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The Soldier's Mother

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Thore eotDM new lht to Kr dimraing eye, As she ptMid the lat;il .-emU With ii ilvmg hopt, wlmsy wondrous cbarms HoldberbftCk fromber neannggoal, Ko ttar for her darling, who ttpsh trom her artns, countr; hla lite blood hath slied; But her thin lips part as the brokD hcart Taku i the recurd- " Ueath I" Old friends and irue bend btodlj down, And are marmuxing ofl nd low; But berdying gUncé 18 upon the line That is aflag a mothftr'a woe; Aw the whítper Mema like the voice of droams Wben nigtits firktgloom is gone ; " Fighting be lèll, with bis face tü the foe, Cbeerlog bis comrades ou." The paper falïs from a lifelHB band, And slie goes to her herí 's si'le; Buti smilttit Btamped on the rigid lip, In the Ufe of a inother's pridfi: For thert' Bteala on iha air, like n battle prayer, To blcs hor Boni's aam ilawn- "Fighting be feil, with bis face to tbefoe, Cheermg biscomrados nn."


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