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The Homestead Bill

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a u corroet oopy i ■ : - ■ . '■ ■ I I Au Act tu Secure 0 l AcftuPublio Doitíai, iñid lyfof Sotdiere iulieu oi ' ' he Public Lan'ds. ■ ■rescntidtccs cf .'■ ;.' ; That iti i!ie Load of a f.iniiiv, ;r wlljQ Ii::h Wrived ftt tfae IrgO Óf tweriíytnd s a citizon of the Uutted who bkull Líí.' !iicd Lis declai.iid'.i ci' iHcntiOD to beoomQ eueh, as )i'i!rfJ by tho natucalis&tion laws of .lited States, and who has never aniis against tl-j United States pA urtimi'üt, or riven aid and comfort to itSfdncaiies, sb udafter tho lst if rl ;■; sííií-v, J tli-1.. bc onlitled to enter une quarlur soution, or a losa quantity, of : unoppropriuted mblio latida, upon whieh ; muy :ivc íilod i pve-ettip li'üi dal: i, or v.hich nuty, at the time :. 'sit-utiou is mndo, be subject to l.i'ü-ciüpíiuii nt c i. ;."), cr tess, per acre; or eightj acres or less of Bueb príated íauds, al $'2,&0 per acre, to be located iu a body, in eoní'oniíity ío the I gal subdviioijs of the publio lands, and I after tbü sau:u sfcall have been survej'ed : PruviikJ, Tliat ;y pcrsüU ov.'iiing ilid .■■.'_L Ou laüil ii;:y, undet tho provisions oí' this act, er.ter otlicr latid lying couiigíUQUí to bis or Itcr said laúd, whioli thall i:ut, with til a ;;nd no already owui'd and oei'upicd, exceed iu the ag: 88. Si:iTix -. And be U fttriher enaded, ThsM benelit cf this act símil, üpop applicalion to the ter of the Land üfliae in which ho or the i about lomako sueli entry, mukc aflidavit belbre the said Kcgistor or iioceiver that ho cv she is the head of a fnmiiy, or is twentyone years or more of age, or sluill have pcrforiued service in the army of the United States, and that lic has nevar borne arma against the govi rnweiit of the Uulted States, or giveu aid ai)d comfort to its eüoïnies, and that Haid ::pplication is made for tho purposo of actual scttltincnt and cultivation, and ï.ut cithtr direetly or indirectly for thi nse or boücfit of any othotfpereoa or persons whom?oever ; and apon filtDg the said affidaïit wiib flie ltegister or-Receiyierj and on ;.■.■■.:■.■ -... tf 510, !ie or .-hu hall thcrouprii bo pcr.nitted to enter ntity of land specified : Provided, ftte shall be givcn ir ptftenl iisued therefor untilthees piratiun of five yeara fröm the date of íu-heníry; a-ud'-if, at tüe e.xpiration of sii'.'h time, or at any time within two yoars theroattci-, the person making súch entry - or if he be duad, his widow; or in case of In-i' death, liis lieirs or devisoe ; or in caw of a widow making auch entr}7, her Irêira or dei bee, iu case of ber deaih - shall prove bv two crecüble. wituesSns há', ,sle, or thcy imve resided upon or cuhivated the su'.üe for the term of fr-o ; suceeeding tho timo oí tiilng tbe afBtiavit aforesaid, and shaü )ii.ii:f rji.l uit ih.i', tto part of said 'land M heen ahenaUd, a has borne true allegianes to tho govei nment of t! tal States ; then, iu sueh caso, he, she, or they, if ut that ti:-;e a eitizen of tho United States, sliíiü be entitled to a patent, . otiier casea jirovided for bjr law : prömded, further, That in the case of the death of botb fathcr and motber, leavinir an iafunt cliiid, or ohildren, un der twonty-ouc years of age, tho right or fee shall inuro to the benefit of said ini'aut child. or eliildren ; nnd the executor, adiïiinfigtrator, or guardián inay, at anj timo -withip. tyoyear3 aftsr tiio deaih of the enryiving parent, and in aceordance'i the la'.vs of tbe State m which such c'iildren for the time being may have their domicil, sell said land for the benent of said infanta, but íbr no otlicr parpóse; and tho purchaser shall aeqnir tho absoluto tille by the parchase, and be cntkled to a patent from the United States, on payraent of the office foOS aud eum of money hercin speciiied. . 