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Gen. Bank's Retreat

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Washington, May 2G. Tho foüowing was leeeived at the War Department al 12 1'. 31. Wn.r.iAMSPoitT, M;.y 26-4 P. M. To thu President : I havo ihe honor to report tho safo nrrival of my comtnand at tliis place last oveiiing at 10 o'elock, and thu passage oí' lbo Fríth (Jorps aoross tbe iiver to day with coinpurntivoly littlo loss of men in killed, woundod and missing in the different combata in wliiuh iuv commnnd lias participated sinco the maren from Strasburg on the rnorniii"' of the 2-Hh. I am unablo now to report, but hae great ftfttisiaction in being ablo to eay that, althougb serious, olir loss is muc'h less th'.:n mig-bt havo been anticipated, oonsidericg the very great disparrty of foroes enguged, md the long muture'd plans of tho enemy, wtiich aimed at nOtbing less Ihan the entice capture of our torcos. A. detailed statement will be forwarded as soon as possible. My command eocounteccd the enemy in a constant succession of tttaeks and in vvell contosted engagetnents at Sti'asburg, Middletown, Newton, at a poillt betwecn these places, and at Winchc-íUT. The force of tho enemv was estimated at from 15,000 to 20,000 men, with very etrong artillery and eavulry supports. Aiy owo force con sistcd of two brigades, less than 4,000 sting, uil told ; 1,500 cavalry, ten Parrot gune, and bíx Bmooth boros. 'l'he substantial prestrvation of tho ontire supply train ia a souree of gratih'catkm. it numbered about five hundred wagons on a forcee! march of fiftythree miles, tbirty-fivo of wbicta were performed in ono day, subject to constant attack in front, rear and flank, aceording to its position, by the enemy in full force. In Uio panics ot teamsters and the rnischances of rivet passage of more than three nundred yards, wiili slander preparations for fording and f'cny, I lost not many more thun ii l iv wagons. Ouf troopa are in good spirils-aüd occupy both sides of the nver.


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