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School Discipline--rights Of Teachers

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On the 15 tb. inst., Mr. C. B. GftANT, Principal of the Union High School of this city, w.ts invjtüJ on a charge of assault aml bnttery. Tlic complaint was made by il. E. II. BowER, sou of Henrï BowiCR. The caso canie ou tbr trial on Saturday moruing last, and was coinpleted on Muuday evuning, havÏDg occupicd two f u II days. The coniplaint was groundcd on the forcible ejeetion of the complaiiiant from school. The defeudant justificd bimeelf for thu ejoqtion, and put ia proof a rule adopted by the School Board authorizing the suspension of pupils for certain acts or conduct; tbafeyoung Bowur had been suspended under such rule ; tbat the School Board had refused to remove the suspension and re-instat.e Bower ; that in deiiance of such action of the Board ho persisted in attenJing school, and that he, Güant, ejected hita uncinr the express order of the executivo otlicer of the Bo:ird. The oomplainant's couusel claimed that the Board liad no power to suspend or cxpel a pupil ; that if it had the power,the suspension in question was not properlv made; and further, that it had been romoved by the Board. Tho case was 'annly aai] zeulousiy contestad on but'u ïdi-s, and wiis given to the jury nbout 9 o'clock p. m., of Monday, Tho jury was absent but about half an liour, ulun it rendcred a verdict of oi QuiUy. TJm tri;d wns largcly attended from first to las!, and whoi: the verdict was anucunced it was rèceived with the raost unmist;:kcable signs of satisfaction. ín faet thepresence of the Court did not cstruin bursts of clioers. whieh wcro ïnrtrd all over tho city, ana starled ju!ot itizens from thoir bed.-s, who riuhed down towu" Gxpeciing to he;ir that iViisliington or Richmond was taken. - We record thia verdict, and tlie ap)roval it so openly elicited, siinply as evdence tbat the courts, juriss, aud peoplo f our city are determined to sustain School Board and Teachers in overy just nd reasonablo oxerciso of power to maintain tlie discipline of our schools. VW The Bultimore sccessionists bociitne rampant tlio othcr day over the unnouncement tbat Col. Kanley'a rogi ment had met a defoat witli severo oss, nnd tliat tho entira división i' Gen. Bauks was ín iull rutreat down he valley of Shenandoah. Antieipatng tho spccily invasión of Marvlaml nud tho capture of buth Baltimore and Washington they bccame iusolent in hcir rejoicings. But tho Unionistb-did not flinch, anti tho srcessionists vvoru ompolled to hido away. Many wero jnockud down in tho streots, and the suspected newspaper odíeos were comlüiled to sliow thu Union flag. 'J'hu laople with tbo cily nuthorities were ablo to put down all disunion demonstrations without tho aid of Gen. Dix and Lis reliablo " soldier boys." lap A cali has been iseuod to all interested in any branch of Natural Ilistory, including Geology, to meet at the University Obape), in this City, on Tuesday, Judo 24, (the day befoie commancement,) at 8 o'clock, A. M,, for the purpose of organizing a Scientific Association. The cali ia extended to all scientifio studonts, professional or amateur, residente of the Stato, and to all former students of tho University, residente of othcr States. A museum is contemplated, andja system oí collection and exchange by members. {3T Tho Washington Bcpuhlican, an organ of Iho Sunmer stripe, beldé that tho proclamation of Gen. Huntku actual!y frecd the slaves of South Carolina, Georgia, nd Fbrida, that the President " can not undo" the work, nnd that Iris repudiating proclamation is only an opinión. And the Dotroit Adreriisrr gives editorial prominente to the II' publícanos " '.ay." Uoes the Adteriistr sweai by iinreotje or Huntkh ?


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