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A New Arrangement

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Being dcsirousof reudering all tho assistance in our power to tbc sick, in dispensing to their wants promptly - whioh Vfill be a desirable consideration as the sickly Beason approachos - aud at the game time for the purpose of better ob Bcrving the Sabbath- giving our dispensing Clerks an opportunity to attend Divine Service, as well as a release from the confinement thcy ara nccessarily sub jeeted toduring the week -We, the undersigned, Druggists, will on aud after June 7th, altérnate in keepicg our Stores open, on Sunday. Oonsequently there will be but one Drug Store open on thai day, commencing with Eberbach & Co., June 8th; Grenville & Fullcr, June 15th; Btebbins & Wilson, June 22d. The Public will always find a eard on the door of the Stores closed stating wliich one iï open, Stebbins & Wilson, Eberbaoh & Co. ÖBBNTILLE & FfLlER. ',.;; rii Êtid un uunouuooinsat in llie Jimp r.umbar of thu Aúeriam -Igriaéitttrut that, the Miihiga Farmer hasbetm nurgcd vviih ihal jiuiriin], ami tlmt tho JreT8nbscnberi uill rooeive the Agncultunst for ihe fulltime piid for. Tbe AgrieuUuriti m :o of the bost papers the 001111(17 prod andw congratúlalo the Farmer subseiibere od the exchango tbey liave i linde. JL3T On YVednesday a tckgraphio dUpatch was received from Wm, L. Loomib, DOW caring for Lis wounded son at Fortreas Monroe, reqiiestiug Mis. L. to come imiuediately thoro. She left 3'esterdny morBÍDg iocompaad bj her son, Q-EORQB, This indicates tliiit W h.i.ia.m's wouud is moro sjrious thafl wad bupposed. L3 3[r. Loomis wriles from Fortross Moa roe th:it James S. Lank, of Compaiiy I, 5th Michigan Tiifantry, vvho was wounded at Williamsburg, lias died ia tho hospital. He waa a brother of Ilon. Tnos. D. Lank, of Salem. L3ËT John W. 6b at, for many years - since 1S45 - publisher aud editor of that wl'11 kuown and popular democratie journal, tlie Clevelaud 1' aindealer, died on the líGtU inst. ■7 Beauüeoahd ís reported in Kiohmond. for the purpose of coníerriug with the rebel leaders as to lus futuro opcratious iu the southwesi. -m-é - - uw - i


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