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Parson Brownlow's Account Of

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ni.MSELF. - in nis tortlicoming work tlio Parson thus describes himself : " I am known tbroughout the lengtli and breadth of the land as the 'Fighting Parson,1 while I may say, without incurring tho charge of egotism, that no man is more peaceable, as iny neighbors will testify. Always poor, and always oppressed with sucurity debts, few mcu iu iuy sectioa and of my limitcd mcans, have given away more in tho course of each yoar to charitable objects, I have nevor been arraigned in the church for immorality. I never played a eard. I never was a profane swearer. I nover drank a dram of liquor until within a few years- when it was taken as a medicine. I never had a cigar or chew of tob.acco iu my ïiiouth, I never was in attendance at a theatre. I never atteuded a horse race, and never witnessed tkeir runniug, save on tho fair grouuds of niy own county. I never courted but ouü woman; and her I mirried." n i m i i


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