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CARDS! CARDSÜ CARDS!!! H&Ting parchase! a Rcgülks Rotary Dumosd Card Press, with a fine issortinpnt of Card type, the Argtr Officeis prepared to print Cards of all kinds in tlic neatest possiblestyle and at a gre&t reduction f rom 'ormer prices,includiüg Business Cards formen of al irocationsamlprofessions, Rail, Wedding, and Visiting Crdi, etc, etc. Call.give us jrours orders and see how itis d'tie wn. strongNALL, DUNCKLEE & Co., WHOLESALE and RETAIL dealers in Dry Goods, Carpetings, Floor Oil Cloths, Feathers, Paper Hangings , and a general assortment of Furnisliing Goods, Ko 71 Woodward Avenue, Corner of Lamed st. , - - - PETROIT, MU-h . ta_Orders solicited an'l promptiyattended to-S 809yl RAYMOND'S Pliotographic and Fine Art GALLERY. Nos. 205 and 20" Jelterson Avenue, DETROIT. Photograplis,LifcS!ze, colored or plain, cabinet, imoerial, Meiainotypcs, I'sguerreotypes, Amlirotypes, c. 9" CARD PIC1UKES by the Dezen op Thou' I. O. O. F. ÏTTASHTENAW I.0DGE Mo. 9, of the Independent W order of Odd Fellows meet at their Lodgu Room, rery Friday evening, at 7i o'clock, E. R1CHARDSON, N. G. S. Soxdheim, Sec y. L. STÜBBS. IThoi.esauï and Rotail Dtlcr in Tobacco, Cigars Sc, VV MainSt.- sign of " B,g ludían," Franklin Block, inn Arbor, - - - Mictl3. G SUTI1ERLAND & SON, ITTHOMiSALK AND RKTA1I. Crocera and Conamission VV Merchante, East side Main Street Ana Arbur. TWITCHELL & CLARK. A ttornkys and Counsellors at Law, General I-ife and T. Fire Insurance ajjents. Oiïice in City Hall Block, n Huron Bt., Ann Arbor. Colk'ctions promptly made jidremitted, and special attentiun paid to conveyancing. D. 8. TWITCHELL, fïöÜI CLARK. j. mTscött. mbrotypk k PftoTOGKi'ii Artists, in the rooms formerly occupied by Cordley , over the store of Sperry t Moore Perfect satisfaction guaranteed. WINES & KNIGHT. DBALERsinStaple, Fancy Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, &c. &c, Main Street Ann Arbor. RISDON & "hËNDEBSON, DEALERS íq Hardware, Stoves. liouscfurnislung goods, Tin Ware &c. &c. , N'ew Biock,Miin Street. A. P. MILLS D faler in Staple Dry Goois, Grocprïcs, Boots and Shoes and Ready Made Clolhing, Huron Street Ann rborBEAKËö & ABEL, TTORNEYS & Cül'.VSEI.I.nK AT LaW, fttld SoUcftoTfl In rL ("lianecry. Office in City Hall Block, over Webster Co's Tioos Store, Ann Irbor KINGSLEY & MORGAN, A ttornkts, Counsrllnrs, Solicitors, and NotariesPubJl. lic, have Books and Plats sliowing titles of all lands fcthe jounty, andattend to conveyancingand collecting emaiids, and to paying taxes and school interest in any .rt of the BUte. Office castside of the Square. Ann Ar50 r. ___ Tames r. 00 ok, Jcsticeofthe PlJUX. Office nearthe Deoot, Ypsilanti, Michigan. - Wm. LEWITT, M. D., PHYSiriAV k BuftGKnir. Office at his residcnce, North Me of Huron street. aod 2d house West of División itreet, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIER, TAxuFAcrcRERand dealer in Boots and Phoes. 1 IVJL door West of the Post Office, inn Arbor, Mich. M00RE & L00MIS. Cínufactcrebs ati'1 icaler in Boots and Shoes, VI Phoeniï Bluck, Maia Street, One (Jour Nortli of Vahiugtm. M. GÜITERMAN& CO., ÏTTHOLESALEancl Retail dealers and mannfacTurers of V Ueady Made Clothing, Importen of Cloths, Cassioere, Dueskins, &c. No. 5, New Block, Aap Arbr. C. B. PORTER, mmi Scrgeox HnfffKt. Office corner of ïlaiu HV &ËmL """ tiron strt'ets over Bach's sture, üTP9V% Ann Arb'ir, Michigan. 4JJJLIX7 April, 1859, ' Wm. WAGNErT" Draleh ín Ready iíade Clothing Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Hals, Cap.s, Trunks, Carpet lïagfl, &c. Main %i , Ann Arbor. BACH& PIERSON. DEi.LKtis in Dry rools, Groceries, Hardware, Boots & Shoes, &c. , Main strpet, Ann Arbor. MAYNARD, STEBBINS cfi CO., ealkrs in Dry Good, Groceries, Drugs & Medicines' tíl0018 Shoe-i, &c.( coi ner of Main and Ann streels, iflt oei c w the E-changt', Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, 'iROCKHfi, PROVisiov k, Cominísfcion Merchauts,anddeaX Iers iu Watkr Lime, Lam Pla.steb, and PlaSïkk dv Aiiip.oue door Kast of Cook's Hotel. Ó7 BLISS, DBALKRinClockfi, WatchoR, Jtíwehy. and Fancy Goods, at thesignof the Uig Watch, No. 27, Phoenix Block. J. C. WATTS. Dealer nCIocks, Watches, Jewelry andSiirer Ware No 22, X. Bluck, Aan Arbor. T. B. FEEEMAN. Baebeb and Fasliionable Hair Dresser, Main Street, Ann Arbor, Mick. Hair Fronts and Cuils kept 'onfitantly on hand. SOHOFF & MILLEB. DKxtKBs in Vilscellaneoufl, Scboo). and Blank Ttnoks Sta tionery, Paper ilangiugs. kc, Main Street Ann trbor. D. DkFOREST. WUOLUULg and Retail Pealerin Lumber, Lath. Sliingles, Saelj, Door, Blinds, Water Limo, Grand River ?Uster, l'tanter 1'a.ris, and Nails of ail bízps. A full nd perfect a-tsortroent of the above, and all oiher (iu'ls of building materials constantlv on hand at the luwest possibe ïates, on Deiroit tript, a roé from the Railrosi I)p.t. Also opcratini; xtensivelj tl the latent Cement Uoofing. WASHTEIVAW COL'NTY B1BLE SOCIETY. rtcremoi of nibies and Testament s at the Society ' prico.s at W. C. Voorheis'. chapín, woo& cov SÜ?CESS0H8 TO MANUFACTiiaKRSOF Iriixt, Bools.. AND- ' COLORED MEDIUMS, 'CVrTn,j3jDiia.s Paper.rtJc. AiVIV AliliOU BI1OII. SPECIAL NOTICE TO OTTSTOIMEEie, S. Í Li. accounts ovt-r aix months must be sett!,-.'. i J 071CÍ. Cali tl.n oSe and pT Op . A well selet4ttoek of ,Vev Soodn ('Ij. :' i lui 8JHf MAYNARD , ST1ÍBWN8 .; WII.ÍON. U SS E SARATOGA EMPIRE WATER pos ín Itantton or PgpepKfft, Cooilipiitioii, Nervfmi Dohility, Loss of Appct 'le, ('oiiiibou Culds, diRftftnei of tlui Luogi, HeaÏ!Lcli, aud Feveritib'titüte of Ui? system . b'oi'l hy MAYNARD, STF.BBTN? k WILSOW and f BERBAjCH & CO , Apn Albor. 1; B28.


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