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ions of China vvere placed rank and file ten aLieast, the columns would nearly surround the globe or ecjnator. If thoy vrero to march thirty miles a day, it would tak two years and thir. ty ejght duys fot the wholo to pasa a givöii point. t" ííobilitj is to bd considerad only as an iajsginary diütinctioo, uniese apcompanied with the praottoo of thosa generous virtues, by ivhich it ought to bo obtained. Titles of honor conferred upon such as have no personal merit, arti at best but the roynl stiinip aet upoa base metal, 2g" Contentment is one of tleaven's richest boona. He who can go forth to the duties of life cheerfully acceptiug the lot which Providence has bestowed upon him, and instoad of murmuring at tho diffioulties whioh lie in his pathway, goforward manfully and with a resolute will determinod to couijuer every difficultv and overeóme every obstaelo, possesses a jewel the radiauco of whose beauty will ever be a constant source of pleasure and happiiiess to its owuer. 5 A man can leavo no better lug.igy to the world than u well edueatad family. E Why is a sailor's sword like a girl di iv' hef beau? Bocauso she is a cut-lasg.


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