka and íuijusíing the sïoyt mate!), lei't their dot to nor ÏMgioriuns fato Tiie-guniTer had with hini uil tbd locks of tlie bon' livot gun, and also a sword beiongiog to ono 'ot' the oilieer;; of the vessel. g-'ntli!man v.-ith il !■ tropbies, olierod the Ive dollars f'or th.; pivot tock, which was aeuejted, afÉur niucb. hesitution.


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