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Curious And Valuable--a Perpetual Weather-table

Curious And Valuable--a Perpetual Weather-table image
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Tho following table whs oonstruoted by the celebrated l)r. lierschei, upon philosophio considerations of the attraction of the Sun and Moon. It is confiriucd by the experieuce of many years' oareful obj&rvations, and will suggest to 41 observer what kind of woather will probably folio w the Mooq's entrauee into any one of her quarters. As a general rule it will be found wonderfully correct: If the uioon changos at 12 o'olock, noon, the weather will bo vory rainy, it' in Sumraer; and there will be snow and rain iu Winter. If between 2 and 4 o'elock, P M., changeable iu Suimuer; fair aiid mild ia Winter. Between 4 and G o'elock, P. M., fair in both Samroer and Wjntor. Between 6 and 10 o'cloek, P. M., ia Summer, fair if the wind is Nortb-west; rainy if South or South-west. In Winter, fair and frosty ii' the wind is North or Northwest; rainy, if South or South.west. Between 10 and 12 o'e-look, P. M., fair in' summer, and fair and frosty kiu Winter. Betwoen 12 at night and 2 a'clock, A. M., fair in Summer and frosty, in Wiuter, uiiiess the wind is fioin the Soutli or Soutli-west. Between 2 and 4 o'elock, A. M., cold and showery in the Summer, and snew and storm in Winter. Between 4 and G o'elock, A. J. vaiuy both i:i Summer aud Winter. Betwei n ' ,uid 8 o'alock, A. M , raia and wind iu the Summer, aud stormy ia Winter. Between 8 and 10 o'cloek, A. M., changeable in Summer; rain wilh au easterly, and snow with a wtstcrly wind in Winter. Betwoen 10 and 12 o'cloek, A. M, showery iu Summer, and cold aud windy in Winter.


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