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The Battle At Hanover Court House

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Cor, e ■ lite N !!■■ ns t;i: ]' ) Turrk MlT.vs rRmt H.W'tvKR CorRT-Hoc-it - h ■■ &íhu 'i i.i R Ci inonii, M.y '7 j Ti been :: bttiV duy with tonta l tbe troops ■iicKt ÖiieniJ Fit, Jul.n IVrtcv, mu! ure ot hattl 'vorfc itnd hord fiiíhtiug. TI.ith tijlits wi'h ihe enemy, ihret! timos whfffping :hi:m, killktgaod wounclitis tlux'u times more thiw were kill.-d uiid wminded n nur ni de, and i O'i)!ii:'ini; ibriv ihpeo times ís umiiy j ju -Kniic-r-i, is lira day'x wo: k nnd ; iritM c)iuii!:i.e(l. General Pita John j l'orler'ií troop linvu shown Uie stull i thev are tna a f, muí hnu udded lus tic i (lio Lime tl'ey had wm in front f Yii kow i', nnd have covared theinéelveti uiih glory, Our low in ti. three engagement, t i. ftKtimNted uül iiot csceed, killed, woumiod ík nd n,oi)u hundnd and tliiriy, wliili that ol the eneniy enniiot fu II hort nf throo hutidred. The rebela probnbly uuptured ubont tliiity of cuir-rnen, and wo iuv! takun iiearlv I thrto bundred uí thci!. nusT EÜdAOEMKXT v . ;t;i tuk r.NTMV. A lit le bciorf tmon ilio udvaüce of o'ur ccilinim tuid tunied thu corner ol the rond, wl.ich is fUuaítl about Üiroe inile ÍVoin ILuiover Court-HdUKt'. - Twelve miles had iiow bean niaicKud 'J'hroe hours Ivefore ihe ruin bad ceased, tbe ülomjs broku awav, and the murcli from that time had íiucmi under tho Buoruhing raje f u torrid sun üur int-D wciu fatigiied - us wbo wmild not bu - aijd lunguid ; lint tliuy soon fprgot llifir euriuuea and showeil no signa oí Licyuor ivi Ule oxciLumeut of tho coininir eigugtnioñt Tbf encmy, who lay concouk-d in Dr. Kinnuy'.s Iku.S'í, nlowcd tho leí t wing lo gel wi'H udvanced, and tbon Opened firy upon tliem. A few sho'.n vyere lirst fired froin Dr. Kinney's house ;iii..l from bi.l.iinl the barilS. Colonol Joh uso i] k'lt ihe woods and carne on ivi'.h skiimishci s, ii t tho same time tirderinp1 np tho reservo and formtng theiu :;i iiíio oi bnltle. A quicb volley i f ni'ik(rtrv v;:3 unel upon thein from tho woods oii the righl. l'ha bilis whwtled fjí'ioUtilv t!)u headjí oí the men. At the first volley seKal f!l dead and óthora béfame htlpleea fróai Tonuda. Notwiihstaudiog thi and tlieir own expost d position, and the eneinv being eoncealed inthe woocU, ihe (wéo whowed tlie piuek of truc solüeis. Tney never faltereJ, but closed raiiks and returned volley after vo'loy in ijiiick Micces.-ion. Tho ñ. Id offiuers w'oró tiie special mark ui' the ei:e:ny's buüoís. ART1LLKRY COMINO T0 TUK WOJUv. Only a le'.v volleys had been eschangod when the yriemy op'enod fire trom the ir li .■!..! iier:es stationed oii the io;id lrontiny Dr. Kioneyn house. - '1 iie Twenty üith licgiiuent huviug c'ood under the enflmy'a Ruiling fie fir adino limi', bow witbdrew at the uomwund of the C ilooei, who saw the fruilleasneSH of Miontending further with the od-ls ngTrnst him. Our advauce'artillery faow wlieuled tbèir uns into posiiion. and Uerdao'a Sharphhooter.s took their p'ucaa as Büpp'trf, being o front, a litVle on tho löft - The batterie.s Sred vigiroqsly. Those of the enemy threw sliells, canistor and - grape. ÜuTd fusp'iDdcd witb sheil and eol'ul s!iot. TUI' ESBMY l'IND IT TOO 1IOT. Por nèürly twói hours a sheet of iiro bl;i7.ed IVom oiir cannon. The rebels ratufned the tire, bilt their b.illets and grap and uanister went too high. Il was evident tliat Ülay tired their muskots at rundum, probably froin behind treo.s, këeping their bodies eoneealod and nol dui'iug U tako uiiii. Wheri they ïvtreated, as our fiiing coinpollod t!,"Mii to d'i at tength, our musketry told upon thein witb most deadly effoct. Meantime the wolk of shelüng them out went on vigoroasly. It wan n'eurly two hour.i buforc they were driven from the woods. Tho work of expulsión had beeu detennined upon, and it was carried out to most viotorious reBultí. . CESSAT10X OF rlIUNO AD PUUS'JIT OF TIIjj tniu, For abnut an h.