3. And le üfuríher enaded, That the Kegister of the Land Office shaü note all sueli applications on the tract books aud plats oE his office, and keep a rokster of all sueh ■: ...1 moka ro tum'tlrereof to the General land : togcthcv wita the prDoi upou filiiyh tbey liavo been faundcd. SÍC. 4. And be ttfurthsr aiadcd, That no lauds ac-uired uüuer the provisions of this act shall ü any event become Hable to the satisfaction of any debt or debts contractcd prior thu üsu'ug of tl tent tlier . Éf. And be it farlher enacicd, That if, :it any time after tbe fiting uf the affidavit, as réquired in tlie sootioa of this net, and before t!io expiratiou of the five years aforesid, it siiall be provea, after thie uotico o the scttler. to the atfef&ptioa óf jlio Register of the Land Ullicc, tluit the persou Jiaving iiled such affidavil h'iall have uetually obauged bis or lier residence, or abandonad tlio said land, Bh all have ccased to occupy said land for more 'than six moaths at any time, then and in that ovent the land Blrill revert to tbe goveniment. . u. Aid be il furlher ciw.tcd, That no individual sball be pernjitted to acquire titlo to more than ono quarter Beotion uudur tiio provisions ot' tliis act; and tbat tlio Commissionc" of the Gouer al Lnd (Jfficc is herc-by réquired to prepare and issue such regulatiuns, consistent ii tiiis act, as shall be neeessary and proper to carry itd provisions into effect : au'i that the Begislers and lleceivcrs ot' the several Land Offices shall bo enti tlcd to receive the sanio compensation fjr auy lundd eutered nader the provi of this act that they are now eatitlcd to roceive whon thasame quality of' land is cütred with nioney, ono half to be paid by tiie person making the applicxf so doing, and the othox haif#q the i.ssue of the certifícate by the person to wlioiu it may be issued ; bat this shail not be cönstrued to enlarge the máximum of cou;pensation now pre bed by law for any Uegistor or Ke ceiver; 'Pmcided, Tint nothing contaim . act sball beso coiistrued as to irapair ur mteffsre in any manner whatever v,:ith existiug pre-eniption rigbte; Axd pnovided, furthtn, Tliat all perdona ulio ibaj b&ve üled thcir applications&r.a pco-emptioa right prior to tlie pa;si;;u ot' tliia uct shall be entitled Mali tüp privileges ui tina act. Provided, J'i'.rilic-, Xhat no peraon who has Bcrved, or may hercüfter serve, tbr a pejiod of not Ijss than lourtoon daya iu the urray or iiavy of the United States, eiihur regular ot volanteen, uuder the laws tbereuf, during tlie cxistenco of an uctual war, douicstio or forcign, shall bo de].i;-ivcd of the beuefits of this aut ou account uf nut haviiig attaiued tlio age oí twooty-oue yeacs. SltC. 7. And lie itfurtlier enneted, That tlie fiftli sectiou of tlie aet eutitled " An uct íq addition to an aot more effeotually to próvido for tho puuiBliujent of certain criines agaiijst thc iJuited Slates, and for other pui-poscs,'1 approvoxl t!ie ;jd of M&füb, in theyeat 1857, shall extend to all oatlis, af&rinations and affidavits, ruiuire.d or authorized by this aet. S;:. 8. And bo itfurtlier enacted, That nothing in this act símil be so construud ai to j'it.'vout uny persan who has a vailecl Itíni or heeself of te benefit Of the lirst iuctiou of tiiiij aot f'rom payiug tlio I price, or tlio pneo tu which the in;iy have graduated, f.;r the quantity of land so eotcred ;it ;uy timo befui-o tÜQ expiraliou of the fiVe yoars, aud ning a patent therefor ft-oiu the goveninient, as in other casca provided by Uw, on making proof of Buttleiueftt and cultivation as provided by exist'mg laws granting pre-emption rights.


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