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Front Royal Recaptured

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Washington, May 31. A di spat oh reooived at tiio War l)eparttnent slate.i that a brigade of our iroops, preceded by í'our eompanies ol I he Rhodo Island Cavalry enterod Pront Boyal yestarday moroing at IX o'elook, and drove out tiiu unomy, conM6Üf)g oi the Stil Loui.sianu and ioui companies of' (lio Tweli'th Georgia, and a body of cavalry. Our loss waseigbt killed lour woundcd, and one missing - all ot' the Rhode Iland Cuvalry. - We eaptured 8x oificers and one hundred and tiiïy privates. Arnong the officerá areOaptuio Beokwith Vest, of the Forty-eighth Virgioia ; First Lienteoant Gemine!, oí' tho liighth Louisiuno, and Lieutcnunts J. K. I).on aad Waterman, of the Twellth Florida. - We reci'ptured eightot-u of our troops taken by ihe enemy at Pront Royal a week ago, atnong whoin are several of ficera. We capturad a lurgo amouoè oí transportutio]],'includii)g fivo engines aii'l eleven railroad cars. Onradvance vvaá so rapid tiiat the uiiotny wáí smprised, and was, therel'oie, oot enabled to burn the bridge aeross tho Shcnai:doah. A dispatch from tho BBSociated press reporter, gives the ñames of our killed. The loss of the enemy Í8 not yet ascerfalood, but H said to be largo. MARTINSBBFRG IlETAKEN. Washidgton, May 31. . A diapatch from Gen. Banks to tho Socretary oí Warstatea that the Fifth Now York Cavalry enterèd Martin.sburg this morníng and passeá severa! miles beyond, wbeo ttiey encouútered the enemy's cavalry and captured several j.risoners, a wagon oí muskets, amrounitioD, etc. Col. Doforost reporta that Col. Kenley ia at WiDchcsttr, wounded.


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