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Dear I5i!0tih:h : i .:ub. At -1 o'clccl:, on Tueíjdny inornÍRg last, wo struc1: tents, nnd once möro ' took our conrso towards Rie'hnion]. - The moniing was coul, and wtt Oaltored ourselvea that we were to havo u üsie dny for marcbihg. Af er imvretiing for a uiilo, our divi.sion was brought to a halt by running rato nnothur divi ion, whieh liad éome i'rom Jforktown by land and was goitig th'e ."-arno way. Uure w ü loy for tinoo hours, when the contmajid w;is jriven, " fall ii," and iig&in wc werd cl". 'Vhe sun had i:ow come out in its iu!l poiwöi", and tlio tieat was intenso. Tliirty thoiisund soldiers were uow ubead of uu, beaidoa ;i vvhole traiü of wagons aed bmteriea th.'it bulonfrod to the dii.-ion Tlio r(ia(.!s vc!■o perfuetly dry, ;uid j the dut tliat was ais'jd Betiled down, ; upoti ue, bo tluit it wa a lm out inposMble lo bfeathö: To add to tlii.s, the woodd vvoru on fire, und in placud tl. e sniuko was so thi.k that onu oüuUI inrdly sce. Oor mareli was neoessarily slow on ncccnnt oí the hirgo traint alicad of us. TIiü heat, thu smoke. and the dust, told hard oo thu men, and as usual, on niaiclics they eoinniencud to ligtttan tberoeelveaby ihrowing awny coats, blankets, and sometimes every articlo of' clothing that thuy could dispenso with. Men also begau to ful) out of al! tlio regi menta on iho marob, and by tlio limo we reached Cuniborland, I believothat th stragglors behind nright havo been counted by hundreds, and I do not kauw but I inight say by tbouaandd. At S o'ulock iu the eveDing we roaobed Quniberlttud - a small j,lace on tho Pumunkey river 1'2 milos, by land, f rom West Point. A f ter partaking of a lieirty sappor, made ( hard braad and cotl'ee, wo throw oursclvcs upon tho ground, with the panopy of hcaven Lív a cover, and I epjojred one of tl;e most Fefreshing ,-leeps that I bnve had since I have bcoii in the army. Oa Wednesday friorning, oarly-, it comnienced raining, and we had ;i etoady rain all áay. Luto in tlio day the whule army en:..tnpurl hore wás reviewed by Soeretary Seward and Gen. Ou ïhursday moriiing, aUhongh it ötill continuad to rain, we aguin fll in for i mareh. Thi.s time our destination was White House landing, soma fivo milos distant. As usual another d'.vision took tho load, and hen we struck the road we halted to lot it pass. Men, teams, oaonons, und horses passod by us, and we stood and looked on. Ttie grouod was lathor sofr, a cannon would get stuck in the mud, thon tho horses must be detachod, ropes attaehed, men man thorn, :i " long pull, a etrong pu 11, and a pull all togetber," and out it would come. For two boui'8 we slood looking on, while tho rain poured down upon us. Fiually ourColonel got disgusled wiih tb e rain and the mud, gavo orders to inarch ior tho woods back of us, ordered anus to bo stadeed, and the men to make themseh'es as oomiortablo a possible. Hero firea were built, aii'i Boqp we wero pil as happy askings. Once more the order was given to " fall i;i," and sooti we were on tho more again, now gpingi now halt ing for wagons to get out of our way, and finally carne to a dead halt The road was complotely blocked up with wagons and artillery. For two leng hours we stood in iho mud, aid raiD, when (ïen. BüTTBRFiüLD came along, and araVö our Colone! orders to march his regiment into the woods, and have tbem make tberasölvcs as opmiortable as possible, as it was impoasiblo to go any further that night. In iact, night vvus now upon us, wo had beon eight hours in advancing two miles and a half. Friday morning carne and once more wo starled ior our desLination, and at 10 o'clock in tho foronoon pitehed our tonta in a large clover íiuld, on tho ostato of Col. Les, son of Qui. Lee, both of whotn are n tho robel army. Of all tho roads that I ever sav, none equalod those tliat vo passed over yesterduy and today. White Üag9 wcre floating frora almost cvery house betweea West Point and this place. Men are rather scarce in these parts ; tbey liave all left with the rebel army. ün our marcb we pitíiscd through a DUÍTlber of large vvheat fields, also a number of cornfields. The eorn waa some two inches high. Tho railroad running from "West Poinl to Kichmond, cnisses tho rivor u short distante abovo onr canip. The rebels destroyed the bridge, but it is now bcing rebuilt, and in a feW days we shall havo railroad communicalion with Point. This a tho heaü of DayigatioD, and irbeu thu army leavcs hero it will havo to dopend upon this road for its supplios, - as it is mpossible to get thein by wagon over tliese roads. The river :.buve and belovv the " Whito IIouho" - tho fermer residenee ot' Col. Lee, but now the head qnarters of Gen. MoClellan- is crowded with transporta laden with supplies lor the army. May lTth. The rain has passed away, and it is fine to-day. Gen. Fuankmx's división has just started towards fiicbinond. Hichmond is, by railroad 21 railes from here, and by wagon road, 26. J, P. J53T" HOD. I. P. ClIRISTIANOY, Of this tí tatc-, has becn appointed one of the visitors to the Military Aeadumy at West Point. -■■- o i - gy Gen. Sigel has yone to Vash ington, and it ia said a coimnaiid is t be given him in th department of Gen ; Mcl)owKi,r..


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