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The Fight At Front Royal

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JLSALTIMOKB, Jliiy -O. Two mcnibers of Keoley'd regiment havo arrived in this city. Tbey repttrt they wre attacked by a largo cavalry forcé onder A.hby and several regimenta of infantry. The fight commeuced ;it 12 and continuod till night, whuiiiliojiöfauti y firce Bueoceded in purrounding them. 'ïho first iiiit and repulso look place cast of tfae Shonandouh, und linuing the loroa too great, he retreatöd to llio wust sido, dcetroying the principal bridge. Ou thu wcri .-ido oí tlio river lio made ánother stand, and Kuapp'a Battury moved the rebels down with shells and grape. ThtiV fired ia all noarly 200 rounds. Kenley received a ínuskot sïiot in the neyk during the first atta-ck, but oontiuued uu lior.seback until the closo of thu da)1, wliun he was placed ín an ambnlanca, perluctly exhaustod. The last fight look place, about four milee thÍ3 8idö of Front Ruyai, hie efiort boiug to fiill in order, expeo.ting rt-infoi-cemeuts momeutarily from Qon. Banks. A inember ofKnapp'e Battery who oscaped saya the Muryland regiment fought bravely and tbajt Colunel Ken-' ley led them treqaently to bayonet ■ charges. Ho alsp says that on the third approaoh of Ashby ho disr. layod a white Jhig untiJ withm piatol range, hen CoJonel Kenloy ordered to cense firing. Tlio v. hito flnj; was Ihen thrown di;wnj and Ibe enemy rushed on our troops, culting and sla=hing and rcfasing uil "juíirter Lieuienant Colonel Pucharte and Mjr Miller are both reportod woundüd and prisoners.


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