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Dr au BitoTHcn : ■-; ti Con ' ■ in ' ■ r ■' ■ . rg ia. BgAVKR CllKKK, Va., ) Al iv 25h. 18flá ( On ThurBcliiy last w : slruek tenis j and moved to thia plce. We aro rtow I encamped 10 miles f mm Riolimond, and 2 1 2 from ihe Cbickaliominy. - The robels havo burnt all the bridgss tbatcrosa thís Biream, 8ome of whioh j our aruiy bare alreatly rchiiil!, and tliü ■ udvancc guard of thu arrny of thu . tomac is already (torvas it and ulowly i advanoing on thu dovotod city of Riehmond. "Wc all expocted that the rebels would niake a stand on thu Chiokahorniny, but ivo wero disappomtod, and it is doubtlul (o me wb, ether they make a Í stand at tho city. Capt. Babkt this ! moment culled at rry tent, aml tells me tb at newa has nrived that Riohmond is cvacuated, but I havo benrd this story so inany times that I mr inclined to doubt, though it may be so, fur yesterday our idvanco was witbia thrce milea of it. If they havo ovacuated llichmond and gono eotith I Btippope tbat ushiili have to follow Ihem up and drive tbem into the Gulf, pcovidiüg there is a spot on tho Gulf iMiocynpied by our troops lurge enough For tbem to gut through. Yestorday a part of the Sfichigan ■lili waa out on pielfiii, and I boliove that they had a slight sktrmish witii the rebels. They took a number of prisoncrs, with the loss of ono rrrao. Gen. Pokter has been promoted and Gen. Morisll is now in eommand of this divisipn A few syeuinga ago, at dresa parade, an order was read from Gen. McClkllav, to the effect that this división was held in reserve, That was as much as to say that this división is the best división ia his army. As a general thing the regulara are held as the reserve, and there è now attached ló this división a regiment oí regulare, so you seo hu pl ees us on thu samo íooting as regulara. At Yorktown this división was on the right of the army, laid before the slrongest works of the enemy, and did more work than all tho rest of the army; and had the rebels stood their ground would have done soine of the hardest fighting that was ever dono on this continent. But Gen. McOlellan's " mole liko opera t i on" drove their from thoir quurters, and we fuiled to see a battle, and now I begin to think that wo shall oever bo penoitted to eoo one. As far as Stockïox's regiment is ooncerned, I do not wish you to think that I am bragging when J say ie has the narne of beiug the beat Michigan regiment in the field, aud one of the beat in thu army. When we arrived in Washington wo had lesa thao 700 meo. Wheu wo vvere placed in this brigade wo we re by far the smnllest regiment n it, aud ratlier a bard looking set. At that time there was an aristocratie regiment 'm this brigade, called the N. Y. 4-iih. It numbered orao l'OO men, and to them we vvero a laughing stock; but now the tbiug :.s changed, they havo dwindled dovn to loss tlian -100, we have run up to 1000, and aro now the largO!t' and healthiest ono in the división. Yosterday was ruther a rainy day, but to-duy it ia fino and pleasant. The farmers here are now diiving a good business with tho soldiord,by soll ing them produce froto their farms. - Strawberries aro selling at 25 cents per quart, oniaoa from 2 to 4 ets. a piece, and all other kinda of vegetables at the samo rales. Síarohing agraes with me, and I can say that I am i ns good hcalth as I ever ww. J. P. LafOr ftdvtcrs raaliC thu " tlíght skirinijíU" cfnsideralie of a fight. L:3f ín another columa WÜ1 be found an order from the War Department enlarglDg the Department of Gen. McCi.[-li,ax. It noWiueludcs tho entire departmont rccently eoinmanded by Gen. Wool, and the most important part of Gen. McDowhll's Uepartment. - This would show that tho Prasidont has not lost all confidenee iu McClellan, notwithstmiding the abuso hoapod upon bint by thoee who are so auxious that somebody should be hnrt, and wlio scout at the idea of a victory obtaiucd without a large sacrifico of lifo. - Tertiucut to this subject, we invite attention to a letter from our army correspondent ntw before lïichinond. - lic thinks it one tliing to shoulder knapsack and gun aud faec the enemy, and quito aiiüthcr to stay at home and find fault with the Generáis conimanding our armies. L3? On the 20th uit. an order was Ï88ued by the Adjutant General for the organization of another regiment. It is promlsed to bo ready lor service witliin thirty days from that time. B, 1,600 paroled prisoners--of Gen. Prcntiss' división, captured at Pittsburg Landing - arrived at Naslivillc, June 4th, and 400 wcro expected next day. They report being releasod because tho rebels had nothing to fecd thom on. ii - ii Ï3sP Gon. BuTLiiuhasrelioved Jtayor Monroo from all responsibility for the governmont of New Orlaans, and bas sent him down to board at Fort Jaokson, together witli a ntimbor of his frionds. The good peoplo of New Orleans havo evidently concluded before this that "Picayune Butler" is "some pumpkins," He holds a tight rein, that 's a fact. jL3L" It is rumorcd that 3frs. General Lek is to be held as a prisoner until Col. Coiicohan is reluased. - _ -fc' - [3" O, P. Walcott, of Ohio bas been appointed Asistant Seoretary of War, via Col. Scjtt resigued. J52L" T'10 First Michigan C:ivalry, Col. Urodiiéab, pcrformed an honorable part in covering the retrftat of (Jen. Banks' división. Adjutant Bkevoort, . of the regiment was killed. Full loss ', not yet reporte!. - Si nes the abovc was in type wc fiml tho following list of eosu&ltiea in tho First Miohigan Gavalrj. In this list ' Adjiitaïit B RE VOORT is put down ng wounded and a prisooen : Killed - Robcrt Barclay, Augustus Lane, Lnnder Drèullnnd, öllver Marcolt, Piiilip Rowland, Thomas Waitmari, ' Leroy Ensign, C. E. Dentón, jl. L. Leach. Woundtá - Lieut. BroTOorf, and a prisoncr, Q. Pliipps, J. J. Bigclow, ! ter Clnrk-, Win. E. Bell, David KuiyUt, John Thomas. Missing - Thomas P. Piersbíi, V.r. C. Nivcn, Jacob Spellttian, Lorenao V. ' Poore,tlcnry W. Ellis, Charles C Wilcox, Honry Pratf, Joseph Garfield, Ilarrisou Burnham, Charles Lott, Peter Julirni(!, N cholas Kittle, IJ. O. Chapman, J [ c 1 1 ry King, Cyrus McBride. Kcports li-oiu companics F and G not reccivcd.


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