-uir and n half there was a eessation of iiriupr. It was time not idly pent. Hen. Fi'.zjjhn Porter by this time was on the ground. Ho ordored a pttl'ánit of tho onemy by Gen. liutteiiiuld's and Ooi. McQuade's brigndes, Gen. Morell and statf jöinins in the chase. Thrnnghout grain fields, inarthes and thick woodá our men puslitíd after the retreating ioe. They moved with the vigor of fresh troops. This chase gave our men nearly six miles additional travel, including their return. TUK SECO.SD E.NaAOEMEXT TUK IIOSl'ITAIS l'IKED INTO. Aftcr the lapse of two hou re, firing was again resumed. Tho scène of the (iecond engagement was in the open field and woods below Mrs. Harris' house uid tho woods adjacent on the rigbt. Forernostly the rebels - the reinforcemeota undoubtèdly brought from Kichmond on the railroad - eonimenced fiiing upoa Mr. Slonghter'a housu, usod aa u liospital,diareg.inJing, as usual, the flag lloating from the root. Happly none of their shots took efleot. alistied with this deinonstration, tbev moved down in the diroeüon of Mrs. Harris' house, which, althóugh having a red il-ig on it, camu in like wisc for a vo!)c at their hands. üur men pourod volley after volluy into their ranks, whilu the batteries fired broadsides from thuir guasj - The enoiny returned the fire with vigor, but thev found every attempt to break our unes unavailing. Not a tnan on our sido flinehed. Evory officier faced j the music with heroio valor. The firiug on both sides was tromondous. üur galling fire was too inuch for the enemy. They retreated f:'om their positioii and we vvero tnusters of tho field, THIUD KXaAaEMKXT. And bere I come to the record of tho largest and most decisivo, if not most briiliant, demondtratioii of tho day. Tho revival of artillery and musketry roar, with intelligenco seot by General Alartindale to (erioral Porter, that thero bad been a lorge ai rival ut' reiuforcementi", brought back the absent brigades. AikI tltjy eame back with impetujus and jojrous" baste advanoing throOgh the field of wheat in the rear of Dr. Kmney's house. Tho enomy, it was ascertained, had shiftcd bis positioii into tho woods, by the road bordenug thls field. TUK HE1!!::.S TWí:NTY TI'.OL'SAN STRÚN'Q. A prisoner who had been capturcd in tbc last ongngement siid tín'ro were twenty thoosand rebels iu this wood acd along the railroad. The same prograrume was aduptcd to drive out the enemy - viz., a free use of tuweketry and shcll.- Geu. l'ortor ordered the artillery to plaut theiuselve ia the ruad faciiig tbe woud, and on t lio right of tlie tiehl, euob pouring in diagonal lires, hilo tin; infantry ti'hd up tbc ce:itor. Geoord Butttriiold s brigade beadod the infautry C luillll. OIR TRpors KOIIT VELL. T!;e cbeeriug of the men as tley ! vaneed on doublé quick, imd s'eady, nndiiuiikd, nnd iuocssant tiring of mugkutrj mi shcll, -cru i.fvi r surpassed on any battlofield. It was i littlo aftor five o'clock wben tb o Uring oonimenced. It W8 kojjt up with u:,C'jii-ili ii rigor and ib.irt'ul slmghtor of the euemv until night cloMCil upmi tlie soone 'l'he euo bij hsd b tliird time been drivou back, and ilie day was ours. Ha did not dare to eomn out and tako tbc pbauou of i fair opon Held engagement, but in tbc rctreat Rtuck to tbe woochs witli storeotyped ob stiuacy. Ilow Bbtül I desoribe tbose two liours' figütiug. If Uierc was ever licry ardor aod brilliancy of comba', t was tlio. If ever lenrlessness was st own on the field, it was tlion. General l'orter tfisplftyed vcouspieuoua gallantry 1 urintf tbe entii'o eDgageiUent, and sodid üeneral Moroli, eouduotÍMg the división, ;nid Generala Buttorüeld and Martindale, vdio hoadud tbeir brigades. 1 eould not spaak too praisinglj of the different stafi' officoff. Captain Locke,;Anc!imuty, and Poers, and Lieutcnants McQuade, Moiitetth, Soytaour, Butterñeld, Mftrtiudalc and Williama, in tbc transiuissiiji] of orders] rodé fuárfessly back and fortb amid ibo sbowers of tlie enemy's bullets. The men, too, stood lirmly onder fire - stood it as was known the}' #juld. Tbo eouflicta of to-daj' aro the first tbis corps bas beon engaged in. Most of the iren have been uoder fire fin1 the (irst time. - Whoshall gay that offioers and men havo uot acquitted tfaèmeelrea gallantly; that thoy Lavo iiot comeup totheexpeetations formed of them ; and that tbey have not giveu proof of iuvincibility iu tbe future.


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