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The Retreat Of Gen. Banks

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New York, May 28. The Ihiald has pretty í uil accounts of Banks' retreat, from itscorrespondoBt. Only ouo huudrcd and fifty men out of tiine liundrcd engagett, esoped from the Front lloyal fight. Forty of our soldiur.s, mostly sick, were capturad at New Town. Ouo namcd Daniel Dickersou, of tlio GUth Oliio, was killed. In the skirmish of Saturday tlic Maiuo and Vennoot Oavalry sutfercd sevcrely. Company A of the Vermont Cavalrj were all lost, captured or killed, exeept Gapt. Platt, lus Lieuteoant, and half a dozen mea, wbo made good their escape. Major Culiins is among the captured, and Major 8awycr, horse feil under him and injurcd his foot, made liis escape with uo farther mjury. Puring the Sunday figbt, which continued two hours before the letroat from Winchester, Uonnelly'a brigade bchavcd admirably and repulsed tlio enexny, but, being outilauked by superior numbers, they were coinpelled towithdraw. üur forees, Donnelly's Brigade on the lcft, and Gordoii's on the right, were iu posiüon along a gorge between two hills. The cuemy are said 10 have fought well. At oue point they carne up in a largo bollow ajuare, single file ou the front and back, and doublé iile upon cach sido. Marehiug up thus to with ia a ccrtain distance, thuy were ordered to halt, fix bayonets and charge, whieh they did in good orde Co!. Gordou and stuff are safe; also Gen. Williams and skiff. While retreating through Wiuchester the women fromhouses opencd üre with pistols on onr soldiers and killed a great many of. them. Lt. Col. Brown, 28th New York,is said to have been killed ; Col. Phips, 46th Pennsylvanis, wounded aod taken prisouer ; Col. Murphy, 20th Peunsylvauia, killed, and maoy others. 'i'iie column retieated in good order, pursued by the cnemy beyoud Martiusburg. The baggage train proceeded as far aa tlic Potomac, and inany of the teams liavc been conveyed aeruss on ferry buats. The operator :it Martiusburg had left tho town on the first rumor of a battlc at Wiuchester, and taken the iustruments ivith hiin. Thii whole town seeraed deserted; the stores were closed. Many Uuion people carne along with us, as did also the negroes. Geo. Banks was in the rear of the retreat, and a shell exploded only four foet from him, fortunatuly without iojuriag him. Winchester is reported to bc burncd. The ciien.y had stationed aforceat Berryville to prevent our retreating towards Harper's Ferry, and we were compelled to tako the roud to Martiusburg.


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